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Chapter 28

Chapter 28

"I just can't wrap my head around it. How has she not had a boyfriend before?" Max asks me a second time.

"Why is that so unbelievable?" Bell asks him, suspicious.

I can't believe AJ's back in New York already. I hardly saw her. It's my own fault.

Max doesn't hesitate to give her the truth. "Because she's freaken beautiful. I mean, she's hot. She's really really really--"


Bell coughs loudly, purposely interrupting him. "Ahem!"

"Bell," he drawls jokingly, "that was rude, I'm trying to compliment a pretty girl."

Bell narrows her eyes at him, not impressed by his humor. She angles her head at him in disbelief before placing both hands on her hips. She begins to tap her foot impatiently, giving him her famous death stare.

Max sighs and places his hand over hers. "I'm only kidding, Babe," he assures her. "You're still my girl."

Bell smiles fondly at him. "And you're still mine."

I frown. "Weird." 

"What's really weird is that AJ settled for you of all people," Bell replies, giving me lip for no valid reason -- nothing out of the damn ordinary.


"Well,  shockingly enough, Max settled for you," I reply back quickly. This chick needs to get a taste of her own medicine.

Max, stunned, turns to smile at me as if touched by what I said. "Thank you, dude. I needed that today. I needed to hear it. I was feeling self-conscious this morning. I appreciate it. I appreciate you, bud."

Bell gapes at me in shock. "The nerve! How dare--"

Oh, I dare!

"Hey guys!" Troy bellows loudly before his sister can throw another insult my way. "Bet you all missed me!" He adds, entering the ice cream store and taking a seat beside us at the table as if he'd been invited.

"Who split? How'd he know we were here?" I ask, frustrated. We had an agreement to meet without him. It's like we can't get rid of him. He's everywhere! He's also delusional if he thinks we're missing him when we purposely plan to hang without him.

"I thought you were out with your friends for the day?" Max questions Troy, just as confused as the rest of us. "Where are they?"

He must have hired's the only logical explanation.

"They're giving me space, if you must know," he lies -- it's obvious. "Not only am I everything to me but I'm also everything to them. They're in my face 24/7 and it was getting exhausting."

He's only everything to himself and Ramos. He's nothing to the rest of us.

"Why don't I believe you?" Max stupidly asks him.

"Sorry, BroMax, seems you're glitching, you're breaking up, I can't talk to you right now, bad signal," Troy responds in haste before getting up and walking over to Simo to order his favorite ice cream -- 'bland' flavored ice cream, his words, definitely not mine.

Max shakes his head before glancing at Bell and I in bewilderment. "Am I dreaming? I was talking to him face-to-face, right? How can I be glitching?"

Bell rolls her eyes at him. "You should should know not to listen to my idiot brother by now."

I shrug at Max when looks at me next. "For once, your bossy girlfriend's got a point."

Bell huffs and shoots me a glare filled with attitude. 

I'm really on her case today.

"Toy, Simo tell you four times, Simo don't know what bland ice cream is!" Simo, frustrated, yells at Troy in his usual, squeaky voice. "What color?"

Troy scowls at him before striking a dramatic stance -- placing his hands on his hips and flipping his head back. "What do you think?! Obviously bland in color, bland-colored ice cream, you mega twit!"

"You is rude!" Simo whines like a girl before taking a giant, glazed cherry and shoving it onto Troy's nose.

"I'm telling BroDyl on you!" Troy responds with extreme emotion, as always. He's incapable of any logical thinking. 

"See if Simo care," Simo replies, a lot more calmer than Troy. "Don't test, Simo will headbutt you," Simo adds, doing threatening headbutting movements toward Troy. He pats the top of his head. "Hard."

They're like children...

Troy angrily storms back over to us and slips into the seat next to Max. "The service here is plain garbage," he mumbles, failing to keep the last bit of his dignity intact. "So is Simo."

"Why aren't you with your non-existent friends?" I ask, wishing for him to just leave already. All I ask is for one day without him in our faces.

"For your information, BroBoyBand," he drags out my 'name', "I told my non-existent friends that I need some quality 'me' time. I just need to be alone for a bit," he explains, throwing his arm over Max's shoulders, completely contradicting his idiotic words. "You know what I mean?"

Max snickers mockingly at Troy and his stupidity. Somehow, he does more than just tolerate Troy. It would seem that they're actually friends -- no wonder Bell is always so cranky.

I shake my head at Troy, wondering when he'll realize that everyone on the entire planet hates him except for zie Ramos and maybe Max.

Troy glances my way, analyzing my appearance. "Did you just wake up? Or are you sick?" He asks me, curious. "Your hair look hideous."

I'm having a fantastic hair day!

Bell chuckles, amused at my misfortune. "Troy, Benley just told us how he spent an hour styling his hair this morning."

"Yikes! What a waste of an hour," Troy comments with a flinch of sympathy.

Annoyed, I reach over and grab his cherry nose before tossing it away from our table. "Fetch, Toy!" I say and gesture to the red cherry rolling away.

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