Silently Falling

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•Chapter Thirty-Nine•

FOUR MORE DAYS, that was how much time I had until the surgery. I dreaded each passing moment because the pessimistic side of me kept telling me that I wouldn't make it and I was only fooling myself by believing.

Asher came over whenever he didn't have football practice or a football match and we hung out a lot. He would bring some of my school work and we'd do it together. Sometimes, he would even tell me how his relationship with Steph was going and how sometimes he just couldn't stand her clingyness. He also told me how the football guys missed me a lot and sent their well wishes.

James moved back home full time and spent his mornings with me before he would drive back to his lectures which was a sweet gesture. But I hated the fact that he had to drive four hours to and from school each day. Each time he came over I would tell him he didn't have to move back but he only dismissed me with a wave of the hand and he would tell me it was no big deal.

On the other hand, Jake and Kai always came over to play video games with me. Though Jake mostly sat down with his sketchpad and drew and he never once let me see what it was he was drawing.

Mum and dad visited from time to time whenever they could and I didn't hate them for not spending enough time with me because I knew they did what they did to provide for me and James.

Nick, well he was a different case. He spent a good amount of time at the hospital that all the other patients knew him well enough and took a liking to him. We did our Math homework together, binge watched both of our favourite TV shows, ate a bunch of unhealthy food (not a smart idea on my part but I didn't care), cuddled and kissed and he told me I always looked beautiful even when my hair had fallen off.

Everything was bittersweet and to good to be true. The truth was that I had lost my hair due to the chemotherapy and my body was growing weaker and weaker with each passing day. It would be a miracle if I was still alive for the surgery.

"How's my favourite patient fairing this lovely morning?" Sara asked as she walked into the room with a tray of food and medication.

"I have had better days," I weakly replied as I pointed to the towel wrapped around my bald head.

Sara smiled, "you're actually fairing better than most of the chemo patients I've had," she said as she injected a serum into the IV tube.

"I bet they weren't given such a royal treatment as the one you always give me," I tried to joke.

"Ha ha ha," she replied and rolled her eyes. "Don't get too comfortable with my treatments, soon you'll be out of here soon and you won't need me to take care of you anymore."

There was a hint of sadness in her words as she spoke, though I didn't know if it was a good or bad thing.

"Let me not get too sentimental. Here's your food," Sara said and began heading to the door. "And before I forget, there's someone here to see you."

"Who?" I asked as I opened the water botter, took my pills and downed them.

"She didn't say her name. Plus she is very beautiful. Should I send her in?"

Who could it be? Was it Steph? or Brianna? or Jenna? I honestly didn't know any females other than them. Sad, but very true.

"Let her in," my curiosity got the best of me.

Sara nodded and walked out of the room. I was way too curious and intoxicated to think properly. Is what I told myself.

Moments later, a model like girl walked or more like floated into the room. She had long blonde curls that reached her shoulders, thick sunglasses covered her eyes and she wore a plaid skirt that reached mid-thigh with a white cropped-top, an expensive looking designer handbag paired with high stilettoes and knee length stockings. She was the epitome of a Beverly Hills rich kid and classic mean girl.

"You must be Alexis," she said as she took off her sunglasses to reveal her bright baby blue eyes. She folded and placed them into her designer handbag.

I was stunned, she was really beautiful and I didn't know her. She wasn't one of the models my mum worked with because then I would have known her. Neither was she one of James ex-girlfriends.

"Who are you?"

"Sorry, where are my manners, I'm Chloe," she introduced with a smile.

Her name sounded very familiar but I didn't know where I heard it from and neither could I piece it in my head.

"I don't think we've met before, have we?" I asked as I raised an eyebrow in question.

Chloe took a sit on one of the chairs as she faced me. "No we have not. But I know you well enough. You are Nick's new play toy. Oh sorry I meant girlfriend," she said as she batted her eyelashes in an innocent manner.

"Yes I'm his girlfriend."

Chloe folded her long legs as she leaned closer to the bed. "I don't exactly see what he sees in you. You're all bones, pale as a ghost and bald," she sighed as she checked her nails. "It's such a pity really."

"Excuse me, but what's your problem?" She was irritating me to no end. "You have no right to come in here and insult me like that, I don't even know you."

Chloe rolled her eyes as she continued staring at her perfectly manicured hands. "Oh honey I'm not insulting you, I'm only stating the obvious," she replied with a certain nonchalance and indifference that made a shiver run through my spine. "I'm smart, rich and extremely hot while you on the other hand are sick, bald, ugly and about to die," she counted on her perfectly manicured fingers.

I felt anger boil inside of me at her words. She had no right to say those things to me even though most of them were actually correct.

"I still can't believe he left me for you. You of all girls. Couldn't he have found someone better or the same as that dead girl. At least she was more appealing to look at, but thank God she's died now," she continued, "whatever has gotten into Nick is really messing up his perspective of what true beauty really is."

"Leave my room now," I seethed. "You're sick for finding happiness in someone's death."

Chloe rolled her eyes once more, "I pity you right now. Honestly I really do, because soon you'll be dead and he'll come crawling back to me like he always does," she said and stood up to leave. "If caring about someone you love so much is considered being sick, then I don't mind being one."

"I don't remember him saying anything about crawling back to a psychotic girl like you," I spat. "You really are a psychopath," I commented.

"Oh trust me honey he did, he has and he will come crawling back to me," she replied confidently before she left my room.

My head was reeling from how much anger and rage that was bubbling inside of me. If I were not bedridden and weak, then I would have probably bashed her head on the door in frustration. Or worse, punch her on her perfect looking face.

I couldn't focus on anything other than her words and how they made me feel. I tried reading but failed miserably, I tried watching TV but that didn't work either, heck I even tried sleeping but everything I tried doing just didn't work. It only brought me back to square one: alone with my thoughts.

I weakly got out of the bed and went in search of Sara. I couldn't stay alone with my thoughts all day and I couldn't call mum or dad because they were both busy and James had a lecture. And the guys were still in school. Heck, I almost wanted to call Lisa but then I remembered she also had her lecture.

Just as I was about to turn a corner to the reception, I spotted Chloe and Nick not too far away. Chloe was pressed dangerously close to him as she ran her fingers up and down his arm and whispered something in his ear. I froze on my spot as I watched the scene unfold in front of me.

Chloe moved even closer to him which I thought was not humanly possible. She pressed her lips to his. Everything around me disappeared and I couldn't bear hearing the breaking and shattering of my own heart. I spun around as fast as I could and ran back to my room as tears cascaded down my face.

"Alexis wait!" Nick called as I heard his boots hit the floor in pursuit of me.

"Please wait I can explain everything," he pleaded but I kept running until I felt myself lose all my strength and collapse to the floor.

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