The Trials of Love

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Chapter 36

The week passed by quick for the young couple. Every day after school they did something whether it was going for walks, studying, or just hanging out at one another's house. Thursday they went to the mall with their mother's and Nia to get Sheva's dress for the dance. While their mother's were talking and leading the way to the dressing room, Chris and Sheva walked behind them, Chris holding 4 dresses and Sheva pushing Nia in the stroller.

"This is why I hate shopping with my mom…" Chris groaned as he struggled to hold the gowns up off the ground.

"Hey keep it down… I don't get spoiled like this usually." Sheva whispered to him with a smile.

"You know you're probably only getting one dress right?" Chris told her honestly.

"Thank for taking the excitement out of this… Oh hey are you busy tomorrow? I'm going to get my nails done and I would like it if you could come and stay with me so I'm not bored." Sheva asked him.

Chris immediately got nervous, he didn't know if he wanted to tell her about Jill's party or just tell her after he went. He quickly decided to tell her after so she wouldn't get the wrong idea.

"I really wish I could but I won't be able to… sorry." Chris told her apologetically.

"Oh that's fine… why aren't you able to?" Sheva asked curiously.

"I… have to go to my Grandma's house and help her with some stuff. You know she's getting old and needs some muscle around the house, haha." Chris lied. He immediately felt awful. He wished he could tell her the truth but it was too late to change his mind.

"Aw, that's so sweet of you! My superhero!" Sheva said as she kissed him on the cheek. That made him feel even worse about lying to her. She didn't deserve it but he was only doing it so he wouldn't hurt her feelings. That was ok… right?

They arrived at the dressing room and Sheva went in to one and started trying on dresses. Sheva came out of the dressing room with the first dress but was sent right back in by her mom being told it was too short. The next dress was so tight that Sheva couldn't even get in it. The third dress Sheva didn't like on herself and even though everyone disagreed, she still refused to get it.

"Mom I really like this dress. I think it's the one!" Sheva said excitedly from inside the stall.

"Ugh don't sound like that, you make it seem like we are getting you a wedding dress. I'm not ready for that!" Nadia said jokingly but seriously at the same time.

"That doesn't sound too bad actually…" Chris thought out loud.

"No! Not you too! You guys are just babies to me so I don't want hear anything about a wedding until you guys graduate!" Nadia told them. The couple chuckled and so did Nia even though she didn't know what she was doing for.

"Ok are you guys ready?" Sheva asked as she unlocked the stall. Sheva walked out of the stall and all jaws dropped. Sheva wore a black, strapless, lacey dress with a white bow on the stomach. Sheva did a few spins for them and did a few poses.

"I'm really feeling this one guys. What do you think?" Sheva asked.

"You look gorgeous honey!"

"Thank you Mrs. Redfield." Sheva thanked her with a smile. Nadia came up to her daughter and gave her a big hug. "Oh my beautiful daughter!" She said as she squeezed her. Then Sheva turned to Chris.

"What do you think?" She asked him with a smile. Chris didn't say anything as he walked towards her. He tilted up her chin and gave her a romantic kiss. He would have made it longer but their parents were there. After he stopped kissing her he looked her in the eye and told her "There is no word in the world to describe how beautiful you look to me right now." He told her seriously.

"Aw, you're too sweet!" Sheva told him as she gave him a hug and then a quick kiss.

"You guys are too cute! Let me get a picture of you guys!" Nadia told them. She snapped a few pictures and then let Sheva go change so could purchase the dress and go back home.


It was Friday afternoon and Sheva just got back home after getting her nails done. She was straightening up her room when she found Chris' watch from the day before in her bag. He asked her to hold it for him when they were eating but he never got it back.

'I'll just call him and tell him to get it after he leaves his Grandma's house…' Sheva thought. She grabbed her phone of the charger and called Chris' phone…

Chris was at Jill's doorstep when his phone started vibrating in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw Sheva's picture. His finger was hovering over the answer button but as soon as he was going to press it the door opened. His finger quickly hit the end button as he looked up and saw Jill at the door.

"Hey Chris! I'm so glad you could make it! Come in!" She told him excitedly.

"Thanks… oh and this is for you… Happy Birthday" Chris said awkwardly as he handed her the pink and blue bag that said 'Happy Birthday.'

"Thanks Chris…. It means a lot." Jill said with a smile and beckoned him in.

There were a bunch of girls and a few guys in the living room but it still looked crowded. He was very uncomfortable and was regretting his decision.

"Hey Jill I think I'm gonna go now… thanks for the invite and Happy Birthday…" Chris said and didn't even wait for her response before he turned on his heel and walked to the door.

"Chris one more thing before you go."Jill called after him.

"Yeah?" Chris tiredly asked.

Jill looked off to one of her friends who was sitting on the couch with her phone in her hand and nodded to her. She nodded back and held up her phone like she was going to take a picture. Before Chris could ask what she had in mind, Jill grabbed the collar of Chris' shirt and pulled him into a deep kiss. A bunch of whistling could heard from the guest. Chris was frozen in shock and confused at what was happening.

Then off in the distance he heard clicking and saw flashes of phones.

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