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Hey guys :)

A lot of you are asking questions. Through my wonderful agent, AJ, I've got the answers:

1. Can we preorder 'Pause'?

Unfortunately, there's no pre-order available for the book. You can buy it on the day of its release though -- 30 August 2018. Also, if your fans support you and buy the book simultaneously on the release date, it creates a viral effect on Amazon, hence the book will rank higher and becomes more visible :)

2. Where can we buy 'Pause'?

Currently, our main platform is Amazon. But we'll work on having the book available on Barnes and Noble, Book Depository and other digital platforms (iTunes, Nook, Kobo, etc.) soon.

3. Is it only available through Kindle?

It will be available both in Paperback and Ebook. Depending on popular demand, it will also be available as an audiobook.

4. Will it be available on IBooks?

On the release date, it will only be available on Amazon. Sooner or later, we'll have it published on more digital platforms, including iBooks. :) The reason for this is Amazon has a bigger reach that can help expose the book especially for new authors. Once we exhaust all the marketing tools Amazon can offer, we'll then put it on other digital stores.

5. Will the book be available on Amazon for everyone or only the US?

Everyone that has an access to Amazon can get the book.

6. Will it be available in South Africa, England, and India?

Yes, it will be available worldwide.

7. How much will it cost more or less?

For the eBook, it will cost $2.99 on the release date, and will be increased to $5.31 the succeeding weeks.
For the paperback, the price will be determined by its printing cost. Since the book is about 800 pages, our current estimate would probably be around $20.

8. Is it only being published digitally or will paperbacks be available for purchase? And if so, does the price include shipping fees?

It will be published in both versions. The price does not include the shipping fee for the paperback copies since it differs depending on the location of the buyer :)


1. I am not able to access the amazon bonus chapter. It's showing "this title is not currently available for purchase".

I would suggest you look into the laws and regulations of your country regarding online purchasing. Some countries have stricter laws regarding it due to rampant online piracy, customs regulations, etc. Therefore, Amazon can't sell books there. Depending on your country's laws, there are other ways still to buy the book. They just have to research about what applies to their country. :)

2. I am not getting notified at all even though I have just subscribed to your website.

Check if you received a confirmation email after subscribing where you have to click a link in order to get the freebies. Sometimes, the confirmation email is in your spam folder.

3. The 'confirmation' button is not working. I cannot confirm my email address.

It may be your internet connection problem since others are able to subscribe without a hitch:)

4. I have subscribed to your website and confirmed my email but still haven't received the first bonus book.

Check the spam folder, it might have been sent there. If not, try to re-subscribe to the blog. Connections may have failed at your first try.

If you're still struggling, send me a private message :)

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