How I See The People I Know

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Have you ever wondered how you are seen in someone else's perspective? Well, if you know me, this is how I see you. These stories though exaggerated and fictional are based on the real characteristics of individuals in my life.

Humor / Fantasy
Princess Sterling
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Chapter 1 - Micah, The Womanizer

The male had a way with words, he could regurgitate the prettiest of lies, and females would eat it right up. He is the guy your parents warned you about. A pathological liar is what he is, weaving the most absurd stories, and yet, he could capture many of those females in a web of lies. Orchestrated so well that you sometimes have to doubt yourself. Question your own beliefs, in what you believe. All the intricates that you've grown to know about life; absolutely shattered, by the one and only Micah Pickering.

With that annoying smile of his. Breathtaking, bright, the type that caused your insides to melt. That smile could light up the whole world. It is the same smile that can probably get girls to drop their underwear without a single hesitation. It's like those smiles that heroines in romance novels describe. The one that takes your breath away, but I have already mentioned that. It's the smile that makes you lose your mind. No words can describe his smile. If there was anything attractive about him it was his smile. Well, it has to be since I've dedicated a whole paragraph to that annoying smile.

You're probably wondering who am I? And why am I going on and on about some dude who would probably bang every woman that he came into contact with? Well, the reason is very simple. He tried to woo me, tried to get under my skin; tried everything in his power to get me, to make me succumb to him. To crawl on my knees and beg him to be with me like those poor other saps before me.

Little did he know, that he had just met his match.

The day I met him, it was kind of funny. The creep had been banging my co-worker in the restroom. And if that was not already disturbing, the dude hit on me and asked me to join. I had walked right out of there without looking back, I mean the nerve of that guy! My co-worker could not look me in the eye and I mean, who could blame her? I probably would have noticed if I had looked her in the eye. The way it happened was that we avoided each other like the plague.

Just when I thought I had put that whole escapade behind me, the bastard showed up once again. He showed up when I was filling up a cup with soda to drink, it had been a very hot day.

"I'll go get Marissa" I remember saying. I had turned around, ready to head into the direction in which she went when what he said stopped me in my tracks.

"I'm here to see you" He cockily responds.

Humour twinkled in his eyes as he watched my horrified expression. Remember that smile I mentioned earlier? The one that could make you weak at the knees? He did, and holy shit was that a sight to behold. He leaned his hand on the counter and placed his chin on his palm as he watched me up and down.

I felt myself drawing closer to him, my own body betraying me. I did the only thing that would make him stop that annoying smile on his face. I threw the soda on him and then I fled the scene of the crime.

Men like him never forget anyone who had "disrespected" them in any matter. So it wasn't a surprise to see him after I had just gotten off of my shift. It was late, I was currently speed walking because I knew there would be problems in getting transport. Despite all of my efforts to ignore him, I just couldn't. Maybe it was because of his massive ego that tried to incorporate all of the air in the room.

My feet, however, never stopped moving. I didn't care what I had done to him a couple of days ago. I had panicked and did the only thing I thought was good at the time. Remove the smile from on his face. And it did work, he was seething with anger. I thought he had let it go, but apparently, he did not.

Warm, chocolate hands grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the body that it was connected to. I tried not to focus on his body heat as I pulled my arm away.

"Don't touch me" I growled. Who knew where his hands had been?

"Oh, but Kitten, you started something. And I'm just here to finish it" He retorts with a smirk.

A smirk I could deal with, it did not affect me and it wasn't that godforsaken smile.

"Did I? Cause it seems to be the only person trying to start something is you?" I remarked.

I was scowling! How dare he put his hands on me without my permission.

The smile appeared and I suddenly lost my equilibrium.

"Let me take you home, it's too late for a pretty thing like you to be traveling alone" He states as his eyes drank me in.

I visibly shuddered and he grinned at that. The sick bastard loved that he made me uncomfortable. That stupid smile returned as he asked again. Seeing that I made no move to follow him or to entertain his idiotic suggestion.

"I think I'll take my chances, there could be nothing worse than you" I snarled satisfied with a smile of my own.

His own faltered and my smile widened.

"Nah, I think I am going to take you home. Come on Kitten, put away the claws for now. You know that it is a better option." He slightly pleads.

His eyes widened slightly and the fucker pouted, then the smile appeared. This time, I had no drink in my hand to save me. And as he grabbed my hand and pulled me along, I knew even if I had a drink it still wouldn't have done anything. That much was figured out as electricity shut up from the hand that he held.

Over the past few weeks, Micah had been showing up each night that I worked late to drop me home. I've grown to accept it, mainly because he never tried anything and it was a free ride. So, I saw it as a win-win situation for me. I, however, was not oblivious to the plan that he had hatched. I knew what he was up to, he was trying to wear down the walls that I had strategically built in place and then reinforced over the years.

It was impenetrable.

Not only would he never break them down, but I knew who he was and what he did. And that alone made me not want to have anything to do with him. I had heard the stories of him, what he did, who he did it with. They were endless, and by what I saw in the bathroom all those weeks ago, I knew all of them were true.

He was a womanizer, plain and simple.

But he would never get me to be another notch on his belt.

In his wake, he had left a trail of broken hearts wherever he went. The sob stories all had one thing in common. They fell for the smile. They knew that the words that came out of his mouth were garbage. But the smile had them hook, line and sinker. There was no way they could say no to that.

How can someone so disastrously be able to produce a smile like that? I'll tell you who, the devil. He was the devil incarnate. They all danced with the devil and the saddest bit of it all was that they would do it again and again. If only to glimpse that smile.

My mission was clear, if I was to survive Micah's smile, I just had to not make him smile.

That was easier said than done.

No matter how many times I tried to irritate him or annoy him, the smile always surfaced. He was immune to my tricks. He wasn't going to fall so easily, I realized. This was someone who had perfected a smile for years, determined to make it the thing that would attract the girls. My pesky annoyances were no match for him.

And so when he showed up a night, waiting for me. I had decided to leave early and not tell him. At this moment. I was sure that he was glancing at his watch, or his phone, glimpsing at the time. Wondering where I was and why I was taking so long. Little did he know that I was currently lying on my bed, eating ice cream and catching up on all the shows that I had missed.

The sound of knocking on the door pulled me out of my reverie as I paused the television, placed my tub of ice cream precariously onto the dresser and moved towards the door. All the while I grumbled. I was in a perfect position and the peak of the season had just prepared. Whoever it was had better have a good reason.

It was Micah, in all of his smiling glory. "Hello, Kitten" He purrs.

Micah was not that bad.

Hell, what am I even saying? He was chipping away silently at the walls before I knew it, he had forcibly wedged his way into my life. I had a feeling that his infectious smile had something to do about it.

For better or for worse, Micah was currently in my life. I don't know how and when it happened but it did. A few weeks had passed since he showed up at my door. And now, he was at my house, eating my ice cream and watching my television.

He laughed at something that one of the characters said and I mocked him. His eyes twinkled with amusement as he glanced at me sideways. His tongue circled the spoon as he slurped at the sweet delectableness. My eyes narrowed as he handed me back the carton, it was empty. The motherfucker had eaten all of it and left nothing for me.

"That's it, you need to go" I growled, tired with his shenanigans.

"Aww, come on Kitten, play nice" He rasps out moving closer. "You know if you want some all you have to do is ask" He teases sticking out his tongue where some ice cream was still left.

"Never in a million years, Smiley" I retort and he quirks an eyebrow.

"Really? Cause I think you want to, why else would you be licking your lips, come on? Just one.." He murmurs his mouth now close to mine. "Taste"

I panicked and searched for something that could make him stop.

"That's because they're dry" I retort lamely.

The smile appeared. I was screwed. My body leaned in on its own accord and his hands instantly grabbed my waist. He hoisted me onto him, I was straddling the jerk, I was about to open my mouth and give him a piece of my mind when he pressed his lips to mine.

Every single thought evaporated once his lips came into contact with mine. For a moment, I forgot my name, I forgot who I was, where I was and why this shouldn't be happening. My walls fell and I realized that this was why those stupid girls would go back to him.

My eyes widened as that thought alone made me freeze as the feeling of ice water dousing my entire body. My body locked up and my hands came in front of me to push him away. But, he anticipated my move and grabbed them, placing and holding them behind my back.

I was a victim of his assault on my lips, and my neck and my entire body. It was on fire. It was wrong, everything was wrong, but I could not stop him. I could not stop him because I wanted this. And by the curve of his lips, he could tell that I wanted it too.

While all those things did happen, that was all that transpired between Micah and I. While he was chipping away at my walls and trying to get in, he left himself vulnerable. Because to get me to open up, he had to be vulnerable. And we all knew what type of person Micah is.

The truth is, he was the one who started to fall. He called nonstop, texted me nonstop, like some crazed psycho who couldn't and wouldn't let me go. He showed up at my work but he was in for a big surprise.

Truth be told, I was playing him. After he had slept with all the girls that I worked with, they devised a plan. It was all planned. Down to the bathroom incident. They wanted him to hurt and experience what they were feeling. The sense of loss and hopelessness. And that's where I came in.

I was just a ploy, signed a contract and was given a specific time for him to fall for me. My phone number that he had, was not even mine, to begin with. All the texts he sent was read aloud by the staff as I cashed in. I had made a hefty sum doing this job. After all, it was what I did.

It was rather easy for him to fall for me. They all thrived from their massive egos. All I had to do was play the stupid lovestruck naive girl and he would come swooping in to play. And play I did.

My job always entails going after guys who had done things in the past. After all, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. He brought everything unto himself and only had himself to blame. I pocketed the cash and was soon out of the establishment forever. I did anticipate that he might want to see me and so it wasn't a surprise to see him outside, leaning on his car looking as if someone had killed his puppy.

"Hey, Kitten" He purrs making my knees go weak.

I know I'm all for dropping bombshells.

But, here's another one.

He was in on it.

Yes, Micah, the Womanizer, was in on the plans all along.

I pulled out a wad of cash and handed him it as he pocketed it.

"Nice job, who should be our next victims?" I inquire slipping into his car.

The smile transformed on his face as he leaned towards me, lifting me. I let him, as he pressed his lips to mine. Making me go weak at the knees like he usually did. It was a partnership we had and we enjoyed each other in the process. However, this one, this kiss, seemed to be different than all the others we shared. I pulled back and looked at him.

Crap, he had really and truly fallen in love with me.

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