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Chapter Eight


“Is something wrong?” I heard Chris ask. I shut my book before looking down at my lap where his head was rested. He was reading a book of his own. We had been like this for the past two hours. Reading and keeping the silence. It was something we both liked.

“Yes, how come you noticed?” I asked. I didn’t lie to Chris and Chris didn’t lie to me, not even the seemingly ‘necessary’ white lies. Chris sighed, shutting his own book.

“You haven’t flipped a page in thirty minutes.” I shrugged, letting a hand caresses his dark hair.

“What is it?” Chris asked closing his eyes as I continued to pet his hair.

“It’s that Travis person. I’ve initiated a game I don’t want to finish,” I sighed, looking out the window at the corner. The paleness of the sky already told me it was evening. I hope Chris doesn’t notice I want him to stay over.

“Why don’t you want to play anymore?” Chris muttered.

“It was too easy. It was as if he was hoping it would happen.” I sighed, using my thumb to lightly open one of Chris’ closed eyes.

“Are you listening?” I asked as Chris’s lips broke into a grin.

“Of course I am.”

“So, what do you think?” I asked letting his eye close back.

“Play, but not too much. I might just get jealous,” Chris warned as his green eyes flew open. I laughed leaning over to kiss him. There was something that drew me to Chris that I couldn’t explain. Maybe because we were both supposed to be crazy?

“I won’t,” I promised, breaking the kiss.

“Good,” Chris said, smiling up at me. I remember how I met Chris. It was at a tour in his university, there weren’t any introductions just quite glances and smirks. Two weeks after that an unknown number called. Chris had told me his name, and that he loved me. Such bluntness intrigued me and agreed to go on an outing with him. We went out to see a movie together. The talk we had afterward was enough to tell me we were going to be seeing more of each other.

“Mind adjusting the pillow behind you?” Chris asked. I rolled my eyes moving the pillow in place. From the time I’ve known Chris, I discovered he had an addictive personality, leading to the slight OCD he displayed.

I smiled. Well, what do you know? Apart from having the usual things in common, we were also both proclaimed nuts.

“It’s what people say when they don’t get you, give your personality or intellect a fancy name and call it an illness.”

Chris had said one afternoon as we lay side by side on my bed talking. I had looked at him agreeing with a slight nod. I had it in records that I was a sociopath with bipolar tendencies, but I didn’t feel crazy.

“I’m serious Alex,” Chris suddenly said, sitting up.

“Don’t play around too much,” Chris said leaning over to kiss my forehead. Chris knew I liked to play with people, mess with their little image of themselves, turning it upside down or completely break it. It was something I started doing a little bit after I entered high school. There are more ways to deal with a snob or a bully than one.

“I won’t,” I promised, running a thumb across Chris’ lips tenderly. He didn’t mind me playing. He just didn’t like me playing too much.

I probably won’t mess with Travis a lot, probably just a little bit. When I first met him there was a strong urge to break the ‘I’m too good for you’ aura around him, but on getting to know him I realized he wasn’t like the rest, just a tad too dedicated to belonging. I’ll just mess with him a bit, the way I did to Samantha.

Chris moaned brushing my thumb away from his lips.

“I love you, Alex,” Chris muttered, carefully adjusting me to lay down the bed.

“And I love being loved,” I muttered before Chris’ lips crashed into mine. There were many reasons why I liked Chris; his intellect, his personality, his hair, and his eyes. But nothing beat the way he handled me like I was delicate, fragile and easily bruised. I liked it, liked the fact Chris could see way past my thick skin of rudeness and sarcasm.


I stirred opening my eyes a bit. Next to me was Chris fast asleep, his hands were still holding my body in a light grip. I gently undid Chris’ grip and got off the bed, taking a blanket to cover my naked body.

I walked over to my study table to get my phone. I unlocked it raising a brow at the number of unread messages I had on BBM. I checked my normal messages first, spotting one from my mother.


I sent your allowance to your bank account. Please notify me if it’ll be enough. How are your studies? I haven’t received feedback on your studies from your aunt. Your father will be at conferences in India for the next month, I’m being reassigned to Chile, take care of yourself and take your drugs. Love you.

Mon, 10:32 PM.

I smiled shaking my head. It was sweet she kept on making excuses for dad not contacting me. I’m not a child anymore. I can understand people being busy.


Thank you, although my previous allowance isn’t finished yet. My studies are fine. We’ll have our semester test soon. I could compile the results of regular class tests and send to you through email. I take my drugs. I’ll be meeting my therapist soon.

Tue, 2:46 AM.

I closed my messages to head over to my BBM, as expected they were all from Sky. I smiled opening our chat. Sky was different from most of the people I’ve seen. She was different, an open book, and a socially free person. You could say she was becoming a friend.


Hey you!

Tue, 1:24 AM.

So you’re ignoring me, Alex.

Tue, 1:32 AM.

I’ve been thinking, what about you come over to my place?

Tue, 1:35 AM.

Like after school tomorrow.

Tue, 1:36AM

Shit, sorry it’s already today. O_o

Tue, 1:37 AM.

Like three to four hours after school.

Tue, 1:42 AM.

I shook my head in disbelieve at the little green dot indicating she was still online.


Why not?


Besides, what are you doing awake? Are you a vampire?

Tue, 3:01 AM.




I’m not a vampire, you’re awake too you know.

Tue, 3:02 AM.


I went to bed a bit early...


But I’m sure you haven’t even gone to bed.

Tue, 3:04 AM.


Yeah, you’re making a point.

Tue, 3:05 AM.

I’ll head off to bed right now. I have Physics in the morning >.<

Tue, 3:06 AM.

I raised my brow at that. Physics was already unbearable with a good night’s sleep, and she wanted to go through with it without any?





Tue, 3:11 AM.



It’s morning.

Tue, 3:14 AM.


Shut up.

Tue, 3:15 AM.

I closed the app as Sky’s green dot disappeared. She’d probably tried to catch some sleep. I sighed looking around the dimly lit room. I might as well take a shower and study considering I didn’t feel like going back to bed.

I walked back to the bed to retrieve the novels Chris and I were reading. I picked the books up and placed them on the bookshelf above my study table before heading to the floor at the corner of the bed to retrieve our clothes. I dropped them, along with the blanket around me in the laundry hamper with a mental note to wash them later.

Before walking into the bathroom, I turned to glance at a sleeping Chris. He had classes today, and I probably shouldn’t forget to wake him up. I made a mental note of that too before shutting the bathroom door behind me.

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