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Everyone from our school in the bleachers stood up to cheer when Travis made another goal. He was now bouncing around in the field as his teammates praised him.

I rolled my eyes, feeling slightly deafened at the sound of screaming and shouting. The second half of the game was almost up and our school was in the lead with 6-3 goals.

“Remind me why we came here?” I asked, turning to face Chris.

“Don’t be a party pooper. We’re here to support Travis,” Sky said, smacking me across the head. I frowned at her, but she just stuck her tongue out at me.

“Ignore her,” Chris said, rubbing the spot where Sky had smacked. The crowd had quieted down, and the game was on again.

“Urg, they should call end time already, I’m hungry,” Sam complained from below, stealing a digestive biscuit from Paul’s full pack. He didn’t say anything, he just turned away and blushed.

“Hey, you can’t bully Paul because Travis isn’t here,” Casey said, smacking Sam across the head.

“Ouch!” Sam complained, making Cassandra giggle from beside Casey.

“Well it seems Travis has become less fierce and a little more mature,” Sky whispered, making me turn my gaze to the field. Travis was helping another player from the opposing team get up.

“Look,” Sky muttered as a grin spread across her face. Jonah was among the people hailing Travis on as he went for another goal.

I soon found myself grinning too. Travis had got it hard, but the way he had handled the whole situation really paid off.

Travis had decided he wouldn’t take the scholarship this year because of Paul. He’ll start his course in sports science in the local polytechnic college before taking the scholarship and continuing his course out of the state.

Chris, Sky, and I had already gotten our admissions, and all Sky and I needed now were for our SAT results to come out.

Sky and the rest stood up to cheer when the cheerleaders bust in dancing to G.D.F.R. I rolled my eyes refusing to join them, instead, I stole Sky’s phone for the period and started to play a game I had gotten addicted to but was sadly not available in the apple app store.

After they were done screaming their lungs out, they sat back down. Sky gave me an odd look before sighing. “You’re playing that game again?”

“Maybe...” I muttered. Sky sighed before snatching her phone from me.

“Are you being serious?!” Sky yelled, giving me a look of disbelief. “Who gets 1012 points in a game people are struggling to hit 300 points?”

“What game is that?” Chris asked, looking up from his book.

“The wonderment,” Sky answered, starting to play the game herself.

“What’s that?” Chris asked, scrunching up his face. He was kind of cute when he was confused. I smiled, turning to kiss his cheek.

“It’s a kind of word search game,” I replied, trying to calm his nerves down. Chris really hated disorder, and nothing defined it more than the few hundred students chatting at the top of their voices and littering the whole field so it looked like a party had just taken place.

“Pick that up,” Chris scolded Sam firmly when she let an empty wrapper fall to the floor. Sam turned and pouted.

“Damn, you and your boyfriend take the fun out of everything,” Sam complained, picking up the empty bag of potato chips before stuffing it into her bag for future disposal.

The game was concluded soon after. Our school team won by 7-3 and everyone ran down to congratulate the team. As we all crowded and made Travis blush in discomfort. I spotted Tony and Jonah talking from the corner of my eye. Jonah soon came up soon after to ask Travis to come to talk privately with him.

“I think they’re sorting things out,” Sky said as she came up behind me. I grinned partially as I watched them engage in a bro hug.

“Sky, Alex, are you guys coming? Travis said he’s treating us to pizza!” Casey screamed from across the field.

“We’re coming!” Sky screamed, pulling me with her as she made to approach them. Travis met up with us but with two extras... Tony and Jonah. Jasper was having his own celebratory lunch with his folks so he couldn’t make it.

“You were great,” Paul spoke up, moving to hug Travis. I didn’t miss the way Travis turned ten times redder.

“T-thanks,” he finally got out, pulling Paul away from him. They stared at each other for a while, making Chris feel touchy, so much that he snaked his hand around me.

They were... what’s that word... Cute?

Casey coughed, catching everyone’s attention.

“Um, I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m starving,” Casey said making everyone giggle.

“I guess we should be going then,” Travis said, making Casey nod in agreement.

“Go on, we’ll follow you guys behind,” Sky said, taking out her keys. Travis nodded, as he, Paul, Casey, and Cassandra headed for his own car. Tony and Jonah took John’s car, and Chris and I went along with Sky.

“You know, I’m glad everything got sorted out,” Sky sighed as she got in.

“I agree,” I said, sighing in relief. “I’m glad all the drama is finally over.”

“You started it though...”

“Shut up,” I said, cutting her off before closing my eyes.

“You know, if your aunt had never assigned Travis to you, I’d never have tried to talk to you,” Sky said, smiling. “I’m glad we’re friends Alex.”

I didn’t say anything. I just smiled hoping that alone could convey how much that feeling was reciprocated.

“And... If Alex hadn’t played around with Travis, he never would have admitted he loved me.” Chris added, nibbling at my ear. I rolled my eyes. Come on, I would have still said it... eventually.

Even I didn’t believe that.

“And Paul finally got some love and protection. I was crying my eyes out for the boy every day after school. You know, I had to weep both my share and Alex’s. You’d understand, knowing he’s heartless and all...”

“Sky please shut up!” I groaned, making her giggle. Chris smiled knowingly before ruffling my hair.

I rested my head on Chris’ shoulder, and although I’m acting like Sky was frustrating the life out of me, I was happy. Happy, that I had made some friends. Happy, that I’d some worth learned something from the mistakes I’d made a few months back. And happy that I’m finally expressing the pent-up love I didn’t know I had for Chris.

Alex, the cranky nerd is no more... okay, not really. I’m just a tad better... adjusted. I’m Alex 2.0, the one that has friends and cuddled up with his boyfriend.

“Nerd Alert.”

I smiled remembering Travis’ lame comeback. Travis had changed a lot too, he was less stupid and less proud... but he still made lame comebacks.

There’s so much that can change in a person, and I think Travis and I have reached our breaking points. And to think it all happened because we were tossed into a room together in the name of tutoring.

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