The Bumpy Road of Friendship

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A group of friends who are awkward, quirky and just plain weird goes through life together one step at a time. Felicity: The girly one Thea: The quiet oblivious one Tiana: The outgoing one Scarlet: The shy, nerdy one James: The protective, flirty one Cameron: The comical one Thomas: The silent one Xavier: The brooding bad boy ******* Scarlet meets Tiana, Felicity, and Thea at the park when they were kids then they introduced her to James, Thomas, and Cameron at Walmart. But, Scarlet moves away, and when she comes back will her friends still be the same. Sword, food and pillow fights, snuggle times and Breaking into Wendy's? What? So many things happen, Secrets are revealed and hearts are broken. Join them on their journey through their hectic lives.

Humor / Drama
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Chapter One: The Meeting Part 1

I was alone in the dark by my lonesome. This was the day my life changed forever………. Ah, I’m Just kidding! It was an interesting day. It was a bright, and sunny Saturday afternoon, and I was swinging on the swings by myself. My brothers had left me alone to hang with their friends. I think I should wait, or go home, but which one should I pick? I’d rather just play on the swings, to be honest.

“Hey, you!” Someone called. I was thinking about turning around to see what’s going on but was scared that I might do something embarrassing. After a second of contemplating my choices, I decided to see where the voice came from. I jumped off the swing and followed where I thought the voice had come from and I got to the slide I felt a force knock into me. I tumbled to the ground with a screech before throwing my hands out to catch my fall.

“Oh Dear, are you ok” I heard a voice say from above me. I nodded my head before flipping over onto my back so I could sit up and see who my attacker was.

“Hey, Tiana look she’s up,” The voice said again. This time though, I could see their faces, it was three young girls about my age. One with long brown hair and ocean blue eyes. She was wearing a light blue dress with tiny white diamonds, black tights, and black combat boots. The other had her long brown hair in a braid that goes down her back. She’s wearing a light blue shirt with white stripes down the shoulders, a pair of hoop earrings, baggy basketball shorts that look too big on her small frame and she had a red beanie on her head. The last girl had long black hair and chocolate brown eyes. She was wearing a black and white schoolgirl uniform and black dress shoes. My first thought when I saw all of them was ‘I’m hungry’.

“Hey, you ok” The girl with the long black hair quietly asked holding out her hand for me to take. I shied away for a second before taking her hand and letting her help me up. I dust off the dirt from my pants and pick up my purse that had fallen off my shoulder.

“Yes, I’m fine” I reply shyly taking a step away from the girls. They were staring at me with wide curious eyes like I was some kind of alien experiment or something. I brought my hand to my face to see if there was something there but came up empty. Why are they staring at me like that? It’s scaring me, are they going to kill me or something. No, no thoughts like that, they’re probably just surprised, yeah, they are surprised.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” The girl with brown hair asked cheerily smiling kindly at me. I smile shyly and nod my head slightly at the girl. After a moment of silence, I hear a throat clear, and when I turn to the girl who knocked into me, she smiles sheepishly and waves her hands in the air crazily.

“I am so sorry for falling on you.” She yells scaring the crapadoodles out of me. I jump slightly and stared wide-eyed at her. She seemed like the craziest one out of the three of them. When I turn to the other girls they don’t seem bothered by their friend’s actions, as a matter of fact, they seemed used to this kind of behavior. I wonder how long they’ve been friends before snapping back into reality.

“It’s no problem” I reply waving my hands wildly in the air. I don’t think it got my point across, but I had to try. The girls continue to stare at me, and I become increasingly uncomfortable.

“I should go,” I say as I turn to leave, but something grabs the back of my shirt keeping me there. I turn back around to see the girl with long brown hair standing directly behind me, holding onto my shirt with her thumb and forefinger.

“Don’t go” She exclaimed “Let’s hang out, I’m Thea” she points to herself before pointing to the girl with black hair. “That’s Felicity and over there is Tiana” she points to the girl who crashed into me. I look around at all three of them before smiling.

“I-I’m, um Scarlet” I stuttered out quietly.

“Well, Scarlet would you be our newest friend,” Felicity asked excitedly bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet to the tips of them like a ballerina would. I take one more look at them before doing what might be the craziest thing I will ever do in my life.

“Sure,” I say.

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