Silently Falling

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•Chapter Twenty-Two•

THE WEEK FLEW by quicker than I expected. Each day after school, Nick and I would meet up in the library or coffee shop to study for the decathlon.

We were growing more closer to each other than I thought possible and I felt this strange feeling each time I was around him or whenever he would smile at me or gaze at me when we studied.

I didn't know what the feeling was but I liked it-not in a weird sense. But it made me feel good.

It was finally time for the decathlon and I was beyond terrified and nervous. For starters, I didn't want to make us lose by answering a question wrong or worse still-failing to answer a question all together.

"Alexis look at me," Nick said as he placed his hands on my shoulders and used his index finger to tip my chin up. "Breath."

I didn't realise I was holding my breathe the entire time and I took a huge breath of air.

"Now listen to me, you don't need to over think anything. We prepared well enough and all I need you to do for me now is focus on breathing and calming down. Can you do that for me?"

I nodded my head and gazed into his green orbs as my nerves began to ease up.


I looked around us at all the participants from the other schools and they looked confident enough but I wasn't going to let that affect me.

"All participants to the stage," a voice announced from the speakers and the teams began to make their way to the stage.

Mr. Finn walked over to us. "Are you guys ready?" he asked.

"Yes we're ready," I replied confidently.

"I'll see you after the competition and good luck," he said with a smile and thumbs up before he walked away.

Mr. Finn was still well off in his twenties and I couldn't understand why he'd want to spend his life teaching Mathematics to a bunch of ungrateful highschool kids when he could do so much better.

I followed the other participants to the stage when Nick grabbed my hand and stopped me. "Umm....Alexis would you like to go out with me after this?" he asked.

I was stunned at first but then managed to string up a response, "as in a date?"

"Yes as in a date," he rolled his eyes. "Would you like to go on a date with me after the decathlon?"


He let go of my hand and a soft smile appeared on his face. "Then let's go win this thing."


"You will be asked a question and you will have precisely ten seconds to answer it. The first team to press the buzzer gets the question and if wrong, then it will be passed on to the next team," the announcer spoke and we all nodded in understanding. "Are we all clear with the rules?" he asked and all the participants nodded once more.

"Good! Then let us begin."

Mr. Finn, Kai, Jake, Asher, dad and mum were all sitting in the front roll and I was happy at the fact that they took time from their busy schedules just to be here, supporting us.

Jake threw us a subtle thumbs up, Kai winked at me and Asher sent me a smile.

The competition was intense but likely Nick and I were leading and that made me feel good because I knew I was doing my school and Mr. Finn proud.

It was the last question and Ridgeway High and Everton High were tied. If we got this question correct then we would be the victors.

"Last question," the announcer said, "the first team to hit the buzzer and answer the question correct wins this year's Mathematics decathlon."

"In honour of Pi day, what are first fifteen numbers?"

I racked my brain for the answer but I only knew the first six because I couldn't master more than that. The participants from Everton High were discussing among themselves but they too, didn't know the answer.

Nick pressed the buzzer and the whole crowd turned to look at him with eager expressions. "3.141592653589793," he recited as if it were the simplest thing to do.

The announcer looked to the judges who deliberated among themselves before nodding their heads.

"That is correct," the announcer said, "that means that Ridgeway High is this year's Mathematics decathlon winner."

The crowd went wild with excitement as they cheered loudly that I could barely hear what the announcer was saying. The guys were whistling like crazy and Mr. Finn held a proud smile on his face as he clapped with the rest of the crowd.

"The winning school will receive new textbooks, a $10,000 award prize and the winning participants will receive a scholarship to any one school of their choice."

The cheers got even more louder at that and I looked at Nick who had a bored expression but there was a look of pride in his eyes. I couldn't help but smile at the fact that we won. We actually won and it was all thanks to the guy besides me.

Nick took my hand in his and led us out the back without being spotted my anyone.

"Where are we going?" I asked, "shouldn't we be with everyone celebrating?"

"Nope," he replied. "They can celebrate without us. Besides we have a date," he stated matter-of-factly.

"I got you something," he said as he brought out a smaller version of his helmet with my name on it and handed it to me, "I had it custom made just like mine but I added your name instead."

I took it with a grateful smile and put it on. "Thanks, it really means a lot."

"You're welcome."

He hopped on his motorcycle and tilted it to the side so I could climb on as well. I did and wrapped my arms around his mid-section tightly and inhaled his scent.

"Did you just sniff me?" he asked incredulously.

"N-no I didn't," I said quickly and hoped he would buy my lie but he just shook his head and I didn't have to see his face to know he was smirking.

"Sure you're not."

He started the ignition and sped down the road outside town. The wind kept blowing my hair in my face and I clutched tighter around his torso and buried my head in his back and inhaled his scent once more. He smelled like cinnamon and vanilla.

Nick chuckled and it vibrated throughout his entire body. "You're so weird," he shouted over the wind.

I buried my head further into him and let his warmth engulf me as my eyes began to close on their own accord.

"Alexis we're here," he said and I slowly opened my eyes and looked around.

"You brought us back here?" I asked as I took off my helmet and handed it to him.

"Just come on," he said and began walking towards the pathway that led to the cliff. I followed him and soon we were walking side by side.

"You're not planning to murder me this time are you," I joked.

"If I were then I wouldn't tell you, now would I?" he replied.

"So you are going to murder me."

"Can't say anything, it might be used against me in the court of law." he said nonchalantly and pulled the branches away to reveal the cliff.

I walked towards the cliff but he took my hand in his and led me away from it. "I thought we're going to the cliff," I stated as he continued to walk.

"You ask well to many questions you know," he said. "But if you must know, I'm not that clichè."

"Whatever you say."

I kept quiet after that as he led me farther away from the cliff to what looked like a tree house. "You've got to be kidding me right," I said. "How the heck is there a tree house in the middle of nowhere and how do you know about it?"

Nick laughed from beside me. "C'mon you can go first and I'll be close behind you in case you fall."

"You better catch me if I am fall because I'm not a fan of heights," I stated as I climbed up the ladder to the tree house and he followed suit.

The interior was well decorated with an open view of the lake. There was a desk with papers everywhere, a mini fridge, a sofa in the corner of the room and a TV. There was also a portrait of two very beautiful girls smiling that hung above the TV.

Nick walked to the mini fridge and took out two bottles of orange juice, some sandwiches and a Tupperware before walking back to the opening and taking a seat.

"Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to join me?" he asked with an amused look in his eyes.

I rolled my eyes and sat beside him as he handed me a sandwich and a bottle of juice.

"How did you manage to build a tree house in the middle of nowhere?" I asked taking a bite of the sandwich which was very good by the way.

"I have my ways," he replied taking a bite of his own sandwich. "And no there won't be a sad story this time," he said shooting me a knowing look.

I raised my hand in mock surrender, "all right I won't question if you promise to not bring it up either."

"You've got yourself a deal Miss. Vance."

I took out my phone and sent a quick text to mum letting her know I was safe before sending one to Asher and then shutting my phone off.

We finished eating our sandwiches and he passed me the Tupperware, "this is ma's own recipe so I hope you like it."

I slowly opened it and there were chocolate fudge brownies in it. I took one and bit into it. A moan a escaped my lips. "You made this?" I asked stuffing the whole brownie into my mouth.

"Yes. Do you like them?"

"No, I love them," I said taking another bite from a second one. "And you're certain you made them and not your mum?"

He rolled his eyes, "yes I baked them but with a little help from her," he said the last part quietly but luckily I caught it.

"Aww you can bake, isn't that just adorable and cute," I teased pinching his cheeks.

"Shut up!"

"Or what?"

"Or I'll make you."


"Like this," he said and his lips were on mine.

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