Silently Falling

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•Chapter Two•

WE SPENT THE rest of the time in class trying to get to know each other better before we delved into our assignment which was due in a month's time.

I learnt that Jake was an only child whose parents didn't really seem to care much about him. They spent their time going from one business trip to the other and would just pay him off as a means to get him out of their hair.

"Your parents seem umm.... interesting," I said as I chewed on the inside of my cheek.

Jake scoffed, "if by interesting you mean rude, never there and uncaring, then yes, that's exactly what they are."

In the short time we had left I also learnt that Kai had a little brother, Connor who was about fourteen and they lived with their father who, apparently was just as rich as Jake's parents. That had me wondering if Nick's parents we also well-off, though I wouldn't know for sure considering his lack of interaction.

Through the whole time we talked, I hadn't heard Nick utter one single word. All he did was just sit there, scowl plastered on his face as though he had better things to do other than be in class.

"Alexis," Kai called making me snap my attention to him.


"Do you have an inhaler? Cause you took my breath away," he said with a cheeky grin on his face.

Jake and I turned to look at each other with confusion clearly visible on our faces before we turned our attention back to Kai. "Are you okay?" I asked perching my glasses further up my noise.

"Do you like sailing? Because I'd ship you and me together."

At that, both Jake and I guffawed as it became clear that he was trying to flirt with me, "Geez that was cheesy," I said between laughs.

"Where did you get that from? I'm too" Jake asked highly amused.

Kai scowled which made Jake laugh even harder showing off his dimples. "Good one Alexis," he said and gave me a high five.

"Aw c'mon guys, I was trying to woo you Alexis and you're laughing," he said slightly pouting his lips which made him look so adorable.

"Okay I'm sorry, try again," I told him once I had calmed down. But Nick was still acting moody. What is his deal anyway?

"I would use a cheesy pick-up line but damn baby I'm vegan," Kai said after a few minutes of thinking over it.

I couldn't help the grin that spread across my face as I desperately willed myself not to laugh because then he would be sad.

"Real smooth mate, total game changer right there," Jake said with amusement lacing his chocolate brown eyes.

Kai seemed content with what he said and grinned from ear-to-ear like a Cheshire cat. "Yep I'm good, ain't I?"

I tried to think of a better way of telling him it was horribly cheesy when the bell sounded overhead, immediately saving me. Thank you!

I packed my things in my bag and stood up to leave, "would you guys like me to show you to the cafeteria?" I asked politely to which Kai and Jake nodded.

"Yes please, I'm starving here," Jake said and we all walked out of the classroom side by side.

Kai slung his hand over my shoulder and I didn't bother removing it because I knew he would just do it again anyway, so why waste my time.

"First before we head to the cafeteria, I need to drop off some books in my locker."

I felt self-conscious as we walked in the hallways to my locker because I could feel everyone staring at us. More especially me or was it them? I'm not sure. The girls were shooting daggers my way and I hoped for the Earth to open up and swallow me whole.

When we reached my locker Asher was standing there with Steph besides him as they waited for me. Steph had been Asher's on-and-off again girlfriend for the past year and I could really tell that she liked him but he, on the other hand, didn't reciprocate her feelings. She was the nicest person in the whole of Ridgeway High and was thus, voted class president and not to mention she was extremely attractive.

"Hey guys," I said once I was near and pulled away from Kai to open my locker. "We still up for lunch?"

Asher ran a hand through his blond hair and released a sigh. "I can't, me and the other football guys have practice right now. I'm sorry, I promise I'll make it up to you this weekend."

I looked up at Asher, "it's okay don't worry about it. I have these guys to keep me company," I said masking my disappointment. "Oh yeah I forgot, Asher, Steph meet Jake, Kai and Nick, we have Civic Ed together."

Asher acknowledged them with a simple head nod to which Kai and Jake gladly returned while. Steph smiled politely at them and waved while Nick just stared at them with a blank expression on his face as if he couldn't be bothered less. Rude much?

"I gotta run, see ya later and take care of yourself okay?" Asher said and placed a soft kiss on my forehead dashing off.

"I also have a student council meeting I have to attend to but I'll see you later," Steph said and walked away as well.

I turned to the guys, "let's go," I said and began heading in the direction of the cafeteria. They followed closely behind not uttering a word.


By the time school was over, I was already tired and ready to take a goodnight's sleep, but I knew all too well that that wasn't a possibility.

I reached home after agreeing with Kai and Jake that we'd start the assignment tomorrow. I dropped my school bag by the front door and took off my shoes before I proceeded to the kitchen.

"Hey honey! you're home. How was your first day back at school?" mum asked when I came into view.

Kate Vance was the epitome of beauty, she had chestnut brown hair that framed her face perfectly and her icy blue eyes looked more blue than usual. I could see where James got his looks from.

Sometimes I wished I was more like her in many ways than just appearance. She was everything I wasn't, I was the bland child in the family with brown curly hair, brown hazel eyes that I got from dad and shockingly, wears glasses.

"The usual," I replied as I took a glass of water and gulped it down all in one goal. "Has James already gone back to university?"

"Yes, he left an hour before you arrived," mum spoke as she took a sip of her green tea, "he wanted to personally say goodbye to you but his friend called him telling him about a project they had to hand in."

I felt slight disappointment at the fact that I wouldn't be able to see James for the next three months, "oh, okay," I said. "I'm off to bed."

Mum looked sad as well, "he'll be back before you know it," she tried to reassure me. "This early to bed?" she asked with disappointment lacing her every word.

"Yes mum, I had a hectic day and I'm very tired and exhausted," I said as I made my way upstairs.

"Goodnight sweetie, try to get some rest and don't think too much, okay?" She shouted as I was nearly half way up the stairs to my room.

"I wish it were that easy mom" I thought to myself.

I walked into my room and slowly shut the door, took off my glasses and flopped on the comfortable bed which now had new dried covers and let it comfort me from all my worries as sleep took over.

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