Silently Falling

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•Chapter Eight•

TODAY WAS GOING to be different. I didn't why or how, but I just knew something was going to happen that broke my usual everyday boring routine.

I didn't know what it was but something felt different. I got to my Math class and took my usual seat at the front. Yes, I wear spectacles and sit at the front of all my classes, that doesn't mean anything. It just simply means that I prefer being in front so I can actually see what's happening.

Mr. Finn was sitted at his desk going over some papers. "Good morning Alexis!" he said as he looked up from his papers. I smiled in return and took out my notebook and textbook.

The other pupils began filing in and the last one to walk in was Nick. What, Nick?

Mr. Finn clasped his hands together, "ah yes the new student I was talking about last week is here, care to introduce yourself young man?"

All the girls were already beginning to swoon over him and I wouldn't blame them. He was dressed in black wash jeans, a grey tee, black vans and a black jacket to top it off. His black hair was tousled but not in a bad way or anything like that.

"My name is Nick, and I look forward to be in this class with you all," he spoke with a solemn look on his face.

"Alright then, you can go and sit next to Alexis," Mr. Finn said pointing at me, "and she will give you the notes of what we had covered the past week."

Nick nodded his head and took the seat next to mine.

"Uh.... Hi!" I said.

He just looked at me expectantly waiting for me to pass him my notes which I gladly did because I could tell he was not going to answer me any time soon. Nick took my notebook and began scribbling in a neat perfect handwriting as Mr. Finn went on to explain about today's topic.

There was a slight tap on my shoulder and I turn round to see the person who so rudely was disturbing me from Mr. Finn's lesson, only it wasn't just anyone, it was Nick.

"Thanks," he said as he handed over my notebook. "You have a nice handwriting."

I was gobsmacked.

Did he? Or am I just hallucinating?

"You're welcome!"

Math class went on and I tried to concentrate on the rest of class but I just couldn't. It was the first time he had ever said anything nice to me and that came as a shock.

When the period was over, I grabbed my rucksack and stuffed my books before quickly dashing out the door. There, I found Jake and Kai casually leaning against the wall and animatedly talking.

"Why are you guys standing there?" I asked and that seemed to get their attention.

Kai was the first one to respond. "Oh hi Alexis. I didn't know you and Nick had the same class."

"Neither did I," I responded, "Oh and I talked to my dad, he said he'll be free today so meet me at my locker after school, okay?"

"Yeah of course," Jake replied.

I sent a small smile towards them and quickly dashed off to my next class.


The rest of the school went by as usual, I saw Asher talking to Steph by his locker but when he spotted me he immediately walked away. Guess he's still upset with me.

I went to my locker and put away the books I didn't need and took the ones that I needed.

Kai leaned on the locker next to mine with his hands in his dark jeans. "You ready to get going?" he asked. "Jake and Nick are waiting for us in the parking lot."

"Let's go," I responded as I shut my locker behind me.

We were silent as we walked, not that I expected us to talk or anything. But just as I was about to walk out the main door, Kai grabbed my arm and made me turn around.

"Just give Nick some time to get to know you. He's really not a bad guy, he's usually just misunderstood because of how he appears at first glance," he spoke in a calm tone I was surprised I heard him. "Promise me you'll give him time to get to know the real you?"

I looked at him to see if he really was saying the truth and there was a genuine look in his eyes. I gently nodded, "okay," I replied.

Kai let go of arm and slung his hand over my shoulder, "good. Let's go."

When we reached the student parking lot it was nearly empty except for a few cars and three motorcycles that were parked awaiting their owners. I spotted Nick casually leaning against one of the motorcycles with a cigarette in hand as Jake gently shook his head with a grimace on his face.

Kai led me to where they were until we were standing only a few inches from them.

"We are using those? " I asked pointing to the three different coloured motorcycles.

Kai grinned down at me, "of course we are," he said. "What else would we use? A rocket?"

I stood there looking between the bikes and the three of them before finally speaking. "You've got to be kidding me. What happened to the cars you were so graciously using yesterday?" I asked. It wasn't that I was afraid of riding on a motorcycle, in fact I actually liked going on rides with James and since none of them were James, I could not by the life of me trust my life in their hands.

"Oh gosh you're one of those girls who are afraid of motorcycles, aren't you?" Kai asked suddenly seeming very worried. "I told you one of us should have carried a car, oh manh this isn't good," he said to his friends.

Nick just rolled his eyes as a took yet another drag from his cigarette to which I cringed my nose in disgust.

I walked closer to inspect them. There was a white one with flames finely imprinted on its sides and a few drawings of skulls. Then there was a red one which had a large scorpion drawn on its side with a few black strips across it and then finally there was the one that Nick was leaning on which I figured was his. It was a black spotless one with a Phoenix engulfed in flames from its wings to its head.

It was my favourite out of the three motorcycles. Something about it just seemed to catch my attention.

I turned around to find Jake and Kai in a heated argument while Nick just casually stared at them with a slight smirk and cigarette still in hand. "I'm not afraid of motorcycles. I just don't trust any of you."

"You don't trust us?" Kai asked with a confused expression.

"I don't know you and obviously that means I don't trust my safety in your hands. It's nothing personal," I shrugged. And it wasn't but i didn't feel safe riding a motorcycle with a couple of guys I barely knew.

Jake seemed to catch on to what I was saying. "Oh I understand. We could just walk to your house since it's not far from here then we'll come back and get them later," he said casually.

Is he crazy?

"No!" I shouted before lowering my voice, "I mean no, you don't have to do that. I'll go with you guys."

Kai seemed to relax a lot at that, "okay then. Who are you riding with?"

"Him," I said pointing to Jake.

"Me?" Why not Kai or Nick?" he inquired.

"Yeah why not any of us?" Kai countered with a raised eyebrow as he folded his hands across his chest.

I sighed, "you seem trustworthy with your dimples and big doe like eyes."

Kai scowled, "I'm trustworthy too you know."

"Definitely are," Nick said as he patted him on the shoulder.

Jake just laughed at his friend and walked to the white motorcycle before slinging his left leg over to the other side. "The dimples man, it's all about them," he said as he continued laughing.

"Whatever," Kai said and got on the red one as Nick stomped his cigarette and got onto the black one.

I climbed onto the motorcycle and Jake passed me his helmet, "safety first."

Kai shouted from besides him, "Lead the way dimple boy, we don't have all day."

Jake chuckled before turning on the ignition and speeding off onto the main road with the others closely behind.

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