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NB!!! Final Message before Launch!!!

NB!!! Final Message before Launch!!!

Hey guys! :D

Sorry that I'm bombarding you all with a million messages. I'm just trying to get everything sorted before tomorrow. I'm excited for the launch of Pause but also exhausted. As you know, it's a long book and it has taken over a year to edit it so that it's ready for publishing. However, I'll always go out of my way for you guys because you guys made this all possible :D

I know that many of you were struggling to access the 2 bonus chapters. Those who asked me for help (and they can vouch for me here), received personal emails from me with the bonus books they needed. There were a lot of you but I helped anyway because I felt and still feel that each of you deserves a chance to read the bonus books for free. That being said, if you're still struggling, send me a private message on Wattpad/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram :) I try to help where I can and try to answer all your questions. Speaking of which, I took the time and answered each question from you guys and posted it 2 or 3 chapters ago in this book, as well as on Facebook, GoodReads and Twitter (please check it out if you're still confused). I'll put the links in the inline comment over here.

Lastly, I've decided to leave 'Pause' up on Wattpad. Unfortunately, I have to remove the last 10 chapters -- not my choice. However, I was given the choice to remove even more chapters of the book or remove the entire book in itself, but I refused. I've chosen to leave the first 54 chapters (80%) of this book here on Wattpad. I can honestly say that you guys come first. I've really been trying my best to put you guys above myself. For instance, I'm lowering the price of the book during the first week that its on Amazon. I promise guys, I'm really really trying to make the book accessible to each and every single one of you. I'm going above and beyond to make it happen :)

You guys have been great with rating and reviewing 'Pause' and ' A Moment in Time: A Pause Bonus Chapter' on GoodReads. But now I'm pleading with you guys to give me the same support on Amazon.

There's a countdown timer on my blog (in external link provided) that will stop when the book is officially available on Amazon. The moment the countdown ends at 00:00:00 on August 30, 2018 EST, a link to the book will appear.

If we all click the link at the same time and buy it, it will definitely help boost the book in Amazon! And if it blows up big, you will get to see the book in your nearest bookstores! (No need to wait for a week to get your hands on a physical copy). Please, let's all get accounts on Amazon and make this happen! :) Let's all click the link at the same time when the timer on my blog reaches 00:00:00!

After you've bought your copy tomorrow, please please please leave a rating & review on Amazon and GoodReads on the books 'Pause' and on the Pause bonus chapter, 'A Moment in Time'. (Links Provided in the inline comment).

Thanks so so soooo much guys!

All the best! Have an awesome day :)


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