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Chapter 29

Chapter 29

"I'm so glad you were able to fit us into your busy schedule, Benjy," my mom says with a big smile.

I internally sigh. "Ma, you rocked up at my apartment without telling me that you guys are coming over for lunch," I remind her.

I really do love my family, it's just that four females is a lot to deal with. At the time, I was barely surviving. I had to move out at seventeen.

"Well, it's the only way we get to see you, Son," my dad chips in, agreeing with Ma.

"Dad, you, of all people, should know why I barely visit," I tell him, earning a look from my mother. 

To this day, I don't understand how he copes. He's one strong man.

My dad smiles sheepishly. "No idea what you're talking about, Kiddo."

Liar! Clearly, Ma wears the pants in their relationship. These days, women seem to love wearing pants -- take Bell for instance; she owns Max. 

I gesture to my sisters going through my kitchen cupboards in response. "I didn't have privacy or my own space at home with you guys. These vermin," I motion to my unfazed sisters, "were ruining my teenage years."

Having three younger sisters is hell. I wish I had one brother, just one. I'm not asking for much. Even a male pet would have helped me out, but no, Ma decided that four female cats is all the pets we needed.

Lea, overhearing my conversation with our parents, waves at me teasingly. "Love you too, Benjy!"

I shake my head, hiding a half-smile. 

Lea is probably my favorite. She's not the brightest but she's definitely the most innocent from my sisters. She's the youngest from us all but like Laura, she follows their older sister's lead -- Sasha. Laura is the second youngest and is the most obsessed with make-up and fashion. However, she's still tolerable. Sasha, on the other hand, is pure evil. 

"But you love your sisters," Ma reminds me. 

Yeah...I guess I do in some ridiculous kind of way.

"And let me tell you something, Benj," my dad chips in before I can reply, "they adore you. Your sisters love you to bits. They don't like seeing you down. They are very protective over you despite always giving you a difficult time."

"That still doesn't change the fact that they're currently reading my journal right now," I say, angrily pointing to the giggling brats paging through my personal entries.

Where did they even find it?!

"I didn't know you had a diary, Benjy! That's so freaken cute! You're such a hopeless romantic guy! Totally feminine too!" Sasha laughs in mockery before reading aloud one of the pages in my journal. "Dear Diary, today sucked. I lost my job because of some dumb blonde--"

"I know for a fact that I did not write 'dear diary'," I interrupt her and snatch the book from her hands, her evil clutches, before she and her minions can read any further. "And I'm not feminine! You're just masculine!"

Troy is a true feminine guy. I'm far from that.

Stupid Sasha! I wish Lea and Laura would think for themselves for once and treat me with respect. Why must they follow the devil's example?!

"Leave your brother alone, girls," Ma reprimands them, siding with me for once. "You know he likes his privacy. Don't read his dairy without his permission."

I roll my eyes, irritated. "It's a journal, Ma," I emphasize before hearing my conniving sisters snicker at my expense.

Ma huffs and waves me off, uncaring. "Don't be petty, Benjy."

"Where is AJ?" My dad asks me, changing the subject. He glances around my apartment. "I was half-expecting her to be living with you by now."

Ma elbows him in the side and shoots him a firm look. "Bradley!"

Well, at least, I don't have to lie about AJ being my girlfriend anymore.

Laura tunes into the conversation at the mention of AJ. "You and AJ are getting serious, huh? Especially if you're moving in together," she assumes, all of a sudden inquisitive in hearing what I have to say.

I pinch the bridge of my nose in frustration and stare up at the ceiling. "We're not moving in together."

Lea completely dismisses my statement. "If you're asking her to move in, I'm just gonna guess that you're that serious about the relationship and that you've told her all about Bex the T-Rex?"

"Do you listen to me at all, Lea?" I frown, annoyed.

Lea shakes her head. "No," she answers in all honesty.

Sash analyzes my expression knowingly before angling her head to one side. She sends me a stare of sympathy. "It's gotta be eating you alive." She knows that I didn't tell AJ a word about Bex. "Ben, if you really like AJ, then you need to trust her with sensitive information. You need to tell her about Bex or someone else will."

"Is that a threat?" I press, furious.

Sash shakes her head, sincerity in her eyes. "If it comes from someone other than you, like Oliver for instance, the story can be twisted. She's never going to understand your commitment phobias if you don't let your guard down and be vulnerable in a relationship again. She's going to get fed up with all your stalling and excuses."

"I don't have commitment phobias," I argue, denying it.

"Sasha has a point," Ma agrees with her, concerned for me. "She's giving you good advice. Shut up and listen," she commands, pinching my ear for good measure.

I glare down at my mother and turn around to face Sash again, gesturing to her to finish making her pointless point that I'm not even remotely interested in hearing.

"If you don't tell her, you're going to lose her," Sash concludes, strongly believing every word that she's saying. "I guarantee it."

"I double guarantee it," Laura adds.

"And I triple guarantee it," Lea finishes.


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