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CJ and Purple have known each other all of their lives, which is more than either one can stand. They are constantly in sarcasm battle. But they secretly have feelings for each other, although they would rather die of denial before admitting to it. Can they get over their feud? Will they finally admit their attraction? Read and find out.

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“Hi, my name is CJ and I have 3 more brothers. Believe it or not, we are Quadruplets. Yup, that means all four of us were in my mom’s belly at the same time. The first one to pop out was DJ. He’s a sweet and kind guy. After him came TJ. He’s the sweetheart of us all. Then there is AJ. I hate that fucker! We fight practically everyday cause he’s such a smartass douche. Yup, my mom saved the best for last which is me. What can I say about myself? Well hmmm I’m the best looking one and...oh yeah, the fuckboy. I can’t help it if the ladies love me. I’m too adorable to pass up. My brothers and I are in a band. We’re called Hated By All. DJ plays the piano and bass guitar. AJ that asshole plays the drums and TJ and I play the guitar, only I’m lead singer. Those fuckers are back up singers. I know what your thinking. Why do we all have a two letter name? Well, my mom hates long names. She would know. Her name is MJ and my dad is JJ.

So now that you know about me and my bros, I’ll tell you about the other people. Well let me start off with the girls. Vanessa Glason is dating my idiot brother AJ, Audrey Pine has a major crush on my brother TJ, but he’s too shy to ask her out. Tanya Brown, Lexy white and Midge Greene are the Color Girls. Three Bitch Color Girls. Then there is Stacey Rivera. She’s DJ’s girlfriend since sophomore year. He fuckin loves her to pieces. It’s so disgusting how badly she has him whipped. Then there is her sister Purple. They’re adopted. Stacey has gorgeous mocha skin color with hazel eyes and Purple has that olive color with purple color eyes believe it or not. Both girls are very exotic to be honest. Yup, her name is Purple. Personally I think her mother was high when she named her that. We hated each other since kindergarten! I’ll take you down memory lane for a few minutes. It all started in our classroom at 9am. She was sitting right in front of me and my friend Shawn dared me to pull her hair so I did. Hey I was 5 years old. Give me a break! Well she screamed which made the teacher turn around and send my cute ass to the Principal office. Yeah I know it’s my fault and all and after school I was going to apologize to her. When I approached her, that bitch punched and broke my nose! That’s when I declared her my enemy for life! I had to go to school everyday with a busted nose and she got a two week suspension vacation. Well, we are still at war with each other till this day. I’ve known her all my damn life. I must admit that she has grown up to be a very beautiful girl. I mean, that black hair brings out the purple in her eyes. It’s mesmerizing. And yes her clothes hug her curvy body in all the right places and her skin looks soft enough to kiss and caress and she smells so damn good when she’s near me....Ok, I’m getting off topic and no I don’t like her. I HATE HER! She’s a very talented artist. I’ve seen her paintings and it’s incredible, not that I least I thought I didn’t. I’ll fill you in. So it all started.....”


DJ pushed his brother aside. “Hey AJ, move out the way.” AJ smirked. “Don’t worry you whipped prick, I can see your lovely girlfriend coming this way.” DJ scoffed. “I’m not whipped you over used douche.” TJ covered his ears as he shook his head. “Guys please. My ears are hurting.” AJ rolled his eyes at his brother. “Just cause you don’t fuckin curse doesn’t mean we all have to suffer your virgin ass ears.” TJ squinted his eyes at AJ failing at a comeback. “Why don’t”

“Go fuck a hoe and die of herpes you bitch.” CJ helped out. “Uh, thanks..I think.” TJ scratched the back of his neck.

Stacey reached the guys shaking her head. “My goodness, it’s not even 8:30am and you guys are already fighting.” she walked up to DJ for her morning kiss. “Hey babe and yes it has.” He pecked her glossed lips. AJ tapped her shoulder. “Hey Stacey. Ignore the insignificant fuckboy.” He pointed at CJ, who crossed his arms over his chest giving his attention to Stacey. “You know what AJ stands for?” Stacey ’s eyebrows went up in question. “No.” He smirked towards his brother. “Asshole Jerker.”

“And you know what CJ stands for?” AJ counter attacked. Stacey giggled waiting for his answer. “No what?”

“Cunt Juice.”

“Oh My God I could listen to you guys fight all day, but I want to spend time with my boyfriend before class.”

“Dick Jerker?” CJ and AJ asked in unison.

“Fuck you both.” DJ said laughing as he took Stacey to the side for privacy.

Vanessa came running and jumped on AJ wrapping her legs around his waist as they made out. Audrey sat shyly at the bench as she waited for her best friend to finished being tongue down by her boyfriend.

CJ noticed TJ was staring at Audrey awkwardly. “Go talk to Audrey bro.” He whispered.

TJ whispered back. “What should I say to her?”

CJ whispered back rolling his eyes as he sighed. “Oh I don’t know, something like hello? Good morning? How are you?”

TJ cleared his throat then nodded as if that was the best idea he ever heard. “Uh..ok.” He went and sat next to Audrey. “Hey, good morning.” Audrey placed a lose strand of hair behind her ear. “Hi TJ and good morning.” she said shyly and even blushed.

“Awww look how cute TJ and Audrey look sitting together.” CJ held his hand over his heart. “Don’t be a dick CJ.” DJ warned. “Your name starts with the D dude. Besides, I’m trying to help him out.” CJ practically claimed innocence making DJ shake his head before making out with Stacey again.

Audrey bit her lower lip trying to create conversation with TJ. “Uhm...I can’t believe AJ and Vanessa are still sucking faces.”

“They’ll keep at it until the bell rings.” TJ laughed and she laughed along with him. “Hey Audrey will like to....” She was cut off due to CJ’s exaggerated outburst. “OHHHH NOOO! Look who’s coming this way.” CJ said annoyed.

“Stop it CJ. She hasn’t said anything to you.” Stacey warned as she clenched her teeth. Purple walked up to her sister. “Hey guys. Stacey....”

“You passed the horse barn.” CJ used his thumb pointing towards another direction.

Purple rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Go suck your mothers dick CJ...As I was saying Stace...” CJ interrupted her again as it seemed to make his ego bigger. “How about you suck my dick you little twat.”

“I wouldn’t suck your dick even with one of your whore’s mouth you corroded STD prick!”

AJ clapped his hands with admiration. “Purple is my favorite person at this moment. Shit girl, You are my BFF, like for realz.”

CJ clenched his jaw as he directed his annoyance at AJ. “Shut the fuck up smelly fish cunt eater!”

“Suck it dick licker!” AJ spat back.

“You all need to stop! AJ, go back to shoving your tongue down Vanessa’s throat and CJ leave Purple alone. You started this shit.” DJ pointed at both his brothers.

“You sure did CJ. You need to leave my sister alone already.”

“Babe, I got my brothers. Go with Purple, please. I’ll see you inside.” DJ’s voice softened as he held her shoulders.

“Alright babe.” Stacey softly pecked his lips. “Come on Purple.”

“Gladly.” As she was about to turn, CJ gave her the finger which she gladly returned the gesture.


“Hi readers! My name is Purple and yes I know, my name is strange. I blame that on my mother. Personally I think she was high when she named me. I get that my eyes are Purple, but shit she could’ve named me Violet instead. Anywho, you’re probably wondering about all that back and forth argument I had with CJ. He’s been my mortal enemy since we started school. I’ve known him my whole life and to be honest, that’s just too long. As you already know, my sister Stacey is dating DJ who happens to be CJ’s quad brother. So back to the argument. That jerk always starts with me. I can never have a moment of peace and quiet. I stay away from him, but he always manage to show up where ever I am. The way he talks and treats me is deplorable. So what if he’s fine as fuck and very tall. Whenever he’s near me, his scent is soooo good. Umm not that I like him. Please don’t get the wrong idea. I hate his ass. I hate everything about him. I hate how his jet black hair falls down over his dark brown eyes and that he can make a man bun. I also hate that when he bumps into me on purpose just to piss me off and I feel his rock hard body. My hand has grazed his 8 pack abs multiple times from him bumping into me. Not that I counted, I’m just assuming. Plus that guy is such a fuck boy. He and his brothers have all these girl drooling over them cause they’re in a band. They’re very good tho. I’ve been to a few of their parties and the place be lit. The entire school shows up to watch them perform. Anyway enough about that hot piece of ass, UHH I MEAN DIPSHIT. So let me tell you about me. I’m an artist. I love to paint, draw, sculpt. It’s my thing. I did quite a few paintings and one is missing. I can’t seem to find it anywhere in my house or in my art class. Anyway, so something exciting happened to me in school today. This is what happened....”


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