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Chapter Twenty-five


“What do you think of this one, should we apply?” I heard Alex ask Chris from across the room. They were both cuddled up, looking through some university and college pamphlets Alex’s mum sent through the mail.

“Let me see!” Sky squealed from the other end of the room. Alex, Sky, and Chris were applying for exactly the same schools. Chris was looking into transferring since Alex’s mum didn’t want him to attend a community college.

“Here,” Alex said, tossing the pamphlet to Sky. “Chris and I are starting with our applications right away.”

They were all busy writing applications, making me gape at them awkwardly, although they were all in my own sitting room.

“What are you kids doing?” Jane asked, walking in with Catherine. Catherine shook with pleasure at the sight of Alex. Jane placed her on the floor, and I watched as Catherine wobbled on her feet as fast as she could into Alex’s open arms. Typical, the demon knew its roots.

“Stop staring at your baby sister like that,” Paul said, making me undo the frown that I didn’t realize I had on.

“We’re looking at colleges,” Sky spoke up, answering Jane’s question.

“Wow, what are you guys going to read?” Jane asked, taking a seat at the dining table.

“Literature. I’m actually just looking for a transfer,” Chris said, not taking his eyes of the sheets he hand in his hands.

“I’ll read biochemistry as a first course, then cosmetic surgery as a second,” Alex said, making me snort. Sky giggled, hiding her face behind her pamphlets.

“It’s definitely a fitting career choice,” Sky giggled, making Alex grin guiltily.

“What can I say? I can’t resist the fact that I’m going to get paid to break down people’s confidence and turn their bodies into my personal art canvas later.” Alex admitted, shrugging. I doubt he feels any ounce of regret.

“What about you Sky? What are you planning on studying?” Jane asked, adjusting her sitting position.

Sky bit her lip, looking out into space with a thoughtful look on her face. “I’m looking at architecture, and if I can’t get it I’ll settle with studying fine arts...”

Catherine interrupted Sky by squealing loudly, catching everyone’s attention before burying her face into Alex’s chest.

“She said she’s taking a course in torturing Travis.” Alex sarcastically interpreted sending everyone, including Paul (The traitor) into a fit of laughter. Still feeling totally betrayed and awkward, I felt Paul rest his head on my shoulder.

“You got to admit, she suits the course perfectly,” Paul whispered into my ear, making me sigh in defeat.

“What about you Travis?” Jane asked. I sighed, looking down at my lap. I could feel everyone’s gaze on me; especially Paul’s. It’s been a topic I’d refused to discuss with him for good reasons.

“I’m not sure...” I muttered under my breath.

“What do you mean you’re not sure? You’re taking the scholarship into that sports college, right?” Sky asked for confirmation.


“You said you would, did you change your mind?” Sky asked, cutting me off.

“You got a scholarship?” Paul asked all of a sudden, giving me an odd look.

“Yes, a scout offered it to him after the last soccer game, didn’t you know?” Sky asked, looking from Paul to me. I groaned, Sky really didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘private’.

“No, I didn’t know...” Paul said in a matter of fact tone as he got up. “I really can’t believe you didn’t tell me Trav,” he said before storming out the living room.

“Damn,” I groaned, resting my forehead in my palms.

“What are you still doing here? Go after him!” Jane demanded, giving me a stern look. I got up immediately, chasing him up the stairs.

I groaned, hearing my room door slam behind me as I got up the stairs.

“Paul,” I called, knocking on the door.

There was no answer.

“Paul,” I tried again, placing my forehead on the wooden door. “Come on, you can’t lock me out of my own room.”

No response.

I sighed, giving up before heading back downstairs. Jane met my gaze with a worried one.

“He locked himself up,” I sighed, walking back to the sofa. Catherine babbled something, turning to Alex as if asking for an explanation of what just happened. He cooed assuring words to her before he and the rest carried on with their applications in silence.

I checked up on Paul from time to time, but he was still locked up in my room, refusing to answer me.

Alex, Sky, and Chris left later in the evening. Paul was still locked up in my room since he’d already called up before today that he was spending the night over at my place today.

I tried to get him to open the door one more time, begging and bargaining with him at the door.

“Paul come on, open the door,” I groaned, resting my head on the cool wooden door.

“Paul, please open the door,” I tried again, taking in a breath.

“Paul, you do know you’ve deprived me of my room for the past two hours, right?” I said, trying to send him on a guilt trip.

My eyes widened at the sound of the knob turning. I couldn’t believe that actually worked.

The door creaked open with Paul standing behind it with a frown on his face. I felt my heart pound at how breathtakingly he looked in my shirt.


“I’ll just leave,” he said, cutting me off. He tried to wiggle past me, but I blocked his path.

“You can’t just go, You still have my shirt on.” I pointed out. He stopped, looking down at himself. He lifted the shirt to his nose, sniffing it.

“I’m not sure I want to return it. Wait, are you trying to send me on a guilt trip?” he asked, letting the shirt slip from his grip.

“No. Well, technically yes. Paul, I can explain,” I said in a rush. He looked at me, fidgeting with the hem of my shirt that was about a size too big for him.

“I’m not sure you can, there’s really nothing left to explain,” he said, averting his gaze to the floor. I sighed, taking a step forward so I could take his face in my hands.

“I got offered the scholarship a while ago...” I started, looking down into his eyes to make sure he was paying attention to my explanation.

“My parents want me to take it,” I explained, rubbing the base of my thumbs under his eyes. Believe me, I’m shaking violently from the small contact. A feeling of great want was practically overtaking me the way it did whenever I touched Paul.

“Well, what do you want?” he asked, looking straight at me. I blinked. I’ve actually not thought that through myself.

“I want... I want what you want,” I eventually answered.

“Travis, be serious. What do you want?” Paul asked again, clearly not satisfied with my previous answer.

“I’m not sure. I think I want to take it, but I want to be close to you too,” I admitted, running a hand through his hair.

“You can’t have both,” he pointed out, biting his bottom lip.

“Why?” I asked, letting go of his face. He sighed, giving me sad look.

“If you take the scholarship you’ll be all the way in another state, and I’ll just be starting my senior year back here—”

“We can make it work.”

“Do you really want to strain a relationship that practically just started like this?!” he yelled on top of his voice.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered, biting his lip bottom lip. “I didn’t mean to raise my voice.”

“It’s okay,” I sighed, shoving my hands into the pockets of my shorts. I looked down at the floor, thinking deeply about it. I really want the scholarship... and I really want Paul. I closed my eyes, thinking hard before coming to a conclusion.

“Paul,” I started, making him look up at me.

“I’ll apply for the community college,” I said, making Paul’s eyes widen in disbelief. “And if Remington still wants me in their school, they’ll wait till next year,” I concluded, smiling down at Paul.

“Do you... do you mean it?” he asked, looking up at me.

“Of course I do. Just work towards a college in Chicago next year, okay?” I said, taking a hold of his hand. Paul let out a chuckle before throwing himself at me in a hug

“Travis?” he muffled into my shirt.

“What is it?” I asked, pulling him away at arm’s length so he’d be more audible. He opened then closed his mouth before his face turned a deep red.

“Y-you know w-when I said I wasn’t into... You know,” he said, making my cheeks turn as beet red as his.

“Well, I want to try it. With you that is. Well, obviously,” he said, rolling his eyes before standing on his tiptoes to kiss my nose.

“As happy as I am on the inside, I hope you know I have no experience what so ever regarding that and — and you’ll probably have to guide me through it,” I finally got out, bending over to kiss him full on the mouth. He whimpered slightly before we pulled away from each other.

“I can’t say I really know what to do either, considering all my previous experiences had been utter bullshit...” he trailed, drawing invisible shapes on the fabric of my shirt. I took in my breath, cursing as I felt his hands slowly undo the buttons of my shirt.

“But that’s okay...” he continued as he kissed up my collarbone. “It’ll just feel more like the first time for the both of us,” he said, pulling me into the room, as I instinctively pulled it shut as I got in.

“So, love me, okay?” he asked with the cutest look on his face.

“I already do,” I muttered, without really realizing what I said. He looked up at me with wide eyes, as if he wasn’t quite sure he heard right.

“I meant that,” I said, bending over to nibble at his throat.

“I really do love you, so much I think I’m losing my mind,” I admitted, trailing kisses up and down his neck.

Then Paul did the most Paulish thing ever -- He started crying.

I mean seriously crying. Crying, like I just brought back the test results saying he no longer had cancer. I rolled my eyes in ridicule.

But I loved him all the same. I loved him till his tears and cry turned to moans and whimpers. I loved him until he yelled my name in the sexiest voice ever.

Shit, I love Paul. I love him so much.

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