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Chapter Six


“Fuck y-you!” a random sophomore said resurfacing from the pool’s water. The obnoxious junior guy that threw her in was now bent over the side of the pool laughing.

“Beer?” Sam asked, waving a half-full paper cup in my face. I scowled pushing the cup away. Sam’s party was what it’s always been like — incredibly awesome. Her parents were hardly around, her allowance was fat enough to cover the expenses, and she invited everyone. Well, everyone that wasn’t out of the ordinary.

“Cannonball!” Tony screamed jumping into the water. You’d think at seven in the evening people would want to stay clear of the pool.

“She’s going to have a cold tomorrow morning,” Jonah sighed, rolling his eyes at a Tony who was waving toward our way.

“She has the whole weekend to get over it,” Sam said, coughing into her arm. I ignored them, my eyes searching the party aimlessly for a specific someone, maybe he’s inside?

“What you looking for?” Sam asked stumbling a little and taking a hold of my arm. I blushed guiltily faking a cough and ignoring her question.

“If it’s Jasper, he’s up in my bro’s room doing his business with his babe, ya know?” Sam giggled, holding my arm a bit tighter as she staggered a bit. Turning my gaze to her I smiled. Alcohol isn’t just her thing.

Looking away from her and back into the party I wondered where exactly Sky and Alex were. I’d only seen them at the beginning of the party, Sam looking at Alex as if he was the incarnation of the devil, Alex looking bored, and Sky looking nervous as she dragged Alex away.

I sighed, feeling Sam rest more of her weight on me.

“I’ll take it from here,” Denis said, prying Sam off my arm, and carrying her bridal style.

“If you do shit to her I’ll fucking kill you!” I called out as he walked away. He turned grinning before turning and continuing on through the crowd. I smiled looking back towards the pool. Denis was Casey’s on and off boyfriend, he wouldn’t do shit.

I walked to the edge of the pool and sat down, letting my legs into the water.

“Missed ya!” Tony screeched as her head surfaced out of the water.

“You’re not meant to wear makeup in the pool,” I stated, noting the mascara lines running down her eyes. Tony grinned shrugging, her blonde hair floating around her like a parachute.

“Didn’t know I’d be in it,” Tony said, grabbing a hold of the edge of the pool, lifting herself out of the water and into a sitting position beside me. She was right about the didn’t know thing, she was in a sports bra and brief shorts she borrowed from Sam.

“Leave Sam to plan a party and not give a detailed invite,” Tony said, resting her wet threshes on my shoulder. I carefully pulled her away because Jonah was giving me a death glare from the other side of the pool (He liked her) and a weird ‘It’s not right’ feeling was also eating at me. Tony pouted but made a little distance between us anyway.

“Have you seen Sky?” Tony asked, making ripples in the water with her toes.

“No,” I answered feeling a bit anxious. Where exactly was Sky... and Alex, okay?

“Wanna dance?” I heard Jonah’s voice ask from behind us. Tony smiled before muttering a sure as she took Jonah’s hand to get up. I watched them walk hand in her to the back door leading into the house.

I turned away from them searching every corner of the backyard with my eyes before deciding to head for the front garden. If you were wondering, yes I am looking for Alex. Only God knows what kind of trouble he’s gotten himself into with that his sharp mouth... that sharp kissab...No, no, no. I thought, tearing at my hair.

“Alex pl-ease can you... Damn stop!”

I opened my eyes hearing Sky’s obvious screech. Walking into the front garden, I watched Sky bounce up into the air, and Alex followed suit soon after. They and a few other people were using the trampoline that I and Jasper help Sam set up. I watched as Alex bounced out of the tramp landing majestically on his feet on the grass.

“Wait! Al-ex don’t leave me!” Sky half screamed, half laughed as she bounced into the air again.

“Just jump off!” Alex screamed Laughing. My eyes squinted painfully, it was so odd seeing him have so much honest fun, and you know the fun that doesn’t involve making a mockery of a person A.K.A me.

Before I knew it Sky was flying off the tramp and not so majestically into Alex’s hands. Alex tripped making both of them land in a painful looking pile on the floor.

“Ouch! I can’t feel my head!” Sky laughed, rolling of Alex before curling up into a ball on the grass.

“Where exactly are my glasses?” Alex asked, chuckling as he felt the floor. Sky got to it and fixed it on his face. A lump formed in my throat at how incredibly mushy they were being. It’s as if they were oblivious to the others dancing and talking around, or the drunk little redhead that almost tripped over Alex.

Mixing in with the small crowd I got a better look at Alex and Sky. They were now sitting up on the grass talking.

“Watch it!” Someone mumbled just missing me as he stumbled across. I wrinkled my brows in offense but ignored him anyway. The smooth rhythm of ‘No Type’ blasted through the speakers.

“Hey!” Sky said, waving from their spot on the grass. I tensed a bit before walking towards them. I’ve been worrying and looking for them all night, I couldn’t just back down when I had an opportunity to sit with them right?

“Hey,” I said, sitting on the other side of Alex, he was wearing his usual sweater on jeans, his face had twisted back to his ‘I’m sick of this’ look. People cheered in appreciation as ‘No Type’ went on replay.

“Who’s the Artiste?” Alex asked, wrinkling his nose. It kind of made him look like an angry teddy bear.

“Rae Sremmurd,” Sky answered, resting her head on Alex’s shoulder. That funny tightening in my gut happened again. Doesn’t this dude have a boyfriend?

“Is he even listening to himself? He said; I ain’t got no type, bad bitches is the only thing that I like. Aren’t bad bitches a type?” Alex asked as Sky giggled.

“It’s just a rap it doesn’t exactly have to make sense, besides he had to rhyme ‘bad bitches is the only thing that I like’ with ‘I make my own money so I spend it how I like’.” Sky offered as she rearranged Alex’s fringe with her hand. I tightened my jawline to make sure I didn’t rip her hand off anytime soon.

“I don’t get it. They both end with like,” Alex said, scowling. Is it a crime to say he looked adorable when he’s confused?

“What do you think Travis?” Sky asked out of the blue making me do a little mind jump before stuttering.

“I, err, it’s just a song I guess,” I muttered, looking down at the grass.

Great, you just keep managing to look stupid in front of Alex. I thought to myself, and I then looked up at a sudden beeping sound.

“It’s me. I have to be home at eleven. Travis, you mind taking Alex home?” Sky asked, retrieving her phone from her side pocket.

“I err—”

“There’s no need I need to go home anyway,” Alex said, getting up before giving Sky a hand. She smiled, taking it.

“Okay then, you mind waiting at my car? I’ll be back. I need to use the little critters room!” Sky said, disappearing into the crowd. Alex sighed rolling his eyes as he began walking towards the open streets where everyone virtually abandoned their cars. I jogged up to him before I started walking in sync with him.

“What are you doing?” he asked with a hint of amusement in his voice.

“Making sure you don’t get lost,” I said trying to defend my motives.

“The car isn’t even half a mile away,” Alex laughed as we turned into the street. Proving his point we got there almost immediately. Alex rested his back on Sky’s small ford that was as red as her hair. He closed his eyes, making me realize how long his lashes were.

“What are you looking at?” Alex asked with his eyes still closed.

“No-nothing.” I defended turning away as I felt my cheeks turn a bit warmer, at times like this I wish I was a lot tanned like Jonah.

“Really,” I heard Alex say as he yawned in mock belief.

I turned to face him. His eyelids were partially open giving him that sleepy impression.

“I — whatever,” I muttered, shoving my hands deep into my pockets.

“Did I do something?” Alex asked, bringing his hand to his mouth as he yawned again. My stomach twisted in a kind of pleased way.

Did he really care?

“No,” I said turning my gaze to the floor as I felt my cheeks warm up again. I heard light footsteps come my way before stopping abruptly before me. His hand held up my face until I was staring directly into the chocolate puddles that were his eyes. I watched as his eyes examined my face, making me run my tongue unconsciously across my lips.

I moaned as he brought my face down to his, plastering his lips on mine. Our lips moved together in sync, quickly I let my hands grab at his hair. He gasped letting me kiss him more, intrude into his mouth. He tasted like grapes which made me moan. He probably avoided the booze. This must be a dream right? Alex wasn’t really letting me kiss him, right?

I slammed his significantly smaller body against mine just to comprehend the reality of things. I smiled into the kiss. I was kissing Alexander fucking Smith. I was waiting for this all along, wasn’t I? Waiting to see what this walking chocolate figure had to offer.

I groaned in disapproval as Alex drew his lips away from mine.

“Good,” he said walking a few inches away before wiping at his mouth with the back of his sleeve. Wait, what? He isn’t going to ignore what just happened, is he? I looked at his face, my heart still racing a bit faster than normal. His face was emotionless, the normal bored look.

“Seems like you’re horny,” Alex said, smiling a little.

“Go and find someone else to play with,” Alex finished, rubbing his tongue with the back of his sleeve as if the whole world depended on it. My eyes widened in anger. So that’s what that was about? To check if I wasn’t getting some?

“Hey, I’m back!” I heard Sky say as she jogged our way. She stopped in the middle of me and Alex giving me a weird look.

“What happened to him?” Sky asked, pointing towards me with her thumb. Alex shrugged his face blank as if nothing happened. My mouth opened the closed. No, I couldn’t just tell Sky that we kissed.

“Okay then...” Sky trailed, opening her car for her and Alex to enter. I watched them in anger and disbelief as they drove off. This couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t just—

I blinked at the feel of my phone buzz in my side pocket. Opening it I saw a text from Sam.


10:35 PM.

I saw that, you’re screwed.

I gulped feeling a sudden fear take over me. She saw that? Panicking I looked around to see if I could spot her.


I looked back down at the text. What exactly did she mean by screw? And screwed by whom, her or Alex?

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