Silently Falling

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•Chapter Fourteen•

I CAN'T BELIEVE my mum managed to get me to go shopping with her. But what I couldn't believe the most was the fact that I actually willingly agreed to her proposal.

I stood there staring at my reflection in the mirror, the girl that stared back at me wasn't me, she looked absolutely different. She had on a cream pastel dress that hugged her too tightly on her torso, which was a little too revealing and reached mid-thigh.

"Come out Alexis, you've been in there for so long," Asher groaned from the other side of the cubicle.

"No way am I coming out looking like this," I replied.

"Why not?" Asher questioned.

"Because I look like a desperate prostitute or hooker or whatever."

I heard Asher chuckling from the other side. "We'll be the judge of that. Now come out."

"Come out honey, we just want to see how you look," my mum spoke in her soft delicate voice. "Won't you do that for me?"

I hated how she could get me to do anything with those words. Sighing, I slowly unlocked the cubicle and walked out.

The smile that was on Asher's face was soon replaced with a scowl and my mum sat there looking speechless and perplexed.

"I told you didn't I?" I exclaimed exasperatedly throwing my hands in the air.

"Oh hell no are you wearing that." Ash spoke as he regained his composure, "it's too revealing. Back in the cubicle."

"Agreed," Mum seconded.

I turned back into the cubicle and locked it behind me once more before stripping out of the dress and placing it back on the hanger.

"Try the red one," Mum said.

I removed the strapless red dress from the hanger and slipped into it. It wasn't too tight and reached me mid-thigh. My shoulders were exposed and in no way did I feel comfortable with that. I liked my shoulders covered.

But nevertheless, I unlocked the cubicle and stepped out allowing both my Mum and Asher to get a good look at me.

They were both quiet for moment before mum spoke. "It's not right. It's missing something," she said with that thoughtful look in her eyes.

"Yeah maybe straps and sleeves that are long enough to cover my arms," I drawled.

"No, that's not it," Ash said. "Go and change, though that one might be a possibility."

I sighed and went back into the cubicle. I don't know how long or how many dresses I had tried on. Everyone one of them was either not good enough, too revealing, too short, too tight, too bland and so on as Asher put it in his own words. Somewhere along the lines I began to think that he was the fashion designer and not my mum. I was beginning to get frustrated because I had clearly tried on every dress that they chose for me.

"Try this one on," Ash said tossing a dress over the cubicle.

It was a black dress with a white belt and the back was semi exposed. I slipped into it and hoped for the best. It fit perfectly, it wasn't tight nor was it revealing. The dress hugged me perfectly on my torso and showed my figure. It reached me just a little bit close to the knees which was as good as it gets. Plus, it covered my arms partially so I wasn't complaining that much.

I stepped out of the cubicle for what I hoped would be my last dress trial. Both my Mum and Asher stopped talking and just stared at me without saying anything. I began feeling self conscious and antsy from the intensity of their stares.

Finally mum stood up and walked towards me engrossing me in a hug. "My baby finally looks like a girl," she cooed as she pulled away and wiped a tear. "This is the one. It definitely is."

"I never thought I'd see this day," Ash said as he wiped a fake tear. "And to think you had me fooled with all those baggy shapeless clothes you always wear and hiding that hot body of yours."

"Stop flirting with her," mum said with a smile.

"No can do Kate, she's just too cute and sexy as hell in that dress," Ash said wagging his eyebrows.

I glared daggers at him. "Ha ha ha, so funny I actually forgot to laugh," I said dryly.

Asher didn't seem affected at all. "Love you too hot-stuff," he said as he pulled out his phone and aimed it at me, "now pose for the camera Al," he said.

"No way."

"Why not? It's for my instagram," he said pouting.

I put my hand on my hip and shook my head at him. "I said no. You're not posting me on your instagram for all your friends to see."

"Okay fine! I won't post it," he said sighing. "How about just one for fun then? You know, for remembrance and all."

"Yes she will," my mum said with an authoritive tone to her voice.

Why mum? Just why do you hate me so much?

"Fine, whatever just one though."


I made a funny face to the camera and Ash took the photo.

"Leah hurry up or else I'm leaving without you and I'm going to tell mum that yo-" the voice abruptly stopped talking. "Alexis!"

I turned around only to see Nick standing there looking perplexed.

"Uh hey!" I said.

Oh crap, no one was supposed to see me in a dress, more especially him of all people.

"You look amazing " he said before coughing. "I mean hmm..... you, it's such a coincidence to see you here. At the mall on Saturday." He was now rambling and it was utterly the most awkward day of my life.

I didn't have to look at my mum to know she had on a smirk on her face.

"Nick I'm done," a female voice said from somewhere behind him and soon enough a girl about fifteen years was standing besides him. She had the same green eyes as him. "Can we go now?" she asked.

"Yeah sure," he replied still not removing his eyes from me.

Just then, mum thought it was the best time to input. "We were going to grab a bite, would you two like to join us?" she asked.

"We wouldn't want to intrude on your time," Nick replied.

My mum scoffed, "you wouldn't be intruding on anything," she said.

"Okay then I guess."


I walked back into the cubicle and stripped out of the dress before putting on my original clothes and walked out with it in my hands. "Are we paying for this?"

"Hell yeah we are," Ash exclaimed.

The five of us walked to the counter and mum paid for the dress before we left the store.

"Actually I can't join you guys for lunch," Ash said, "the football team is throwing a team bonding thing and as the captain, I have to be there."

I couldn't believe he was leaving me at this time when I really needed him. "Oh okay then."

Asher gave my mum a hug and hugged me as well. "I want all the details later," he whispered into my ear before pulling away. "I'll text you."

"It was nice seeing you dude," he said to Nick as he turned and walked away from us.

The remaining four of us that were left found a Pizza place and took the booth by the kitchen where I could literally smell the aroma of the fresh pizzas being made.

Mum and I sat on one side while Nick and Leah sat on the other. We ordered two pizzas: one pepperoni and one meaty, both with extra cheese and we also ordered our drinks.

The table was quiet as we waited for our order to get delivered.

"So," mum said breaking the silence just as I suspected she would. "How is your assignment coming along?" she asked directing her question to Nick.

Nick looked uncomfortable but played it off cooly. "It's going fine. We've gotten almost half of it finished and I'm sure we'll finish it by the end of the month," he replied casually.

"Then what happens? Will you guys be hanging out after that?"

Nick took a quick glance at me before responding. "We are friends," he said as a small smile appeared on his face.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked directly.

I buried my face into the palms of hands as I groaned internally. Why is this woman trying to embarrass me? God what wrong did I commit for me to deserve this?


That seemed to be the answer mum wanted to hear because she nodded in approval. "Good."

"Am hungry," Leah mumbled. "When's the pizza going to get here?" she asked annoyed.

Same here kid, I wanted to say but I bit my tongue and prayed that it would be delivered sooner rather than later. My prayers seemed to be answered because shortly after the pizza was brought.

I dug in and burnt my tongue in process but I didn't care-I just wanted this day to be done and over with.

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