Silently Falling

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•Chapter Forty-Two•


AFTER I LEFT, Alexis was dragged on a gurney to the operating room and I prayed-tried to anyway, that all would go well and I'd be able to hold her again in my arms and kiss her once again.

Everyone was sitted in the hospital waiting room with gloomy expressions waiting for any type of news-news that wouldn't break them even more than they already were from not knowing.

"Dude relax," Kai said as he placed a hand on my shoulder. "Pacing like that won't do anything other than tire you out."

I didn't realise that I had been pacing back and forth until he pointed it out. I sighed and took a seat next to Asher who had his head hung low in his hands.

"How are you holding up?" I asked him.

I honestly need to find something to distract myself otherwise I might just barge in there and see what the hell was happening to her.

Asher raised his head and stared at me blankly. "My best friend is in there and I can't do anything but sit here and wait for them to update us. So how do you think I'm holding up?" he snapped.

"There's no need to be pissy with me. I was only trying to be a nice conversationalist," I said as I raised my hands up.

Asher sighed and ran a hand down his face, "I'm sorry for snapping at you. I know I'm not the only one who is worried but I can't lose her, she's been my best friend ever since we were babies," he spoke quietly.

"I understand, I'm scrared out of my mind as well but you don't see me snapping at anyone."

Asher rolled his eyes, "get over yourself Henderson."

"Please! You and I both know how much you love me, it's cute," I said smiling coyly.

"I didn't mean it like that," he said as he threw his hands in the air. "Are you ever going to let it go?"

"Nope," I grinned putting emphasis on the 'p'.

"You're an arse."

"And hence you still love me."

"No I do not!"

A laugh escaped my lips at how much fun messing with Alexis' best friend was. It was weird talking to another guy like that but Asher was different, he was someone I may or may not consider a friend.

Jake walked over to us and handed us both cups of coffee. "I didn't know how you take yours so I went full out with milk and sugar, hope you don't mind," he said to Asher as he took a seat next to me.

"Thanks, though I prefer ice tea," Asher replied with a grateful smile and took a sip.

"Where did Kai head off to?" I asked.

Jake rolled his eyes at that. "In the cafeteria flirting with some poor unsuspecting girl," he answered. "I have no idea how he does it or why he does it, but I can't say he doesn't know what he's doing."

Asher did a spit take with his coffee and snorted, "Kai? As in that Kai has game?"

"Do you happen to know any other Kai's that we don't know about?" Jake shot back and I burst into laughter.

"I just mean he doesn't look like a player to me," Asher said clarifying his point.

"And I'm asexual but do I look one?" he asked cocking his head.

"WHAT!" Asher exclaimed.

I was laughing so hard that there was no sound coming out.

"Yes I'm asexual," Jake said with a nonchalant shrug. "Maybe we should all just wear signs telling people what our sexualities are, is that what you want?"

This was so much better that I finally understood how Alexis felt each time Kai, Jake or I argued-pure bliss.

Just then, Kai decided to grace us with his presence.

"What's going on?" he asked and sat down next to Asher who looked flushed and embarrassed.

"They-they are arguing over y-you," I answered in between laughs.

Kai turned to the two arguing, "why are you arguing over me? I mean I know I'm attractive and smoking hot but I didn't think you two rolled that way, especially you Jake," he said with a smirk.

Someone kill me now, because this was beyond hilarious. It almost made me forget that Alexis was having her surgery and Leah was donating her bone marrow to her.

"There's nothing wrong with being gay," Jake said. "The LGBTQIA+ community welcomes everyone with different sexualities and I'm proud to be a part of such an inclusive community."

"I'm not gay!" Asher shouted and everyone turned to look at him with shocked expressions.

James left his parents, my mum and Asher's mum and joined us.

"Asher stop denying your true self," he said as he plopped down next to Jake. "Everyone pretty much knows that you roll that way."

I had to clutch my stomach from all the laughing and wipe away the tears that brimmed in my eyes.

Asher stood up and glared at each and every one of us before he stormed off to the bathroom and everyone joined me in laughing.

A few minutes later, a nurse came into the waiting room and I sobbered up as we all stood up waiting to hear the news.

"Leah has been moved to room 403 and she is asleep at the moment," she said. "You can see now if you'd like too but only family," she said and turned to leave.

"What about Alexis? How is she?" James asked the question that everyone wanted to ask so badly.

"She's still in the operating room, that's all I know for now," she said before she left.

Mum and I went to room 403 to see Leah. She was lying peacefully and for once she looked like an angel and not a little devil who liked to ruin my life each waking day.

Mum sat on the chair next to her bed and held her hand in hers while I sat at the edge.

"Hey sweetie," she said tentatively and Leah slowly opened her eyes to meet mum's. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I've been run over by a truck," Leah answered with a small smile. "It wasn't what I expected."

"And what did you expect?" I asked.

Leah turned over and her green eyes looked tired. "I don't know, I thought I'd die or something."

Mum and I rolled our eyes at her ridiculousness. "I thought we already went through this, you can't die from giving someone a part of your bone marrow," mum said shaking her head.

"But I could have."

"And yet you're still here," I replied with an eye roll.

"Stop being rude to your sister, she just had an operation to help save your girlfriend," mum scolded me.

I raised my hands up, "sorry ma but I'm just stating the obvious."

"Could you state the obvious when she isn't lying on a hospital bed?" mum asked.

"I'll make an exception for now," I said nonchalantly and stood up. "I think we should leave her to rest," I said looking over at Leah whose eyes kept flattering open and shut.

"You're right," mum agreed as she stood up and smoothed down her skirt. "We'll see you soon honey," she said and placed a kiss on Leah's forehead before we both existed the room and joined everyone.

"How's Leah doing?" Kate asked.

"She is fine," mum answered.

Everyone seemed pleased with the answer and went back to waiting for news about Alexis.

It had been nearly six hours since she went in there and there was no news-nothing. I couldn't take the waiting and silence any more and I needed answers, I craved answers.

"Does anyone want any more coffee?" Alexis' dad-Kevin asked.

Everyone nodded and he stood up.

"I'll help," I offered and stood up as well.

Anything to get my mind off of the waiting and the slow death that was gradually consuming me. We were silent as we walked to the cafeteria to buy everyone's coffee.

"Do you love my daughter?" Kevin asked me as he ordered the coffee.

I was taken aback by his direct question because I never thought he of all parents would want to know that.

"Yes sir," I answered. "I really love her and I can't lose her," I said just as the lady handed us the coffee cups.

He turned to look at me and patted my back. "Good answer because if you said otherwise then we were going to have a problem Nick," he said. "I like you, I wouldn't want to do anything to your pretty face."

I didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or a threat but I chose to shrug it off and smile in return.

"She's never been more happier," he continued as we made our way back to the waiting room. "You make her happy and I appreciate you for that."

We walked back to the waiting room side by side in silence after that. I couldn't find words to express how grateful I was that he said those things.

"Here's your coffee," I said and began handing out each ones coffee according to how they took it.

"Any answers yet?" Kevin asked.

"Not yet," Kate answered as she took a sip of her hot caramel lattè.

I sighed and took a seat next to Jake who had fallen asleep somewhere during the whole waiting process and I couldn't blame it. It was way past 3 in the morning and everyone was tired and exhausted.

The door to the waiting room opened and in walked a woman clad in white surgical gear with bloody gloves. I gently nudged Jake awake.

"You must be Alexis' family, I'm doctor Martins," she introduced herself. "Alexis is out of the surgery and has been moved to the ICU for now until she gains consciousness."

Relief washed over everyone's faces.

"Is she okay? How did the surgery go? Can we see her now?" Kate asked all at once as she stood up.

"The surgery was very risky considering she hasn't been on chemo that long and her donor was non-genetic," she began. "She suffered from internal bleeding and her heart stopped beating for a few minutes before we were able to bring her back and put her in a medically induced coma."

My whole body tensed at her words.

"But for now all we can do is wait to see if she suffers from any more complications," she answered. "You can see her but only one person at a time and I advice you don't wake her up. Her body needs all the rest it can get for her to fully heal."

One by one, everyone went to see how she was doing until I was the only one left. After Riley, Jake, Asher and Kai saw her, they all headed to their respective homes but not before promising that they'd be back later in the day.

"You can see her now," James said as he walked out of her room.

I thanked him before I took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. They she lay on the bed with an oxygen tank, heart monitor and a lot of other machines I didn't know.

I walked over to her and took a seat on the chair next to bed and held her small hand in mine. I felt comfort wash over me at having her close to me once again. She looked peaceful as she slept and my heart clutched.

"I know I shouldn't wake you up but please wake up," I said softly. "I know you can hear me."

"Please wake up, you promised you wouldn't leave me and I still need you," I said as tears began to roll down my face.

"I love you and I'm such an idiot for waiting this long to finally tell you. But if you wake up I promise I'll tell you each day how much I do and how beautiful you are," I croaked.

There was no response from her not that I expected one but I had to try, she had to wake up. I miss how her body fit perfectly into mine.

"I now understand how you feel each time any of us argues, it's pure bliss," I continued as I wiped a tear. "Everyone was making fun of Asher and teasing him, you should have seen his face."

Alexis moved a finger and I was encouraged to continue. "He shouted that he wasn't gay and everyone including your parents and his mum heard."

"You should have seen how flashed he was after his outburst."

Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she gently removed the gas mask.

"I need to tell-" I cut her off.

"Let me call the doctor first," I said with excitement as I stood up and nearly ran to the door but she held onto my hand and stopped me.

"I n-need to t-tell you something," she tried again in weak voice.

I obliged and sat down. "What is it?"

"I need you to promise me that you'll be okay and you'll find someone else to call yours," she croaked and I felt my heart being ripped out of my chest.

"Why are you saying that? You're still alive," I reasoned.

"Please promise me you will and that you'll let everyone know how much I love them and how sorry I am for everything I put them through," she pleaded holding onto my hand with a weak grip.

"Stop saying it like you're dying," I said wiping the tears that had began to roll down my cheeks.


I nodded my head.

"Can I go and call the doctor now?"

She nodded and let go of my hand and I stood back up to get the doctor. But just as I was about to open the door, I heard the sound I never wanted to hear again-the flat lining of the heart monitor.

I rushed over to her and held her small hand as I shook her. "Please wake up! You can't leave me," I shouted as the door opened and James, her parents and a doctor all came rushing in.

The woman used her stethoscope to check her heartbeat and when she shook her head, everything around me disappeared.

"I'm sorry but she's gone."

My hands dropped to my sides and tears rolled down my cheeks as the flat lining of the heart monitor and the breaking of my heart were the only things I could hear.

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