You're Too Much

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A/N: *WARNING* Sexual content in this chapter. Readers discretion is advised.


Hi everyone. So you’re probably wondering what happened between CJ and myself when we left school after we were hot and bothered. Please keep in mind that CJ had my insides twisting with need and want. Needless to say, I was curious and my protruding core was begging for something more and only he could give me what I was aching for. We rushed out of the school and into his car. CJ sped to my house until we pulled up in the driveway. Once inside, well....

CJ and Purple were holding each other, kissing roughly, longing as their hands freely ran over each other’s body. CJ’s hands slid down her sides then grabbed her bottom and squeezed it making Purple gasp in their kiss at his boldness, but she enjoyed it.

“Angel eyes,” he said breathlessly. “I want to touch more.” Purple took his hand slowly guided it up to her breast which he caressed as his mouth ravaged her parted lips. Purple pulled her body away, but held both his hands in hers as she walked backwards towards the stairs that led up to her room. CJ followed obediently not taking his eyes off of her and once in her room, CJ locked the door.

Purple sat on her bed waiting for him to come to her. CJ rested his knees on either side straddling her. He looked into her eyes then his eyes dropped to her swollen lips that were begging to be ravaged again. CJ obliged by licking her lower lip as one hand held her face and the other gently pushed on her shoulder until her back was flat on the bed and him lying on top of her. His weight was comforting on her smaller frame. Purple’s legs wrapped around his waist as he settled between her thighs, resting his restless groin on her core. This made her moan and him hornier. “I want to eat you. I want to know what you taste like. I want your taste in my mouth.” His eyes captured her own. “Can I?”

“Yes CJ.” She said with hooded eyes as she licked her lips. His mouth traced her jawline, leaving hot feathery kisses in its wake. CJ moved his kisses down her throat, to her cleavage, to her flat belly. He lightly sucked right below her belly button. He unbuttoned her jeans, pulling it down until he was able to pull it completely off. Purple was propped up on her elbows watching his every move, biting her lower lip when his hands now tug on her soaked panty pulling it down exposing her aroused sex to his view.

CJ removed her panty, sniffing it first before putting it in his pocket. He wiggled his eyebrows making her giggle. His hands slid up and down her upper inner thighs then pushed her legs apart as he positioned his mouth on her already moist sex. CJ’s tongue licked up and down. He bit and sucked, making her head fall back as her eyes closed. Purple bit her bottom lip moaning from the pleasure he was torturing her with. CJ greedily tasted her sliding his tongue inside her core as he sucked. Purple squirmed and rocked against his mouth, but she really gasped in pleasure when he slid a finger inside of her while his thumb made circles on her clit. Purple fell on her back against her bed, grabbing his hair pulling it. She urged him to continue, not wanting for this erotic sensation to stop. CJ groaned as he heard her sexily moan his name over and over. Purple finally climaxed, releasing all of her juices right into CJ’s mouth which he happily drank. With her legs shaking with weakness then fell flat on the bed. CJ came up from between her legs licking his lips and fingers. He winked at her, giving her a dashing smile of satisfaction.

“Damn you taste so good.” He kissed her flushed cheek as she tried to catch her breath.

“CJ...that was...amazing.” She smiled as they intertwined their fingers.

“I hope that you enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed doing it.” He wiggled his eyebrows. She playfully hit his chest. “ about a blow job...” They both heard someone come into the house. Purple jumped up quickly running to her draw and putting on a panty since CJ refused to give her the ones he pocketed. She then slipped on her jeans that CJ threw on the floor. He adjusted his clothes while Purple passed a brush through her hair while CJ quietly unlocked the door. They both unzipped their book bags and opened several books to make it look like they were studying. Footsteps were coming nearer until it stopped outside of her door. A light knock was heard and before Purple can say enter, the door opens. “Oh hey Stacey.” He was relieved, color coming back into his face.

“Hmm,” She smirked. “What were you two doing just before you placed this fake study scene?” She placed her hands on her hips.

Purple gave Stacey her best innocent look. “What?” She sang out. “I don’t know....”

“Stop right there.” She pointed a finger at Purple. “Neither of you can fool me. DJ and I always created a diversion right after we did something nasty.” She watched as CJ smirked and wiggle his eyebrows.

“Don’t you worry about what CJ and I were doing.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“Oh I’m not worried. I don’t mind being an aunt.” She laughed and winked at CJ as she left the room. “But mom will mind becoming a grandmother.” She shouted as she walked down the stairs.

“Oh geez!” She smacked her head. “Could you believe that heffa?”

CJ ignored her rant smirking at her. “So about that blow job.”





After CJ went home, Purple stood in the shower thinking about what CJ did to her. A fresh new powder of red covered her burning cheeks. She couldn’t help but smile at the memory that was just about four hours ago. After her daydreaming ended, she quickly dried herself off, putting on her pajamas, she went downstairs and quickly hugged her mom from behind.

“Hey honey.” She was unwrapping garlic knots that she baked herself and placing it in a small bowl. “The lasagna is ready. Can you please set the table for me?”

“Sure mom.” She grabbed the paper plates along with the bowl of garlic knots and set the table. She then returned to the kitchen and took out a pitcher of Iced tea that was ready for drinking. Stacey joined them at the table and they all dug in.

“So how was your day, girls?” Maggie asked as she scooped cheesy deliciousness into her mouth.

“Oh...the same as usual. You know, we get up, go to school, come home...” She looked at Purple. “Get eaten.” She smirked. Purple choked on a garlic knot.

“Get what?” She asked, confused.

Stacey quickly changed her words “Get something to eat.” She mentally patted herself on the back.

“Well from the looks of your second serving, it looks like you didn’t eat much.” Stacey was turning red holding her laughter in as she watched Purple trying to keep composed.

“We have to save some room for your food mom.” She looked at Stacey. “Right...sis.” She said tight-lipped.

“Oh!” Maggie rose from her seat happily. “I brought dessert!” She went to the kitchen to get it.

“I wonder if the dessert is CJ’s dick with special icing.” She whispered to Purple.

“OMG please stop.” She whispered back but with blush on her cheeks.

“Is that what you’re gonna tell CJ when he’s moving in and out of you?” She was making her hips move back and forth with a dance. “Oh yes CJ...Ah! Ah! Ah! Please don’t stop! Keep going.” She mimicked what Purple would say. Purple only laughed as her hands came over her mouth. Stacey quickly stopped when Maggie came back with a German chocolate cake.

“So girls, I have exciting news!” Her face was bright with excitement. Both girls looked at their mother with mouths full of chocolate cake. “They just gave me the position of head nurse which means more pay.”

“Oh wow mom congrats!”

“That’s wonderful news mom,” Stacey smiled proudly at their mother. “You’ve been wanting that position for a long time now.”

“I know! The head of the hospital and doctors had a meeting with me today and informed me of my new position. We have to celebrate!”

“Yassss!” Purple beamed with excitement.

“What do you want to do mom?” Stacey asked as she stuffed a piece of cake into her mouth.

“Well I have to attend a seminar and it happens to be in Jamaica.”

“Oh hell yeah!” Both girls clapped excitedly.

“That sounds exciting! When are we going?” She and Stacey high five each other.

“This Friday we leave. It happens to be during your Spring Break so you won’t be missing school.”

“What time is our flight?”

“At 10pm, so go to school and you have time to come back and freshen up before we leave.”

“Yeah! I’m gonna pack now!” She eagerly got up with Stacey trailing behind her.

“Oh and girls.”

“Yes mom?” They asked in unison.

“You can bring two guests and I chose Audrey and Vanessa. Sorry, but no boyfriends. I need their parents consent before Friday.” Stacey looked at Purple. They both smirked.


“Why are you so mad?!” Stacey tried to calm DJ down.

“How can you expect me not to be mad Stacey? You’re going to fuckin Jamaica without me!”

“My mom chose to bring Audrey and Vanessa along. Purple and I have no say in it.”

“I get that babe, it’s just...” He sighed. “I know that you’re gonna look even more smoking hot than you already are and those fuckers are going to be looking at you. Trying to hook up with you and...You’re Mine dammit!” He growled out his frustration.

“I’m totally turned on right now.”

“Babe please, I’m trying to....” She cut him off when her arms wrapped around his neck pulling him down to adjoin their lips. His arms wrapped around her waist pulling her closer making the kiss deeper.

TJ rolled his eyes as he watched from a few feet away. “Get a room!”

“Or the back seat of your car!” AJ jumped in.

“Or the janitor’s closet!” CJ offered.

“I have to tell my brothers about your trip.” He said against her lips.

“I know.” She released him, but didn’t leave his side. DJ turned to his brothers waving his arms for their attention as they were horsing around.

“Guys!” DJ called out getting their attention.

AJ crossed his arms across his chest. “What you want dick head?” Just when DJ was going to break the news, Vanessa, Audrey and Purple were talking excitedly about the trip a little too loud which got the attention of CJ, TJ and AJ. “You’re going where?!” His fist clenched at his sides as his eyes bored into Vanessa.

“Umm...Ja...Jamaica.” Vanessa said awkwardly like she was caught in a lie.

“Are you going too Audrey?” TJ’s face was stern for the first time.

“We were just invited today, TJ. Purple and Stacey’s mom invited...” Her voice trailed off when she saw the serious look on his face.

Vanessa came by Audrey trying to keep the peace. “It’s just for a week.” That statement didn’t make the situation any better. Purple looked at CJ who was clenching his teeth.

“I want to talk to you.” He grabbed Purple by the arm practically dragging her to keep up with his long strides. He finally stopped to face her. “We’re going with you.”

“CJ, how? My mom doesn’t have any more tickets and she said no boyfriends allowed.”

“My brother’s and I will be going on this trip with you girls. I guarantee it because if you think for one second that I would accept you to be in beautiful Jamaica where there are many guys waiting for a gorgeous girl like yourself to prey on, you are sadly mistaken. ”

“CJ, how?” She was taken by surprise when his mouth devoured hers confirming what he just said is true.

“Oh good. CJ is planning for us to go so get ready to have the time of your lives ladies.” AJ jumped happily.

“But how?” Stacey rubbed her temples. “Never mind. This is CJ we’re talking about.”


Stacey and Purple were doing last minute preparations and double checking that they didn’t leave anything behind. Stacey packed at least four different types of bikinis, while Purple took one bikini and one full piece.

“Hey did you fill up your backpack with snacks?”

“Yup!” Stacey popped the P. “Audrey and Vanessa should be here soon. Let’s take our bags downstairs.” Purple nodded and dragged her suitcase down the stairs. The doorbell rings just as Stacey rested her suitcase against the wall. She excitedly opened the door to two screaming girls excited about their trip. All four girls jumped excitedly talking all at once. They spoke about wanting to eat, hit the beach, eat, drink, rest up, then go to a club. Once Maggie arrived, they all headed to the airport with Vanessa and Audrey constantly thanking Maggie for bringing them along. Three hours later, they were in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Once at the hotel, Maggie retrieved the three hotel room keys. Maggie had a room all to herself while Purple and Stacey each got a room to share with one of their friends. Stacey roomed with Audrey as Purple roomed with Vanessa. Lucky for the girls, they had an adjoining door to walk back and forth from their rooms. They also shared an adjoining terrace that overlooked the beach.

Vanessa was unpacking looking for her pajamas, “Do you think CJ was serious about him and his brothers’ coming here?”

“Nah, I don’t think so,” Audrey shook her head. “I think he let his jealousy talk for him.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see them here though. DJ was really pissed about me going on this trip without him. We always talked about coming here together.”

Purple took a seat at the edge of the bed, “I’ve never seen CJ so jealous before. It was kind of....”

“Hot?” Audrey wiggled her eyebrows.

Vanessa jumped on the bed next to Purple, “Turn on?”

“Panty soaker?” They all laughed. “Hey ladies, it’s really late and we need some shut eye.” They all said their good nights and went to bed.

It was eight in the morning and the girls were up and rushing to get ready for breakfast then hit the beach. They all wore their bathing suits underneath their shorts and tank tops. After having a big breakfast, they all headed down to the beach. They settled the towels on the beach chairs then began removing their clothes. Vanessa’s white two piece was very revealing, but hugged her in all the right places. Audrey and Purple wore a one piece. Audrey baby blue, Purple’s lavender. Stacey wore a bright tropical orange mixed with yellow bikini that accentuated her gorgeous melanin skin color. Audrey turned on the little radio she brought to hear music as Purple colored in her coloring book. Stacey and Vanessa went into the water. Purple looked up briefly and saw both Stacey and Vanessa making out with guys. But not just any guys. DJ and AJ!

“What the actual fuck?!” Purple’s mouth fell open. Audrey’s gaze followed Purple’s and soon her mouth fell open too.

“No fuckin way!” She squealed when she was lifted and thrown over a very masculine shoulder. TJ’s shoulder. “OMG! You’re actually here!” She said, making her top half slightly turn to look at him.

“Yup! Now let’s go swimming.” She laughed as he marched towards the water. CJ slid behind Purple on her beach chair encircling his arms around her waist.

“Hey angel eyes.” He kissed her shoulder. “Did you miss me?” Purple turned her head to look at him with utter shock.

“How did you? When did you guys arrive? Where are you guys staying?”

“Whoa, one question at a time babe.” He laughed through his nose. “One, I am a genius. Two, we arrived early this morning about 5am and third, we’re staying at the same hotel as you, only we’re on the 8th floor. We saw you ladies walk into the beach and decided to join you.” Purple smiled, turning to hug him.

“I’m so happy that you’re here.” She pecked his parted lips. CJ smiled then went in for a deeper kiss.

“You know I haven’t had breakfast yet and I’m really hungry.” His voice was husky and full of lust.

“What do you want to eat?” She asked as she nipped his earlobe with her teeth. She felt him shiver as his hands slid down to her ass squeezing it hard.

“Mmmm angel eyes.” His eyes are full of need and want. “Let’s go back to my room and I’ll show you how hungry I am.” He got up pulling her close to him. Purple’s side smiled and answered yes. She let him lead the way back to his room where they had homemade waffles with bacon and a side of fruits.


Ya’ll are nasty! I bet you all thought that I was referring to actually eating her out. I was actually hungry for food. My brothers and I arrived late this morning and all we had was a pack of stupid peanuts on the plane. By the way, I’m sure you are all wondering how I pulled off getting my brothers and me to Jamaica. Well, my Godfather is a pilot and he switched flights with one of the other pilots and took his route to Jamaica when I asked him for this favor. Voila, here we are. I know, I’m a genius. A romantic genius. I have a romantic day planned out for me and my girl so I’m gonna finish this convo right here.

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