The Trials of Love

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Chapter 39 (Final)

It was Sunday afternoon and Sheva and Nadia were at a hair salon getting Sheva's hair done for the dance. Sheva didn't really care how she looked at this point. Every time the woman asked her if she liked the style so far she just nodded without even looking at her reflection in the large mirror in front of her, she was too busy thinking about Chris.

After their conversation yesterday, Sheva stayed in her room the rest of the day burying herself deeper in her pain and regret every time she thought about the fact that Chris was crying over her. She cried until she couldn't produce anymore tears and Nadia had to keep bringing her water to make sure she stayed hydrated. She even had to stay in her room and wait for her to drink the water because Sheva was saying she wanted to be dehydrated. Nadia knew it was just out of sadness and knew she didn't actually mean it. She asked her about five times how the conversation went but Sheva just kept shaking her head and crying. She ended up staying with her until 1 in the morning when she finally cried herself to sleep. Sheva didn't sleep for long though. She woke up around 5 and stayed up for the rest of the morning, but then she had to get up for her hair appointment.

"Alright honey, we are done! You look beautiful!" The woman said as she took a step back to admire her work. Sheva finally looked up and was surprised at how her hair turned out. Her hair looked fluffy and shiny and all of it was swept to the side in curls on her shoulder and there were small white flowers placed randomly in her curls.

"How do you like it?" Nadia asked. "I think you look beautiful."

"I love it." Sheva told them quietly with a small smile. "Thank you." Sheva told the woman as she stood up from the chair. They walked to the front and Nadia paid the woman then they were on their way to get her makeup done. While they were in the car at a red light, Nadia decided to try and make some conversation.

"The dance is about two hours away. Are you excited?"

"Not really… I don't think Chris is going and he's the only reason I want to go." Sheva told her as she looked down at her joined hands.

"I thought he was going with… you know…" Nadia said cautiously, not wanting to make Sheva cry again because once it started she doubted it would stop anytime soon.

"I don't think they are going together. When we talked… last night he said that he didn't want to be with Jill and he told me to have fun at the dance… so I don't think he's going." Sheva told her sadly.

"Oh… well you could still go with your friends." Nadia said trying to brighten the mood.

"His friends?" Sheva said, correcting her.

"Sheva, they are your friends too."

"They were his first and the last thing I want to do is hurt him more by taking his friends." Sheva admitted.

"I thought he hurt you? What did you do to hurt him, tell him the truth?" Nadia asked confused.

"I lied to him, mom! I told him I hated him, but I don't! I still love him but he thinks I hate him and I made him cry but I didn't mean to, I just wanted him to feel how hurt I was!" Sheva blurted out and started crying again.

"Sheva you need to stop crying first of all. You can't do all that when you get your make up done. And second of all why in the world would you tell him you hate him?! That is the worst thing you could have said! I mean that was the meanest of mean Sheva." Nadia told her disappointed.

"I didn't mean to mom! You don't think I feel bad about that?! If I could take it back I would! I would take back everything I said and just tell him I love him!" Sheva told her, trying not to cry. Sheva grabbed some tissues out of the glove compartment, wiped her face clean, and tried to calm down.

"Sheva, if Chris is at the dance you NEED to tell him you love him and how you really feel." Nadia told her as she pulled into the parking lot and parked the car.

"I know, I will." Sheva said as she sniffed up all her tears and calmed down.

"Now if you are done crying we can go inside but Sheva once you get your face done you can't start crying, alright?" Nadia asked as she grabbed her purse and opened the door to get out the car. Sheva nodded and excited the vehicle.

Her makeup took about 30 minutes and Sheva was very happy with it. She wore full face make up with mascara, winged eyeliner, some black glitter eye shadow, and some clear lip gloss. Sheva never wore this much make up but she was so excited to be able to. Nadia paid and then they were on their way back to the house to get dressed.

"I'm not going to the dance, I'm not telling you again Claire." Chris told Claire harshly as he stormed in his room. Claire followed him right in.

"Please Chris, I doubt Sheva meant anything she said, she was just hurt. If she's there it's not like she is going to ignore you, she probably wants to talk!" Claire explained. After she heard Chris yelling yesterday she rushed in his room to see him on his bed crying. She sat with him and comforted him as he explained the conversation. She tried to explain to him that Sheva probably didn't mean anything she said and just needed time. Chris said he knew she meant it and said he wasn't going to the dance so Sheva could enjoy herself without have to worry about avoiding him.

"Claire, I'm done making Sheva talk, she hates me, and she's done with me. I messed up and there is nothing I can do but give her some space." Chris said, hurt filling his voice.

"Chris…" Claire began.

"No, don't. I appreciate you trying to get me out the house but I just don't want to mess up anymore." Chris told her with a sad smile. Claire sadly nodded in understanding and left his room. She felt like calling Sheva but she didn't want Chris to hear and get even more upset so she just left it alone and got ready for the dance. But she knew that she was going to get them back together before the night was over.

Nadia pulled up to the school and parked the car. She looked over at Sheva who was looking out the window at the school that was now decorated with black and white balloons and banners.

"Are you ready?" Nadia asked as she watched Sheva play around with her bracelets in a nervous habit.

"I guess so…" Sheva sighed and got out the car. They walked in the dance together and Nadia left Sheva for a minute to check in. Sheva immediately started to walk around the gym and look for Chris in hopes that he was here. She looked everywhere and asked people if they saw him but no one did and she couldn't find him anywhere. She finally gave up and sat in an empty chair with her head in her hands. This was her only chance to talk to him and he wasn't even there. Just then she felt a tap on her shoulder. Sheva looked up hoping to see Chris but was very disappointed when she saw it was Jill.

"What do you want?" Sheva asked rudely. Jill didn't even flinch at the rudeness of her voice because she was expecting it.

"Listen Sheva, I know you hate me but I really need to tell you something." Jill told her as she took a seat by her. She took a big breath and continued "Ok so I know that you know that Chris went to my party and I know you probably got a video of us kissing… I just wanted to tell you that I kind of set him up. He didn't want to kiss me but I caught him off guard and told my friends to take pictures… I'm really sorry Sheva, I was being selfish and now I can see that I caused some real damage. Chris really loves you and I messed things up so I just wanted to tell you that nothing is his fault and everything is mine." Jill admitted with an apologetic look on her face.

'So Chris was telling the truth?'Sheva thought and began to feel even worse.

"Well, thank you for being honest Jill, I really appreciate it." Sheva thanked her with a small smile.

"No problem and when you talk to Chris can you tell him I'm sorry?"

"I will be sure to."

"Well, I have to go now. Thank you for listening." Jill told her with a smile and left to the dance floor. As Sheva watched her disappear into the crowd she thought she saw Leon's blond hair. Sheva stood up and walked up to get a closer look and sure enough it was Leon.

"Leon!" Sheva called and ran towards him, her heels clacking loudly on the floor. She knew that Leon came with Claire and she hoped that they knew where Chris was. Sheva reached Leon and grabbed his arm to get his attention.

"Sheva? Where have you been? Claire is looking for you!" Leon asked, surprised to see her here. Claire told him about Chris and Sheva's argument and how she was trying to get them back together.

"I was over there sitting down!" Sheva told him as she pointed to where she was a minute ago.

"We need to find Claire; she wants to talk to you." Leon told her and grabbed her hand as they began to walk so she wouldn't get lost in the crowd. They walked around for a few seconds and then spotted Claire talking to Nadia at the snack table.

"Claire!" They both called her. She turned around and ran towards them.

"There you are! Sheva you need to come with us right now, don't ask questions and I already asked your mom and she said yes." Claire told her quickly and pulled Sheva towards the exit.

"Wait where-," Sheva began but Claire cut her by putting her finger to her glossed lips. "No questions!" She reminded her as they made their way across the parking lot and towards Leon's car. The all got in and Leon started driving.

"You look really pretty Shev, I love your hair!" Claire told her once they left the parking lot.

"Thank you but I really want to know where we are going." Sheva told her.

"You'll see." Claire said simply. A few minutes later they pulled into the driveway of the Redfield's house.

"Chris is inside Sheva. You can thank me later!" Claire told her with a smile. "The door is unlocked so you can just go in and my mom knows so no need to worry. Chris is in his room."

Sheva squealed with excitement and quickly got out the car and ran for the front door.

Chris was sitting in his room bouncing a ball on the wall out of boredom. Everybody was at the dance and he had no once to talk to. Chris stopped bouncing the ball and decided to go to sleep even though it was only 8. He sat on his bed and changed into some sweatpants and a T-shirt. He laid back and closed his eyes but opened them quickly when he heard the front door burst open and the sound of heel clacking on the floor and up the stairs towards his room. He sat up in his bed confused and before he could think about what happened the door to his room opened and the lights were turned on which caused him to shield his eyes.

"Chris!" He heard his name called by none other than Sheva. He quickly opened his eyes to see Sheva rushing towards him all dolled up from the dance. Before he could even think about what was happening, she was giving him a big hug and lots of kisses all over his face, covering him in lip gloss.

"Sheva?!" He finally said, once she sat up and stopped kissing him. "Sheva what are yo-"

He was cut off with Sheva hugging him like her life depended on it. Then she began to cry on his chest.

"Chris I love you so much! I didn't mean to make you cry! I don't hate you; I love you more than anything! Please forgive me, I didn't mean to hurt you!" She cried to him. Chris could barely wrap his mind around what was happening. But he did hear her say she loved him and that was all that mattered. Happiness filled his heart as he held her closer. He returned all her kisses and wiped her tears away.

"Don't cry, Shev. I forgive you. It's ok… you don't have to be sad, I'm not mad at you." Chris whispered to her with a smile on his face. He finally got her to look at him and even though her face was covered in wet massacre from her tears, she was still beautiful to him. He pressed his lips to hers and gave her the most loving kiss he could.

"I love you, babe." He told her as he pulled her into another hug.

"I love you too, Chris." She told him, "I always will."

"I don't think we gave them enough time Claire." Leon told Claire from the doorway. The couple separated to look at the doorway where Claire and Leon stood with smiles on their faces. Sheva quickly got off Chris' bed and wiped the running mascara of her face.

"How long were you guys there?" Chris asked with a smile. He wasn't happy about them ruining them moment but he could not stop smiling about the fact that Sheva really did love him and she came here to prove it.

"Um… since she was kissing you all over your face." Leon laughed. Sheva sat on the bed next to Chris, blushing from embarrassment.

"Yeah… that was not what we expected to see. She must have been very happy to see you… I expected more talking." Claire giggled.

"It's not what you guys think! He was sitting there and I was just so happy to see him and things just looked a lot worse than they actually were… I was just giving him kisses…" Sheva told them quickly, turning a deeper shade of red.

"Yeah guys, we weren't doing anything. Just give us a minute and we will be downstairs." Chris told them, trying to save Sheva some embarrassment.

"Ok..." Leon said and closed the door. Once he did, Chris pulled Sheva into a hug and kissed her forehead.

"What made you forgive me?" He asked as she wrapped her arms back around him.

"Well first was making you cry and what you told me yesterday about how much you loved me. Then today at the dance, Jill came to me and explained what she did and about what happened at the party, she wanted to say sorry also… but Chris I just really want to say sorry for not believing you and not talking to you. And most of all for saying I hate you. That was the biggest lie I have ever told and I didn't mean to say it, I just wanted you to feel my pain but I can see that I was wrong for that." Sheva told him, feeling guilty.

"Well I'm sorry for lying to you about where I was going to be yesterday. I should have just told you the truth but I was scared you were going to think I still liked Jill and get mad." Chris admitted.

"Let's just make a promise not to lie to each other ever again."

"Ok, I promise." Chris told her with a smile and gave her a kiss. "You look so beautiful by the way. I love your hair."

"Thank you." Sheva thanked him with a kiss.

"Oh and I got you something I was going to give you at the dance but… we know how that went." Chris chuckled as he stood up and got two black boxes out of his closet. Once was long and had a ribbon on it and the other was a small velvet box. He sat back by her on the bed and handed her the long box first.

Sheva untied the ribbon and opened the box to reveal a silver necklace with her name on it. "Aw, Chris I love it! Thank you!" Sheva thanked him.

"You're welcome. Want me to put it on you?" Chris asked as he took the necklace out of the box. Sheva nodded and he put the necklace on her and latched it together. "Beautiful." He said once he saw her in it. He handed her the other box and quickly grew nervous. Sheva opened the box and gasped at what she saw. She covered her mouth looked at Chris. He took the box from her and took out the silver ring with a big diamond in the middle and smaller diamonds on either side of it.

"This is a promise ring. Have you heard of them?" Chris asked as he grabbed her left hand. Sheva nodded as he slipped the ring on her ring finger. Sheva lifted up her hand to admire the ring on it.

"Chris, this is beautiful." She told him, trying not to cry from happiness.

"I'm here to stay Sheva. Remember that every time you look at this ring. I know we are still young and we have a lot of time before we can make any big commitments, but I just want you to know that I love you more than anything and that I will always be here for you." Chris told her with so much love in his voice. She couldn't find the words to say so she just pulled him into a passionate kiss. She rested her forehead on his and sighed happily.

"I love you too Chris." She told him with just as much love in her voice.

Claire and Leon went back to the dance and Sheva stayed with Chris and they had a dance of their own in his living room and they couldn't be happier.

They both knew there were going to be more bumpy roads in their relationship but that night they made a promise of love, trust, and honesty.

And neither one of them planned to break that promise…

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