Silently Falling

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•Chapter Three•

THE NEXT DAY I was early for school and made my way to the school library where I sat and did a bit of studying, you can never study enough trust me.

When the bell rang signalling the start of first period, I quickly grabbed my things and hurried to my first morning class, Math. Don't get me wrong. I neither like nor hate it, it's just simply a coexistence.

I took my usual seat at the front of the class and watched as the other students filed in quickly and took their seats as well.

"Alright class," Mr. Finn spoke with his scratchy voice. "We have a new student joining us but I'm not quite sure where he is."

"Moving on, today we shall look at the basic principles of Calculus and I hope you are all familiar with those concepts as I told you to go through chapter 3 yesterday," he said and received groans from the rest of the class while I just sat there smiling to myself.

Mr. Finn went on to explain about the first principle and how we should utilise it whilst I sat there quietly and scribbled away everything he was saying. After forty-five long minutes of him trying to explain, the bell rang and everyone dashed out of the class at such speed you'd think they all won the lottery or something.

I went to my next class, Civic Ed and took a seat waiting for Kai and Jake to show up. The class began to fill up but there was still no sign of them, heck I would have even preferred if Nick showed up. Otherwise, I'd just look like a complete fool doing her group assignment all alone.

Ms. Thompson came into the classroom a few minutes later and told everyone to go to their respective groups.

"Alexis where are your group members?" she asked when she noticed that I was all by myself while everyone else was with their partners.

"I don't know Ms. They said they would be here today so we could start the assignment but maybe something held them up," I said trying to convince her. Why? I didn't know.

"Alright then, just don't do the whole assignment alone," Ms. Thompson said and went to her desk where she pulled up her laptop and began typing away.

This is just great, the second day of school and already they are nowhere to be found.

I did a bit of the assignment alone before the bell rang and then I was off to the rest of my morning class.

The morning classes seemed longer than they were the previous day and not once did I spot Kai, Jake or Nick in any of the classes we shared together, which was nearly all of them except Math.

Lunch time rolled up and I made my way to the cafeteria where Asher and his football friends were sitted.

"Hey!" I said as I took a seat next to Steph.

"Hey Alexis," Parker, Evan and Steph said at the same time.

Drake and Rick were busy arguing about something that happened during their football practice. "You should have passed me the damn ball," Drake whined with his nostrils flared.

"I did, but you're just too slow," Rick said as he took a bite from his sandwich.


"Stop being annoying, both of you," Asher said. "Al I got you some chips, hope that's okay?"

"Yeah, it's okay."

The rest of lunch passed with Drake and Rick arguing nonstop. These two always argue about the most bizarre things.

I got up, said my goodbyes to everyone and made my way to study hall.

"Al wait," Asher said and I stopped so he could catch up with me. "Do you wanna hang out after school today like the old times?"

"Sure, just don't ditch me if you have football practice again."

Asher laughed. "Nah I won't, coach said we have the day off so I'm free."

I turned to look at him, "what about Steph," I asked, "she is your girlfriend after all."

"I told her we'd do something together this Friday," Ash waved it off, "besides, she's got a student council meeting or something like that."

"Fine then, just wait for me when school ends, okay?"

Asher nodded and went to his afternoon class while I went to study hall as my timetable said I had no classes in the afternoon.


When school ended, I went by Asher's white SUV and waited for him. Moments later he came out with Steph and Parker.

"Dude can I get a ride? My car's in the shop," Parker asked.

"Sure but you're sitting in the back."

Parker nodded and leaned against Asher's car. "Hey Alexis, don't mind if I tag along, do you?"

"Of course not."

"You know Asher really cares for you right?"

"Yeah I know that," I said rolling my eyes at him.

Asher and Steph stood at a safe distance and said their goodbyes before Ash gave her a quick kiss and jogged towards us.

Parker ran a hand through his hair, "no I mean-"

"What are you guys talking about?" Asher asked when he was standing in front of us.

"Nothing, just casual talk," Parker said slinging his hand around my shoulder with a smirk on his face.

I saw Asher clench his jaw, "watch it Michaels, that's my bestfriend you're talking about."

"What are you gonna do about it Daniels?" Parker furrowed his left eyebrow.

Asher unlocked the car and I got in the passenger seat while Parker and Asher stood talking in hushed voices before they both got in.

The drive to Parker's house was filled with an eerily silence that no one dared to break, not even the radio was playing. We dropped Parker off and he waved and smiled at me before closing the door.

Asher looked angry for some reason and I couldn't take the silence anymore. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm fine."

The ride to his house felt uncomfortable like I shouldn't be there, "Can you just take me home?"

"No, it's nothing, it's just Parker being annoying as usual," Ash said as we sat in the car in front of his house. "C'mon, let's go."

We entered the house and I took a seat on the huge couch that faced the huge flat screen TV in their living room. I knew his house like the back of hand as I spent a lot of time here when I was growing up. It was like my second home.

"I'm ordering pizza and then we'll watch a movie," Ash said.

I stood up and searched through the movie collection and came up with The Fault In Our Stars. I hadn't watched it before so I thought why not?

He came back moments later with the pizza and took a seat beside me, "what movie did you pick?"

"The Fault In Our Stars," I said to which he made a disgusted face. "What? I haven't watched it and I heard it's nice."

We eat whilst watching and to say I liked the movie would be a complete lie. I didn't find it that interesting, heck I only liked how bold Augustus Waters was and that's basically about it.

"Remind me never to watch that ever again," I said as the credits rolled and the pizza box long forgotten.

"Told you."

Ash shifted so he was completely facing me. "Hey Alexis, can I ask you something?"


"What's up with that Nick guy? I mean why's he so rude?"

I tried to find something to say but I came up blank, "beats me, I just met the guy yesterday and I already have a feeling he hates me."

"He's a dick."

"A jerk."

"A douche bag."

"A complete Arsehat."

Asher cackled at that, "man you're spending so much time with me you're starting to curse," he said.

"Maybe I should just stop hanging out with you altogether and find new friends," I said with a smug smile.

"Oh please! You need me just as much as I need you and you are afraid of coming out of your little cute shell," he said as he poked my cheek. "Besides, we've known each other for all our lives so it makes sense that you can't live without me."


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