The Trials of Love

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Chapter 8

Sheva woke up to the smell of eggs. She sat up in the bed and looked around; she forgot she was at Claire's house for a moment. Sheva got up from the bed and went to Chris' room. She saw Chris sprawled across his bed and Jake on the floor beside him. Sheva stepped around the pillows and blankets across the floor and sat on the bed next to the snoring Chris.

Sheva shook him a bit and he groaned, still not waking up. She shook him again and called his name, still asleep. Sheva flicked his nose and this time he responded. Out of habit his is eyes shot open and he grabbed both of Sheva's and flung her on the other side of the bed. Sheva screamed in horror as she was thrown.

Jake woke up at the scream and saw Chris tossing Sheva to the other side of the bed.

"What are you doing?!" Jake asked Chris yelling at him.

Chris looked at Jake the calmed down and then finally got a look at who he was tossing around and immediately stopped once he noticed who it was. He jumped out of the bed, looked at Sheva's wide eyes and said:

"I am so sorry, Sheva. I didn't mean to do that, I swear. Are you ok?" He said apologetically. Sheva just stared at his with wide eyes for a few seconds, still in shock. Claire, her mother, Helena and Sherry rushed upstairs once they heard the scream. They made it to the room and saw the two boys and Sheva staring at each other.

"What happened, and why is she in your bed?!" Mrs. Redfield asked Chris angrily. She just really hoped it wasn't what she thought it was.

"Mom it's not what it looks like! I can explain everything!" Chris said, not wanting to get yelled at by his mother in front of his friends and crush.

Sheva got over her shock and answered her question.

"Mrs. Redfield, I was just coming in here to ask Chris if it was time to eat yet because I smelt food but he was asleep so I was just going to wake him up and ask him, then I guess I alerted him and he kind of threw me." Sheva told her, laughing a bit at the end to add some humor.

"Sheva, don't be afraid to come and tell me when you're hungry. Just don't try to wake Chris up. He has a habit of doing that. We usually just let him get up by himself in the morning." She told Sheva with a smile. Sheva nodded and smiled at her.

"Now that that's settled, who's hungry? We have eggs, bacon and-," She didn't get to finish before they all yelled out "BACON!" at the same time and darted downstairs, leaving Mrs. Redfield standing there. She smiled and went down stairs to make sure the hungry teens didn't ruin her kitchen.

After they were done eating Jake, Sherry and Helena had to leave. After they left Chris, Sheva, Leon, and Claire decided to play a game in the living room.

They played for about 2 hours before Mrs. Redfield got tired of it. She offered to take them to the community pool. It was a nice day outside and she thought they should get some fresh air.

Leon and Sheva called their parents to see if they could go. Both their parents said yes and told them they would bring their swimming stuff.

Chris and Claire went upstairs to go get ready, leaving Sheva and Leon downstairs. They talked for a couple minutes while they were waiting. Chris and Claire both came down at the same time al ready to go. Claire wore a red and orange sundress over her red one piece swimsuit. Chris wore some blue swim trunks with designs all over it and a plain white T-shirt. He also had a pair of black sunglasses.

Leon's and Sheva's moms came and gave them their clothes. Leon's mother left right away but Sheva's mom stayed while Sheva was getting dressed to make sure her swimsuit wasn't too tight and to ask about how the sleepover went.

Chris and Sheva's mother's talked about all kinds of things and Chris and Claire could tell they would be best friends. That was good and bad.

Leon was the first one done dressing. He wore and outfit similar to Chris' but his swim trunks were orange and yellow. Sheva was still in the bathroom having second thoughts about going swimming with them. She felt slightly insecure about how she looked in the swimsuit. She wore a 2 piece swim suit that was black with purple designs on which stopped right above her belly button. She threw on her yellow sundress over the swimsuit.

She took one more look at herself in the mirror then left the bathroom. Right as she left the bathroom Claire came running at her and told her how pretty she looked. Sheva thanked her and followed her back into the living room area.

Mrs. Redfield told Sheva she looked great and asked her if she was ready to go. She grabbed her swimming bag from her mother and told Mrs. Redfield she was ready to go. They all walked out of the door and headed to the driveway where Mrs. Redfield's clean white truck was sitting. Sheva gave her mother a hug and kiss once they got to the cars and were about to go their separate ways. Sheva just really hoped she was going to have fun…

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