Silently Falling

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•Chapter Nine•

THE WIND WAS blowing my hair in every direction and the adrenaline that was pumping through my blood was amazing. I don't remember the last time that James took me riding because it almost feels like a life time ago. But now, as I sat behind Jake tightly clutching onto his torso-I felt like the whole world was moving too fast, like nanobots and before I knew it, we were pulling up into the very familiar driveway.

I hopped off and took the helmet off, making sure to give it back to Jake as I slung my rucksack over my left shoulder.

Kai and Nick pulled up besides us and took off their helmets before placing them on their motorcycles and finally walking up to Jake and I.

"Come on let's go," I said before turning around and walking to the front door. I pulled my keys out of my jean pocket and unlocked it.

"Dad are you home?" I shouted as I passed over the threshold.

"In the kitchen pumpkin," dad shouted back.

I looked back at the three guys standing behind me and ushered them in. "I'll meet you guys in the kitchen," I said as I pointed them in the right direction. "I just need to grab something from my room real quick."

I quickly ran up the stairs, taking two at a time because God only knows what questions my dad was going to ask them. I reached my room in record time, tossed my bag to the floor and grabbed my notebook from my desk before running back downstairs.

Dad was sat at the kitchen island with a mug of coffee placed in front of him and a newspaper in his hands. He had a straight face on as he looked and analysed the three boys sitting in front of him. "And how is it that you know my daughter?" I heard him ask.

"We met her in Civic Education class sir," Nick said in a respectful tone.

I walked in before dad could further interrogate the poor guys. "Stop interrogating my school partners dad," I said with a slight shake of the head and a small smile as I gave him a side hug.

"What?" he asked defensively, "can't a father want to know a little bit about the people his only daughter is spending time with?" he asked with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, but you don't have to interrogate them like you are on a trial defending one of your clients."

Dad laughed, "I am a lawyer and it is my job after all."

I took a seat next to my dad and opened my notebook where I had written the assignment on. "Speaking of trials, that's the assignment that we have to do," I said looking over my notes.

"All right then," dad began as he folded his paper and took a sip from his mug. "What do you want to know kiddo?" he asked.

"The processes found in a trial."

Dad took another sip from his mug before placing it back on the table and clasping his hands together. "There are precisely three stages that are involved in a trial and each stage has its own steps or semi processes called rights that should be followed by the legal force. You could say it's like a tree with branches sprouting from it," he said.

All four of us were attentive and scribbing down what he was saying.

"The first stage is the pre-trial stage, then comes the trial stage and finally, the post-trial stage," he stopped as he looked over the four of us before continuing. "At each of these three stages, the suspect has certain rights that should be respected by the police and the suspect him/herself. At the pre-trial stage the suspect has the following rights; arrest- this can either be with or without a warrant. When arrest is granted with a warrant it means that the court has given the police the permission to arrest the suspect as he or she may have committed a very heinous crime known in legal terms as a felony. Arrest without warrant occurs when a police officer witnesses a crime and has the mandate to arrest the suspect."

We spent the next two hours listening to what my dad was saying about trials and each right that the suspect has at each stage. My brain felt as if it was going to go on overdrive any minute but the way dad explained everything made me want to be just like him.

Mum walked into the room with Chinese food bags in her hands, "Alexis honey, can you help me with thi-" she stopped mid-sentence as she noticed the visitors that we had. "Oh! I didn't know we had company."

I rolled my eyes. "Mum these are my partners for the assignment I was talking about. This is Nick, Kai and Jake," I introduced them as I pointed to each one respectively. "Guys meet my mum, Kate Vance."

I stood up and grabbed the food bags from her and placed them on the dinner table as the kitchen counter was filled with papers.

"Evening ma'am," the guys said simultaneously.

Mum waved them off, "please call me Kate, ma'am makes me sound so old," she said with a smile.

Dad chuckled at her, "honey there's nothing old about you," he said with a not-so-subtle wink.

"Gross," I said. "Geez guys, can't you see we have guests here."

Mum and dad just laughed. "How do you think you were born?" dad asked.

I covered my ears, "please no."

"I think we'll be leaving now," Jake said as he placed his books back into his bag. "It was lovely meeting you ma'am-I mean Kate."

"Aren't you staying for dinner?" mum asked seeming confused.

"Maybe another time. But thank you for the offer," Nick responded.

Is it just me or is Nick acting very polite and open right now?

"I'll walk them to the door," I said as I led them to the front door and out.

Kai was the first to burst out laughing once we were all outside. "Your parents are ridiculously hilarious and awesome. I wish mine were like them."

"No they aren't," I deadpanned. "Did you just see what they did back there?"

"Yeah and it was awesome," Jake countered with his own laugh. "They even got Nick to be polite and formal for a change," he said and both boys laughed even harder.

Nick shot daggers at his friends. "Speak for yourself dimple boy."

The smile on Jake's face was immediately whipped off and replaced with a scowl. "Not cool dude, not cool."

Nick just shrugged as he placed his bag in a compartment and put his helmet on. Then he hopped on his bike leaving Kai doubling over with laughter.

"This. Is. Gold," Kai exclaimed between laughs. "Y'all just made my day."

"Whatever," Jake said as he hopped on his bike as well and Kai slowly followed behind still laughing.

I sighed because I would never understand how their friendship worked. "I'll see you guys tomorrow I guess."

"See ya tomorrow pumpkin," Kai mocked and took off just as fast as he had said it.

"Good bye Alexis," Jake said as he took off.

I was left there standing with Nick who didn't say anything, "I guess I'll see you in Math class. Take care Alexis."

Nick sent me a quick head nod with a small almost unnoticeable smile and then sped off after his friends.

I stood there watching as they drove further and further into the distance until they were only but a black dot before I returned back into the house.

"Your friends are very handsome," was the first thing I heard when I entered the kitchen.

I facepalmed myself at my mum's bluntness. "Really mum? Really?"

She just shrugged and went about placing the plates on the table.

The three of us took our seats at the table and dished out food onto our plates. "Your friends seem like good kids," dad began. "That Nick one sure reminds me a lot of myself when I was about his age."

"Indeed, he's very handsome too just like you," mum said with a smirk. "But thank God for you Alexis."

I was stupefied by her words, "thank God for what?" I asked with a forkful of noodles.

"You've finally made other friends other than that Daniels' boy. I was beginning to get worried that you wouldn't make other friends- though it would have been nice if they were girls but I'm still so proud of you nevertheless," she squealed. "I never thought I'd see this day. The day that you finally opened up to new possibilities in life."

I nearly choked on my noodles, "we are not friends. I just met them," I deadpanned.

"Doesn't matter, you went out and found yourself friends, this is an improvement and I'm sure your brother would love to meet them."

Oh lord no, no, no.

"We'll go shopping as well this weekend and get you more girly clothing," she added suggestively.

Dad splurted his food on the table, "she is not doing any such thing," he said at the same time I said "there's no way I'm doing that.

"We will see about that," mum said and went back to eating her dinner.

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