Silently Falling

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•Chapter Eighteen•

I COULDN'T SEEM to shake off what Brianna and Jenna said to me. Did I really like Nick and I didn't even know it myself? Or were they just trying to gauge a reaction from me? These were the questions that kept running through my head as I aimlessly walked in the school hallways the next day.

I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn't notice Asher approaching until he slung his hand over my shoulder and pulled me into his side.

"You scared me," I shrieked.

"Where was your mind at?" Ash asked as he led me to my first class, Civic Ed.

"I was just thinking," I replied. "Can I ask you something?" I asked.

Asher stopped walking and so did I. He turned me so I was fully facing him. "Sure what's it? Does it have to do with what's bothering you?" he asked looking concerned.

"Well technically yes," I replied. "It's just that yesterday when I left you with Kai in the library to look for Jake and Nick, these two girls stopped me and asked whether I knew if Nick had a girlfriend and I told them it was none of my business so they should probably ask him themselves but they insisted and they even said I didn't want to tell them because I liked him," I said all in one breathe.

"Who were they?" Asher asked.

"It's not important who they are but do you think I look at him in a weird way or anything like that?" I asked.

Asher placed both his hands on my shoulders. "Alexis who were they?" he asked through clenched teeth.

"Brianna and Jenna," I said suddenly feeling very small. "Please don't do anything to them."

"A blonde and brunette?" he asked once more.


He dropped his hands to his sides and blew through his nose. "I'm going to have a good talk with those two and tell them to stay away from you," he said more to himself than me.

"You know them?"

"Of course I know them. Who doesn't know those two. They like stirring up trouble and I don't know why Steph is friends with them."

"They're her friends? How come I've never seen them together?" I asked surprised at the sudden revelation.

"How often do you see her?" he shot with his own question.

"Not much really," I admitted.


The bell rang and I knew if I didn't move I'd be late and I couldn't have that.

"We'll finish this conversation later and until then, don't do anything stupid got it?" I said.

"No promises!"

I glared at him and walked into my first class.

Jake, Kai and Nick were all there when I entered the classroom. Jake waved me over to the back of the classroom where they usually sat. I walked up to them and took a seat in front of Kai and opposite Jake.

"Hey!" I said.

"Hey!" Jake and Kai replied with smiles. Nick just nodded and that was about it.

Ms. Thompson stood up from her desk and began talking. "All right class, your assignment is due this coming Friday which is two days from now and until then, all classes will consist of you and your group members working on it and making sure everything is double checked," she said. "You may find your groups and beginning working."

"I can't believe it's almost been a month since I met you guys," I said. "It seems like I've known you for the most part of my life."

"I know, it's so weird but I really did enjoy spending time with you," Jake said. "We should still hang out even after it."

"Definitely, you all have become my friends and trust me I don't have that many."

"So I was thinking," Kai began, "since we're only remaining with the conclusion and making sure everything is perfect, why don't we just finish it today because I've got something I need to do," he said.

"What's the rush?" Jake asked, "I thought you said Thursday and this is only Wednesday."

"Yeah what's so important that you have to move up the assignment?" Nick asked.

Kai looked at me for help and I understood why he wanted to move it up.

"I mean it's fine by me. I don't really see how moving it up is a problem," I spoke to which the two guys looked at me sceptically.

"You sure?" Nick asked.


Nick and Jake exchanged a look before nodding.

"All right if you're in then I'm in too," Jake said.

"Fine by me," Nick pitched in.

We sat there in silence with each of us doing our things. Jake was busy doodling something in his notebook, Kai was on his phone, Nick was staring at me weirdly while I was left alone with my thoughts-which was the last thing I needed.

My thoughts kept drifting to Brianna, Jenna and Nick. Obviously I didn't like him like that or anything. I mean I couldn't like him like that. That was virtually improbable considering I knew close to nothing about him.

A nudge on my shoulder pulled me from my thoughts as I turned to find Kai looking at me expectantly.

"Do you need anything?" I asked.

"Yes! No! I mean no, but everyone's gone and we're the only ones left in the classroom so I thought I should tell you," he said casually.

I looked around and indeed we were the only ones still left in the classroom. "Oh!" I said. "Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be with your friends?" I asked.

"You are my friend," he replied grinning.

I rolled my eyes, "I mean your other friends?"

"Oh them, I told them to wait for me outside because I wanted to talk to you first."

I packed my things and slung my rucksack over my left shoulder. "About?" I asked as we walked out of the classroom.

Kai grabbed my arm and stopped me from leaving the classroom. "I wanted to thank you for not telling the guys that I'm tutoring Asher in Chemistry," he said as he let go of my arm.

"It's no problem," I shrugged, "but why don't you want them to know?" I asked.

Kai ran a hand through his hair, "it's not exactly easy telling your two best friends that you're tutoring someone and especially not another guy," he said. "I'm not ashamed of the fact that I'm good at Chemistry. I mean we all have our own things, Jake has art and Nick has basically everything."

"Jake is an artist?" I asked surprised by the new news.

"Yeah, but that's not that point. The point is, I don't want them knowing I tutor anyone, period. They'll make fun of me and I can't have that," he said. "Please don't tell them anything," he pleaded.



After that we both walked out of the classroom with Kai seeming content with our talk and me wondering what more new things I'll learn about Nick.

"What took you so long?" Nick grunted. "I'm starving and I can't wait any longer."

"You do know we still have about three more classes before lunch right?" Kai asked chuckling.

"What!" Nick exclaimed.

"Yeah you should have probably eaten in the morning," Jake said as we walked to our next classes.

Nick sighed but continued walking anyway.

"What class do you have now?" Kai asked me.

"Math," I replied.

"Well then, we'll see you and Nick later. I've got Chemistry now and Jake probably has Art class." he said.

Jake and Kai went together and Nick and I made our way to Mr. finn's Math class.

"All right class, put away all your books and only have a pencil because we'll be having our first pop quiz for the term," Mr. Finn said pushing his glasses over the bridge of his nose as he clasped his hands together.

There were a lot of grunts from the entire class but it was what I had always expected considering Mr. Finn loves pop quizzes.

The day went by quicker than I thought and before I knew it, it was already lunch time and I had to find Asher. I looked everywhere but there was no sign of him.

Sighing in frustration, I stopped looking for him and walked to the library instead and there I found him studying with Kai.

I walked up to them and pulled a chair next to Kai, "I've been looking for you everywhere," I said glaring at my so called best friend, "I thought we agreed to meet up at lunch."

"I'm sorry," Asher started, "it's just that I have a Chemistry test tomorrow and I really needed Kai's help if I'm to pass it and stay on the football team," he said with a guilty look on his face.

"Fine! You're forgiven because I understand your predicament," I replied.

Kai spoke up then, "Whose Chemistry class are you in?" he asked me.

"I'm not taking Chem this year because I took AP classes the whole of last year and this year I was exempted from taking most classes and I chose to drop it. Though I couldn't drop Physics and Civic Ed, I love them too much to do that. But I still have to take English and History to make five classes instead of seven or eight," I said as a smile appeared on my face.

"Yeah no need to rub it in my face that you're good at Physics and basically all other subjects and don't have to take Chem this year," Asher groaned to which Kai and I both laugh.

"Study up pal because Chemistry isn't easy if it's Mrs. Ridge's class. That woman hates everyone just like Mrs. Briggs," I said getting up to leave. "I'll see you later for the assignment," I said to Kai.

"Yeah, that woman sucks a lot," Ash agreed.

"I'll be done by then and we can meet up in the parking lot like usual," Kai said.

"Good," I replied and left them to their studying while I found an empty table furthest in the corner and began reading a novel waiting for time to pass by.

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