The Girl In The Hoodie.

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Chapter 2

Me and Karl spent much time together which was a great fun. We did not watch the golden sword but the mighty shark, which was a hit for me. I was back home at 3:31. I had nothing to do so I thought to take a nap on my cosy blue sofa. Suddenly, my phone started ringing. I thought it would be dad but......It was Kia Warmth : the girl who revealed that she had a terrible crush on me. She was nice to all boys. but mind boys. Means. Only. Boys.

I switched it off, I didn't want to because she never wanted to end call until I say so. She'd try her best to attract me on the phone and flirted like hell. But she called me again and I picked it up: just because of the noisy ringtone. She said with a very friendly voice,"Hi ! doin' fine?"


"You free?"

She would surely come over + disturb me.

"Yah, you wanna come over?"

"Yas!! How'd you know? You're an... "

I interrupted 'cause I hated that word. (You're an ass)

"Come over ya."

The only word that ran through my mind : ShitShitShitShitShitShit. I asked her to come over? Maybe she did not even want to. This was a bad idea because : 1. She's gonna make me ask her to sleep at my place. 2. I did not make a excuse rather I asked her to come over myself.

The door knocked, my, it was Kia, she came very early. I opened the door and she shook a hello. She was wearing a black shirt and white shorts. She looked more like a working lady. Who. Has. Come. To. Baby. Me.

She went more in, to greet my dad but found out he wasn't home. She said, hiding a smile, "Yo, you're dad's out. Maybe I can stay over tonight. If you agree?". ShitShitShitShitShitShit. I faked a smile and said, "I'm bad, my dad will be back." Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. She tried to look a lilbit sad and said, "Oh no! You're not bad. That's fine, just fine. " Maybe she was real sad. Because,she,sighed. "I've got sundaes. Wanna watch this movie?"

She handed me "The Golden Sword". I wasn't that good because I did not want to watch and already my head was in my whirl. I felt sick and suddenly, everything became hazy. I could listen to Kia's voice echoing somethin' . Something like, "Jin, oh please, what happened.....wake up" and I missed the words after that. I could feel her hot breeze on my face, which I hated.


When I woke up, I was in a bed. Still, trying to be a little filmy I murmured, "Where am I? Who am I? What happened?" I glanced towards my right Kia sitting and testing my head, she then answerd, "You're in the hospital. Maybe you felt dizzy and you fell down. I tried my best to wake you up but I couldn't. So..... That's why you're here."

I sat up. "I'm very sorry. I'm real sorry, I destroyed your day. Maybe we can go out tomorrow? I'll surely like it. " I said, " I won't mind." I was really sorry from heart, I never thought a girl would help me someday. She smiled again and said, "It's okay with me. I'm fine. Do not worry about me, I'm reallly alright. And apologizing to you, I can't come tomorrow, I have classes. "

It saddened my heart a bit, then I thought, Why did I hate her? She's an angel. She saved me. A girl whom I disliked saved me. Kia Warmth saved me.

She looked at me and flipped her phone on. She called someone and went out of the room. I just sat. Kia Warmth has never been so helpful to me, maybe she has, but I never realised. And now, now, now I have. Now why, I'm going off my sick bed.

Someone knocked my door and spoke in a friendly voice, "Jin, you're nurse. May I come in?" "Yes." She stepped in. Hey, those footsteps actually disturbed me. O MY GOD! I thought nurses are only women. But crap, my nurse was a young man with blue hair. 🔹 He came closer and closer and it felt like a scary zombie. He had a mark on his face from the left eye crossing the nose, across the face. Like. He. Has. Been. Just. Slapped.

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