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Chapter Four


The tip of my pencil snapped from my grip. I groaned, raking my hands through my hair. Why in the world is Travis’ question still bothering me? I thought, sighing as I desperately tried to calm myself so I could continue with my course sheet.

Looking around I couldn’t help missing Chris. He wasn’t coming over today. He had to go over to the local library to finish his literature report. I scowled at myself at how accustomed I was to Chris’ presence. I’d been living on my own for a while and after the first year, my aunt stopped checking in on me.

I just finished sharpening my pencil when my phone buzzed. I dropped the sharpener, stunned at the thought of who on earth would be calling at this time. Chris was in the library, and aunt Clarence only called to check on school work and holidays.

“Oh,” I muttered, looking down at an unknown number. I answered the call quite curious about who it could be.


“Travis?” I muttered in surprise.

“Dude, I really need your help in that maths assign—”

“How did you get my number?” I asked, a little stunned. I heard a frustrated sigh at the other end before the answer.

“Come on what are phone books for?” Travis asked, his voice straining. My eyes widened in surprise.

“You know how to use a phone book - wait, you know my full name?” I asked, even more stunned.

“Come on, I put one and two together. If your aunt’s Miss Smith then you could be Alexander Smith.”

“You’re capable of simple reasoning?”

“Shut up already! I need your help with my maths assignment, okay? I tried asking you during our section but you blew me off,” Travis pleaded from the other end of the line.

About the blowing off thing. It was true, and he did ask.

“What’s the assignment based on?” I asked, rubbing my eyes. I do have a lot of work to do but I guess I could help him for ten minutes.

“Circular geometry,” Travis murmured from the other end. I scowled. That’s what he’s wasting my time with, Circular geometry?

“Have you even tried looking at the theorems?” I asked, bringing my hand to my forehead.

“They’re pretty long...”

“I’ll send you a simplified version. Send me your email address so I can forward them,” I said, cutting the call before he could argue. I spent the next ten minutes on my coursework before I got Travis’ email. I sent the simplified theorems in the hope I could finally do my coursework in peace. I have to make it clear to him tomorrow; I’m his history tutor, not his maths tutor.

As I prayed that there would be no more calls from Travis my phone made an odd ‘ting’ sound it’d never made before. Picking it up I saw the not so familiar BBM icon with a green dot saying one at its side. I narrowed my eye at the icon, not at all remembering a time I installed the application.

Sky. I thought, my mind going back to the cafeteria where she’d been messing with my phone. My brows furrowed, not out of anger at Sky, but for the fact that the school WiFi could even carry a download considering how many people use it.


It made that annoying sound again changing the one to a two. I rolled my eyes deciding to see what exactly Sky was going on about.


7:36 PM.

Hey! What are you doing?

7:38 PM.


I read her messages over and over, unsure of how exactly she wanted me to answer that. I should be embarrassed by the fact that I haven’t exactly indulged myself in such an empty conversation before. (forgive me if I don’t see what exactly I’m meant to be embarrassed about.)


7:42 PM.

School work.

I finally sent, quite sure there was no way she could answer back. The almost immediate ping set my brain off in minor shock.


7: 43 PM.

Regular school work, or advanced nerd work?

I read the text unsure if it was a compliment or an insult.


7:45 PM.

It’s a joke.


I’m calling you a genius if anything.


7: 47 PM.

Well, that’s nice to hear.

I sent back, folding the back of my coursework. It could wait another day, couldn’t it?


7:50 PM.

I’m guessing you don’t take a joke lightly, do you?


Goes to show you I’m learning stuff about you, doesn’t it?

I smiled at that, not only was she careful with her jokes she was also mindful of her text talk. Or that could just be the way she texted every day, an even bigger plus.


7:53 PM.

Why try so desperately to befriend me?

I sent actually waiting for a reply.



I’ve been surrounded by the same sort of people for a while, a little change can’t hurt, could it?

The side of my mouth twitched at the counter psychology, Sky was probably smarter than she gave herself credit for. I closed my eyes wondering about the last time I took a look at the school files.


7:55 PM

Wise answer.

I sent back before looking out the window, it was starting to get a bit dark.


7:57 PM.

There’s a house party at Sam’s place this Saturday, you should come.


8:00 PM.

You mean that crazy petite she devil’s party? Why not?

Someone who knows me personally would wonder why I accepted such a request. Well, if I’m as outdated as I am about my targets where else could I possibly get more info other than a party?

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