Silently Falling

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•Chapter Thirty-Five•

I WAS OFFICIALLY back on chemo and I felt better, or as better as someone on chemo felt. I felt more relieved than I ever thought I'd be to be back on it. I honestly thought I'd hate it and call quits but I didn't.

My parents were very happy to find out I was going back on treatment and mum cried for hours. I hoped James would have come along with them but he didn't and that hurt. Though I knew I deserved it and had to work hard to earn his forgiveness.

It had been three days since Nick left and I tried calling him but his phone always went straight to voicemail. I even left him countless text messages asking him to come over so I could explain myself and tell him the good news but he never once answered any of them. I was beginning to lose hope but I knew better.

"Stop over-thinking things," Asher said as he leant on the doorframe with his hands and legs crossed. "They'll both come around. Plus, you've got visitors so be nice or try for them anyway," he said and turned around.

I shook my head as Jake and Kai came strolling through the door.

"You look horrible," was the first thing that Kai uttered as soon as his eyes landed on me.

"Thank you for noticing," I answered sarcastically. "What are you guys doing here and is Nick with you?" I asked even though I knew he wasn't.

Jake sat on the left side of my bed as Kai sat on the other side, "I'm sorry but he didn't come along," he answered as he gently rubbed my leg. "And why wouldn't we come and see our friend?" he asked raising his eyebrow.

"I don't know, I just thought that you wouldn't want to hang out with me since Nick you know..." I spoke quietly.

Kai rolled his eyes, "don't be dramatic. We are friends and the fact that you and Nick are in a bad place right now doesn't change shite."

We all laughed and we spent the next hour talking about school, about Chloe and how they attended another family ball which they hated. Kai also filled me in on his Chemistry tutoring with Asher and Jake told me about the new portrait he was working on for his Art class.

Overall, I had fun and forgot all about Nick not returning any of my calls or texts.

"All right, it's my time to hang out with her," Asher said as he strode back through the room with a video game and controllers in his hands.

"You play video games?" Jake asked perplexed, "I didn't peg you as that type of girl," he admitted sheepishly.

Asher rolled his eyes and inserted the video game into the DVR before he plopped on one of the chairs and motioned me over with his head. I obliged and sat on the other chair while Jake sat on the floor by my feet and Kai sat next to Asher.

He tossed me a controller and pressed play. We played COD and I won two games so far and we were down to the last game.

"Slaughter him Alexis," Kai yelled, "finish him and make him wish he was never born," he cheered just as I killed Asher's avatar. "I'm playing next."

Asher scowled at me as he handed the controller to him and watched as he picked his avatar and we began playing.

"How did you get good at playing video games?" Jake asked, "not even I am good and I practice everyday."

"She has a brother and best friend who play video games 24/7," Asher answered for me. "Plus she cheats."

"I don't cheat, stop being a sore loser and get with the crowd," I said as I made my final move and ended the game. "I'm going to take a nap now. I'm quite worn out from all this winning," I said grinning.

"You're a cheater and we'll catch you in the act one day," Kai said with a frown. "Mark my words Vance, mark my words."

The guys stood up and left me as I lied on my bed and fell asleep thinking of James and how badly I missed him.


I woke up to someone gently running their hand through my hair. Slowly, I opened my eyes and met James' bloodshot icy blue eyes staring at me.

"Hey!" I said groggily as I sat up.

"Hey!" he said quietly as he continued running his fingers through my hair.

"I didn't think you'd still want to talk to me after everything," he said, "I was pretty mean and I'm sorry for that, but a huge part of me was hurt and I missed you at the same time."

"I'm the one who should be sorry, you were right to say what you did. I was being selfish and didn't consider anyone's feelings," I replied honestly and truthfully. "I don't want to die, I still want to go to college, travel the world and be there at your wedding when you finally decide to ask Lisa to marry you," I joked.

James stopped running his fingers through my hair and I sat up straight on the bed. He joined me and we leant our backs against the wall.

"And who says I'm going to marry her?" he asked as he playfully nudged me. "I mean there are a ton of hot girls out there."

"Because you are in looooove with her," I teased and burst out laughing when his face contorted into a disgusted one. "And if you ever break her, so help me God you'll pay."

James scrunched up his face. "Eww! No way in hell am I in love with her. I mean sure she's hot and smart and I really like her, but being in love with her is something else entirely."

"She's the only girlfriend you've had who I really like and I will hurt you if you ruin this for me," I glared at him at he raised his hands in mock defeat.

"Please!" he scoffed, "what damage can you possibly do with your weak arse limps? You're on chemo remember," he joked.

"Leave the death and chemo jokes for me. I'm the one on it. not you?"

"So it's fine for you to milk the fact that you're on it and I can't?" he cocked his head and stared at me.

"Pretty much sums up what I just said," I grinned.

James rolled his eyes and shook his head at me but didn't argue any further. "Anyway, how are things with Nick? Asher told me he may have walked in on you guys talking and found out," he asked instead.

"Yeah and it was very awkward considering I planned on just writing him a note," I said chewing on my bottom lip, "the worst part was that he opened up to me and asked me to not leave him."

"Let me guess, you told the big N.O and he walked out of here with a broken heart and bloodshot eyes. Then you decided you would go back on your treatment to make things right. Am I right? Or am I right?" he asked with a cocky grin.

"Yes that is what happened," I answered sceptically, "I'm getting a feeling there's some kind of bro-mance between you two and you've been keeping it a secret from me all this time."

James looked away from me, "fine you've caught us. We've been secretly in love and dating and we didn't want to tell you because we were afraid it would ruin things," he replied as he turned to look at me with a sincere expression and I nearly bought it if he didn't burst into laughter.

"You should be an actor. Really, you're just a natural."

"I know and I could win Emmys and be rich and famous instead of wasting my time with med school," he grinned.

I stared at him before we both burst out laughing.

"Vances get your assets out here, you've got to see this," Asher yelled.

James and I looked at each other then back at the door and shrugged as we made our way out of the room.

"See what?" James asked annoyed.

"Calm your knickers Jamey boy, but it's in the indoor garden and you've got to see it, trust me on this one," Asher answered and gently wrapped his hand around my wrist and dragged me to the little indoor garden as James followed closely behind.

"I don't trust you," James stated flatly.

"You can stop acting like you both hate each other. I already know you're in love with each other," I smiled and Asher's cheeks turned red.

"No we are not," Ash said and I rolled my eyes.

When we got there, Asher let go of my hand and pulled open the door as he gestured for us to enter.

"This better not be one of your pranks or so help me I will beat your little arse badly and have you hospitalised," warned James as we entered.

"Love you too James," Asher replied with a cheeky smile.

James rolled his eyes. "I have a girlfriend."

"So do I," replied Asher. "We can't keep denying what we feel for each other."

I turned to face the both of them. "Guys you have my full approval so can you please both cut it out and let us see what's on the other side," I said.

James and Asher nodded and I smiled as I opened the door.

My jaw practically hit the floor as my eyes landed on what was on the other side of the door and tears welled up in my eyes.

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