You're Too Much

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A/N: *WARNING* There is some sexual content. Readers discretion is advised.

It took all week for Purple to practice and gather the right words to let Dewey down easy. She practiced in front of the mirror and even wrote it down. She finally texts him to meet her at the town’s cafe. It was a cloudy day and rained from time to time. She found a table in the back corner. It should give them some privacy. She ordered two coffees and danish. As she sat at the table waiting for him, she became more and more sure this was the right decision. Dewey finally walked in looking around until he spotted her. Dewey walked over to their table and took a seat.

“Hey babe.” He winked at her. For some reason it seems that Dewey already put in his head that she will say yes. This annoyed Purple somewhat, but she kept a smile on her face.

“Umm hey. I’m glad you came to meet me.” She tapped the top of her coffee lid. “I took the liberty of ordering a coffee for you and buying you a danish.”

“It’s fine, thanks.” He took a few sips before taking a bite of his danish. “So did you ask me to meet you here cause you have an answer?”

“Yeah that’s it.” She sat up straighter then cleared her throat. “I’m glad that we’re friends...”

“Well we have to be friends before we become more.” He interrupted.

“Right, but what I....” Purple was trying to talk, but kept getting interrupted.

“I hope that you know that I really like you and I hope that you make the right decision...”

“The right decision?” Now she was annoyed and she didn’t like his tone or arrogance.

“I mean, I know what you’re going to say and I know this sucks for CJ....” Purple had enough. He hasn’t allowed her to tell him what she has rehearsed the whole week and he mentioned CJ. She was about to give him the right decision when she stood up.

“Dewey,” She said as calmly as she could. “My right decision is no. I can’t be your girlfriend.” Dewey’s face dropped. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Surely this must be a joke. She’s playing with him. He rose up from his chair, closing in the space between them. “What are you doing Dewey?” He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up against him. He then forced a kiss on her. Purple felt like someone was staring at her. She finally was able to break away from Dewey’s unwanted kiss. She looks to see CJ walk out the Cafe very angry. Purple smacked Dewey, then pushed him away. “How dare you!?” She wiped her mouth as she quickly walked around Dewey. “I said no!” She sped up her pace and searched around for CJ. She spotted him getting into his car and ran towards it. When she reached his door, he was leaning forward with his forehead resting on the steering wheel. Purple knocked on the window two times before he looked up and saw her. She backed away as he went to open the door and started talking. “Hey CJ, listen....”

“Listen to what huh?” He was angry slamming the car door, but Purple could see the hurt in his eyes. “That you’re now Dufus’s girlfriend? Swapping spit already I see.” He raised his voice at her.

“It’s not like that....” She tried to explain.

“It’s not like what Purple?! What?!” He was so angry that he didn’t notice the people passing by looking at them.

“You need to stop yelling at me and just listen to me!”

“You need to go to your boyfriend. Your presence is an embarrassment to me.” His words stung Purple so hard. She was about to say something, but instead her eyes watered as she looked at him. She nodded slowly and started to walk away. Now the rain started coming down stronger. CJ closed his eyes with regret. “God I’m such a fuckin asshole!” He angrily slapped his forehead. “Hey Purple!” He ran after her. “Purple wait, please.” But she kept walking away from him faster. CJ grabbed her by the waist and made her turn around to face him. “I’m sorry angel eyes. I...I...I didn’t mean to say that. I didn’t mean to be an asshole. I’m sorry.” She struggled from his grip, but he was too strong for her to get away. “Purple, please....”

“Let me go!” She tried again to remove herself from his grasp.

“Damn it Purple!” His anger returned. He ended up dragging her back to his car. They were both soaked from the rain. “How could you say yes to him....”

“I didn’t you jerk!” He looked at her, not sure what she just said. “I told him that I couldn’t be his girlfriend now let me go!”

“You said no?” His voice was low and soft.

“Yeah, no. I said no and you have no right to yell at me you asshole.”

“I’m sorry angel eyes....It’s that when I walked in the cafe and saw you guys kissing...”

“No, what you saw was Dewey forcing a kiss on me. I didn’t kiss him back.” She rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Now let me go!”

“You told him no...You told him no!” He was so happy. “Hey I just want to say...Oh screw it!” He held Purple in his strong arms bringing one hand behind her head, his fingers lost in her wet hair making her head fall back. He looked into her amazing purple eyes as their lips barely touched. “I’m crazy about you angel eyes.”

“Wait. Wut?” Her heart was beating so fast in her chest, she thought it was going to explode. “Wh...what did you say?”

“You heard me.” He whispered against her quivering lips. His opened warm mouth suddenly covered hers. She whimpered when his tongue pushed its way into her mouth tasting and taking everything she had to offer. He held her closer to him as he deepened the kiss. Purple’s arms came up around his neck pushing herself against him more. They made out for a good five minutes straight getting soaked by the rain. CJ reluctantly broke off the kiss, but he never let go of her and his lips were still touching hers. He gazed into her purple eyes, smiling against her lips. “Wow.” He was breathless.

“Yeah, wow.” She whispers breathless against his lips. Her hands were still wrapped around his neck.

“You belong to me angel eyes. You always have been mine.” He kissed her jawline.

“Is it strange that I always felt that I belong to you?” she kissed the tip of his nose.

“No it’s not.” He gave her soft featherly kisses down her neck.

“What’s the magic question CJ?” She whispered in his ear.

“Will you be my girlfriend angel eyes?” He gently grabbed her chin bringing it up so he could look into her eyes as he waited for an answer.

“Yes CJ. I will be your girlfriend.” They smiled at each other just before making out again. This time Purple reluctantly broke off the kiss. “CJ, I’m cold and soaked.”

“Come on. Let’s go to my house.” He took her hand and walked around to the passenger side of his car and helped inside. After closing the door, he jogged to his side. “I’m gonna turn on the heat ok.” She nodded. As he turned it on, he looked over to her and although she was soaked through and through, she still looked breathtaking to him. Her long black hair clung to her shoulders and her shirt hugged tightly on her chest making it pop out more. CJ watched as the rainwater drops from her hair slid down disappearing into her cleavage. Because she was cold, her nipples were pressing hard against her bra. He swallowed hard and tore his eyes away from her chest and began driving over to his house. Once they arrived, CJ took Purple to his room. “Here.” He handed her a towel. He then went to his bureau and pulled out a black t-shirt and a pair of gray sweatpants for her to change into. “The bathroom is right there. You can take a hot shower if you like.” She smiled at him. “Babe, if you keep teasing me with that smile, I’m gonna be forced to join you in that shower.”

“Don’t you dare CJ.” She smirked before turning around and going into the bathroom. CJ laughed as he walked back to his bureau getting a shirt and sweatpants for him to wear. He went to the guest bathroom and took a hot shower. Once they were both showered and changed, they met up in his bedroom. Purple sat on his bed wondering how many girls has CJ had sex with. Is she sitting on a spot where he did inexplicable things? Did he bother to change the sheets? She needed to stop thinking like that. CJ was known not to have a steady girlfriend. Only fuck buddies, but she was his girlfriend. He had asked her to be his girlfriend and he said that she belongs to him. Always has. CJ sat next to her taking Purple’s hand and intertwining their fingers. He then brought their hands up to his lips and kissed her knuckles one by one. Purple felt warm all over especially when his dark brown eyes stared into her own. He then leaned towards her, their lips still swollen from before they met their fate yet again. Their kiss became intense and soon Purple was lying on her back as CJ layed on top of her. Purple’s right leg came up over his hip resting on his buttocks. CJ’s hand caressed her leg moving it up higher as he positioned himself between her legs.

His other hand disappeared under her t-shirt sliding up until it cupped her breast, massaging it gently. His warm palms on her erect nipple made Purple moan. She wanted more. She needed more. As if CJ could read her mind, his lips left trails of soft kisses from her jawline to down her throat. He sucked on her neck for a while leaving it a nice red souvenir. Purple licked then bit her lower lip as her fingers grabbed onto his hair urging him to go further. CJ had managed to push her t-shirt up above her breast exposing both to his view. He quickly grabbed a breast and sucked on her nipple. She let out a moan as her other leg came up squeezing CJ between her thighs.

His moans let her know that he was enjoying this erotic encounter just as much as she was. He was waking up her sexual senses. She could feel it with every suck, bite and touch. Her core was starting to respond to his torturous blessings and her breathing became fast. Not like when they were kissing in the rain. This was a much different pound in her chest. Her body was yearning to take everything CJ had to offer, but Purple had to be the one to stay in control. She wasn’t ready for actual sex...yet. They just became a couple and she really needed to learn to play hard to get. “CJ,” She said breathlessly. “CJ, stop. I...I can’t. I’m not ready.” CJ stopped on her command and without question, pulled her t-shirt down to cover her breast. He lied down next to her.

“Sorry babe,” He cleared his throat. “I got carried away.” He then turned to her, prompted up on his side caressing her face. “You’re so beautiful.” He softly said. She smiled, turning then cuddling up to him. She could feel his smile on top of her head. She couldn’t help but smile at herself.

“You are planning to drive home tonight right?” One eyebrow shot up in question.

“Uh-Uh.” He shook his head with a smirk on his face.

“I can’t stay over CJ. My mom will kill me.” She was about to sit up, but CJ pulled her back down and embraced her in his arms.

“Call your mom and tell her that you’re staying over Audrey or Vanessa’s house.”

“Nope, can’t do that. That’s lying.” She smiled at him.

“You’re a teenager. It’s expected.”

“I’m sorry babe, but I have to get home....Hey, wait!” She stood up suddenly as she saw a painting that was poorly hidden behind his bureau. “Is this my painting?” She pulled the painting out from hiding. “It is my painting!” She then turned to him with an eyebrow up with a questioning look on her face. CJ suddenly felt like a rat caught in a trap and there was no way out.

“Ummm....Yeah?” He slowly walked up to her. “I’m sorry angel eyes, it’s that I really liked it and I wanted it, but we hated each other at the time and I knew that you wouldn’t willingly give it to me, so I took it.” He gave her puppy eyes as he pouted pure innocence. She bit her lip to hold in a laugh.

" I’m not mad CJ.” She laughed through her nose. She then looked around his room for a spot to hang it at. “Here.” She pointed to a wall. “I think it will be perfect there.” CJ took the painting from her and hanged it where she suggested. She stood beside him with a big smile on her lips. CJ put his arms around her shoulders admiring the painting his beautiful girlfriend had done.

“Thanks babe.” He kissed her temple. “Let me get you home before I throw you on my bed and suck on your boobs again.” She slapped his shoulder.

“Way to kill the mood CJ.” She shook her head as she walked out of his room. He only laughed as he followed her outside.


God I wanted to stay over and to be honest, I could have lied to my mom and say that I was staying over at one of my friends house, but I just didn’t trust myself with him. He made my body tingle in ALL the right places and I was like five seconds of giving in. I also felt his erection right on the...God I’m embarrassed to say it...You know what I mean. Shit, I’m blushing so hard right now just thinking about it. The fact that we were both wearing sweatpants didn’t make it easier either. I mean, I...felt...his...hardness and....his length! It was scary and exciting at the same time. I have to be honest....I wanted him to fuck the shit out me. OH! Isn’t it sweet that he stole my painting? I think it’s sweet in a sort of thiefy, creepy way. That asshole! I went nuts looking for it. Well, at least I know where it is and who has it.


Ha! Take that Dufus. Purple is my girlfriend. She belongs to me. Always has, always will. Holy shit I have a girlfriend and I got to suck on her boobs. Fuckin awesome!

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