The Trials of Love

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Chapter 4

Sheva looked at the clock, one more minute until she got to go home. She had to admit, she liked it here. She even made it through the first day without one bully encounter. First time that's ever happened.

"…and have a nice weekend!" The teacher finished. Everybody got up and left the classroom in a hurry. Sheva grabbed her books and binder and stood in the line of people rushing to get out of the door. Before Sheva got out of the classroom, the teacher pulled her aside.

"Did you enjoy your first day here, Sheva?" He asked patting her back.

"Yeah, I really like it here Mr. Burton!" Sheva said excitedly with a toothy smile.

"That's great, now you have a good day and I will see you tomorrow." He replied and gave a small smile.

Sheva walked out of the classroom, happy she had a great day. She had no reason to be worried after all. While Sheva was opening her locker to get her bag she felt a tap on her shoulder. Sheva turned around to see Chris.

"Need help with your locker?" He asked jokingly with a grin. Sheva knew he was basing it off of the mishap from earlier today. Sheva rolled her eyes and smiled at him.

"No thank you I think I got it..." she replied with the same tone. And with that she opened her locker.

Chris watched as she grabbed her bag out of her locker and shut it. He didn't want her to be uncomfortable with him staring at her. But who could blame him? She was beautiful, long shiny hair that ended at the middle of her back and smooth caramel colored skin that brought out her dark brown eyes.

"Well I have to go. See you tomorrow!" Sheva said as she walked off to the pick-up area.

While Sheva was standing in the waiting area for car riders, she heard someone behind her call her name. The voice wasn't familiar to her so she slowly turned he head and looked behind her.

"Are you Sheva, the new girl?" A boy about her age asked. He was slightly taller than her and had dark brown hair that was in a small short mohawk. He was handsome she had to admit.

"Yes... and who might you be?"

"I'm Piers. People were talking about the new beauty in the halls and I thought I might just say hi. And may I also say they were not lying." He said flirtatiously with a wink, holding his hand out, waiting for it to be shaken.

Sheva was surprised to hear this. She expected to be talked about but not like that! This must have been the best first of school in history!

Sheva took the boys hand and gave it a small shake.

"Thank you, it very nice to meet you, Piers…" She replied, her cheeks turning a rosy red, as their hands released.

"Well, my dad is here. It was nice talking to you. See you tomorrow!" He said as he left the building, towards the long line of cars with parents waiting to take their children home.

While she watched him leave she saw her mother's shiny white convertible she got as a birthday gift from Clyde.

Sheva walked out of the doors of the school and went to the car. When she opened the car door she saw her mother smiling at her. Sheva grinned at her mother.

Once she got in the car and put her seatbelt on her mom drove off. They got out to the parking lot onto the long road, then her mom said "So…." expecting to hear about her day at school.

Sheva knew what her mom was trying to get out of her and decided to play stupid.

"So what?"

"Really, you know exactly what I want to know," Her mother paused, and then continued. "How was your day at school?"

Sheva could already tell her mom was irritated, but the fun was just beginning.

"It was cool I guess…" She said as serious as she could, knowing that her mom was getting annoyed.

"Can you be more… let's see… descriptive?" Her mom asked as if she didn't know what word to use as they stopped at a red light. Sheva thought she should stop messing with her mom before things got too serious.

"Ok… I made some new friends, got my locker, and had a great day. Nothing big happened." Sheva said truthfully. But she was leaving out one thing. But she would never tell her mother about or she would flip out.

"Are your new friends all girls?" Her mom asked. This is the part that Sheva hated the most. Back in the day when Sheva had friends that were guys, her mom always thought she had a crush on them or were secretly "dating" them. But now she was at the certain age where she was allowed to date boys, her mom was more overprotective.

"There are some guys in the group. Only like 2 or 3… and before you ask, I DO NOT like them any more than friends. Ok, I promise you…" Sheva said seriously to her mom. Ok so, she was lying a little bit. She still had mixed feelings for Chris. But she would not tell anyone until she found out for herself how she felt about him.

"Ok, Sheva. But if I find out that you already have a boyfriend you will be in a world of trouble. Do you understand?" Her mother said strictly.

"Yes mama…" Sheva replied quietly. They rode in silence for a little while until Sheva couldn't take it anymore, so she decided to make a conversation.

"So how was your ay at home?"

"I was good I guess, but your little sister might be sick. Poor little baby. She has been crying all day and her poop is all runny too…" Her mother said sadly.

Sheva's eyes widened as her mother told her about her sister.

"Mom, I didn't need to know that! TMI!" Sheva finally yelled at her mother.

"You wanted to know about my day so I told you! That's mostly all I did, change poopy diapers!" Her mom yelled back, trying not to laugh. But Sheva could tell she was enjoying embarrassing her.

"Oh god…." Sheva said covering her face with her hands and groaning. Her mom couldn't hold her laughter anymore.

By the time her moms laughter died down they were at home. She hurried and grabbed her bag and ran to the door, her mother walking slowly behind her just taking her precious time. She grabbed they keys from her purse and unlocked the door while Sheva anxiously waited. Once she got into the house she dropped her bag, sat down on the couch and rested her on the back of the couch. She noticed that Clyde was in the kitchen cooking moments later. Whatever it was had a spicy sent to it, and Sheva was big on spicy food.

She heard heavy footsteps coming towards the living room. She lifted her head up and saw Clyde.

"Hey Clyde." She said as she rested her head back on the couch.

Clyde smiled at her and asked "How was school."

But oddly Sheva was actually really excited to tell him about it. She jumped up from the couch, grabbed his arm and sat him down on the armchair. She sat on the arm of the chair and told him about her day.

"Ok so, when I first got in school…"

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