You're Too Much

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The group gathered together deciding where to go for the day. they looked at the map that had activities such as ziplining, water skiing, parasailing just to name a few. “Hey, guys!” AJ shouted out. “Let’s go to the waterfalls.”

“Oh yaaaassss.” Vanessa said excitedly. “It’s so romantic there.”

AJ leaned in, placing a kiss on her forehead. “I’m gonna to romance the fuck out of you baby.” He wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her back up against his chest. “I want a piece of you all over this island.” He lightly bit her ear. Vanessa giggled trying to pull herself closer to AJ.

Stacey shook her head. “AJ, you’re the horniest guy that I know.” She said laughing.

“And I’m proud!” He said with an Irish accent.

“Audrey and I are going to go exploring so we catch you guys later.” At the sound of this announcement, AJ ran up to TJ, throwing his arm over TJ’s shoulder. “What do you want AJ?”

“Are you going to explore down under?” He wiggled his eyebrows. TJ blushed briefly, but then pulled AJ to the side.

“I’m nervous dude. Do you have any advice to give me?” He gave him a stern look. “A good advice AJ.”

“Sure, wrap it before you tap it.” AJ kneeled down opening his bag and pulled out about five packs of condoms and handed it to his brother. “Listen in all seriousness. Be gentle with her ok. Keep control cause if you get too aggressive, you can hurt her.” TJ nodded. “Now, go bust a cherry.” TJ rolled his eyes then shook his head as AJ laughed walking away towards Vanessa.

TJ shoved the condoms in his pocket as he walked back to Audrey. “Ready Audrey?” He took her hand in his. She smiled then nodded. They waved goodbye to the rest of the group and went on their own. CJ walked up next to AJ as he took a quick glance at TJ and Audrey going a different direction.

“I hope she bust his cherry.”

“That’s the plan my dear brother. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when we get back.” They both laughed.

“I hope that she can walk for the rest of the trip.” CJ smirked.

“Yeah well I told him to be gentle with her. After all, it’s her first time too.” They both looked at each other and an evil smile curled up on the corners of their mouths.

Purple watched the brothers, not liking the mischievous looks on their faces. “Hey guys.” She jogged up to AJ and CJ with Vanessa trailing behind her. “What are you guys talking about?”

“Cherries.” He put his arm over Purple’s shoulder squeezing lovingly.

“Ohhh I love cherries.”

“Me too angel eyes. Me too.” Vanessa rolled her eyes as she watched AJ smirk in amusement. She was walking alongside of AJ, but was pulled into his side with him planting a kiss on her head.

They reached a gorgeous waterfall and immediately dropped their bags as well as their clothing. All the girls wore a bikini, including Purple making CJ’s eyes open wide and a hard on appear. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he inhaled and exhaled closing his eyelids shielding is vision from the beauty standing before him.


THIS GIRL IS GONNA BE THE DEATH OF ME! Why did she have to wear a bikini and one that matches the color of her eyes. I’m fuckin dying here. I don’t know how much longer I can control myself. I want her so damn bad! I hope that water is freezing cause Mr. Big Stuff wants immediate access into that awesome ....tight...warmth fuck, I’m getting in the water!


Hahaha I got him all riled up. I noticed his boner, but pretended I didn’t see anything. I know he wants me bad, but little does he know, I want him just as bad. I mean, shit did you see his eight pack abs? Those muscular arms and legs. Those big shoulders and strong back. Oh shit, I need to cool off. I’m getting in the water.

Everyone was in the water playing and laughing. Until Vanessa and Stacey decided it was time to leave an explore other areas with their boyfriends leaving CJ and Purple behind to spend alone time together. CJ swam up to Purple grabbing her by her waist and pushing her back up against his chest.

“You look really good in that bikini angel eyes.” He whispered in her ear then kissed it.

“I do?” She asked playfully.

“Oh yeah.” He spun her around to face him. “Seeing you in that bikini is putting my body in heat and Mr. Big Stuff wants to play with your tight stuff.” He lightly bit her neck.

“Mr. Big Stuff?” Her eyebrows went up in amused question. CJ’s hands slid down to her butt, then slid to her inner thighs lifting her so that she’s straddling him. Purple bit her lower lip when she felt who exactly Mr. Big Stuff was. “Ohhhh.” CJ smirked as he rubbed his hard on against her shielded core. She tightened her legs around his hips giving them more friction. CJ’s breathing became heavy, his eyes full of lust and the heat between them was soaring higher. Purple didn’t notice that CJ had been moving them towards the edge of the water until her back was against a rock. CJ’s feet could reach the ground which made it easier for him to take control. His mouth crashed into hers, devouring, tasting every inch. Purple didn’t falter. She gave CJ back that same hungry sensation making them both moan.

“Fuck!” He broke the kiss to catch his breath, their lips still touching. “I want you so bad babe.” His hands slid up and down her sides until they cupped both of her breasts. He was trailing small kisses from her jawline, down her neck then to her breasts. He licked and sucked over the fabric that covered her nipple. Purple took in a deep breath as her fingers tangled in his wet hair. “Baby please....I want you so bad.”

“CJ I want you too, but we can’t here. People can show up at any time.”

“Let’s go somewhere else then.”

“Where? I share a room with Vanessa and you share with your brothers.”

“I can try to rent another room.”

“How? Everything is booked.”

“If I find a way, will you let me love you the way that I want to love you?” He stared into her eyes holding her face in his hand as his thumb gently caressed her cheekbone. Purple leaned in touching his lips with her own. Her eyes full of need and want just like his. She nodded before opening her mouth giving CJ full access. “Let’s go.”

They got out of the water drying themselves off then dressing. CJ held Purple’s hand as they made their way back to the hotel.


OMG IS THIS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN? I’m so nervous. I have butterflies fluttering crazily in my stomach and don’t get me started on the blushing. I’m sure my face is as red as a tomato right now. I’m so nervous, but I want CJ just as much as he wants me. Thank God my mom put me on the pill, but I hope he has condoms. We will be double protected which means Fort Knox protection. Is he nervous? He already has plenty of experience, but I wonder if it will be...different? I don’t know how to explain it, but I hope that you know what I mean.


Every time that I look at her, I can see her face blushing more and more. She’s obviously nervous with it being her first time and all. Is she having second thoughts? Will she not want me? She’s on the pill, that I know for sure and I brought condoms. That’s right, we’re talking Fort Knox protection. Neither one of us is ready to be a parent. I’m crazy about her...Shit! Her mom! I better hide!

“Purple honey where have you been? And where is your sister?”

“Oh hey mom.” She looked over her shoulder to see CJ sitting on one of the hotels lounge chairs holding a magazine covering his face. “We were at the waterfalls. My gosh it’s so gorgeous.”

“Well that sounds wonderful, but where is your sister?”

“She’s with Vanessa and Audrey still exploring. I decided to come back, shower and hopefully find you to get something to eat.”


I felt bad lying to my mom, but I couldn’t tell her the truth. I mean really, could you just imagine how she would’ve taken the news? What was I suppose to say? Oh hey mom, CJ is here and we were on our way to my room so that he can pop my cherry. The woman would surely catch a heart attack. So I had to improvise.

“So mom what do you say? Dinner in like 30 minutes?”

“Yes dinner in 30!”

Maggie walked Purple to her room then retreated to her own to get ready. As Purple turned on the water she heard a knock on the door. She hurriedly went knowing it will be CJ. When she opened the door, CJ came in.

“That was a close one.” He sat on her bed.

“I’m sorry CJ.” She walked over to him standing between his legs.

“Hey it’s ok babe.” He grabbed both of her hands then kissing them. “We have plenty of time and I don’t want you to feel rushed or that you have to ok.”

“I don’t....” He got up cupping her face kissing her forehead, nose then lips.

“Go get ready. You’re mom will be here in 25 minutes. I’ll come later tonight to see you.”

“Ok.” She smiled. CJ left as Purple quickly showered and dressed. She wore white shorts, a purple tank top and silver sandals. She brushed her long black hair then tied it up in a messy bun. As soon as she finished applying her lip gloss, Maggie knocked on the door. Purple opened it and smiled at her mom. She looked like a teenager with her khaki shorts and white top and matching white sandals. Her long brown hair was a thick braid to the side. They walked arm in arm and headed to the restaurant. After they were seated, a waitress came over and took their orders.

“How are you enjoying Jamaica so far?”

“I love it.” Purple sipped her water. “The girls and I went hiking to the waterfall and swam...Oh and the beach was awesome!”

“I’m so happy that you girls are having fun.” She squeezed Purple’s hand. “I wonder when the girls are getting back. It’s dinner time and they should be hungry.” She took out her cell phone and dialed Stacey’s number. “Oh hey Stace, are you on your way?”

“We’re on our way back right now mom. We’re all starving.”

“Purple and I are at the hotel’s restaurant. We wait for you girls to get here so we can order, so get here soon.”

“We’re about five minutes away.”

“Ok, see you soon.”


“Alright guys, this is where we part.” DJ pulled her close and kissed her lips gently.

“See you later my love.”

AJ pouted his lips, “Come here baby.” Vanessa walked into his opened arms. “I’ll see you later tonight.”

“Ok.” She smiled up at him. The guys watched as both the girls disappeared into the hotels restaurant.

“Shit, I hope they have an excuse ready for Audrey.”

“I’m sure that they do. Our girls are experts in cover ups.” DJ clapped AJ’s shoulder. “Now we need to get cleaned up and get food cause I’m starving.”


The small hut that TJ rented by the beach couldn’t keep the sounds of first time lovemaking within it’s straw walls.

“Are you... ok Audrey?” His words breathless.

“Yeah..Yeah...I...I’m o..k.” Her nails raked his back as he proceeded to slowly thrust into her. Audrey’s head rolled back exposing her neck which TJ’s lips immediately began kissing and licking.

“Damn feel so good.” Once she had adjusted to his size, he began thrusting harder feeling her walls clamp on his long hardness. Audrey bit her bottom lip, but couldn’t hold back her orgasm any longer. The moans and groans that they couldn’t contain bursts out in pure ecstasy. TJ collapsed on top of her catching his breath as her hands came up to rest on his upper back. TJ kissed her jawline, her cheek, then her parted breathless lips. He rolled off of her pulling her against his side. He kissed the top of her sweaty head with a smile spread across his face. “That was amazing.”

“It was.” She couldn’t help but smile. They both felt happy and fulfilled. “I love you TJ.” She looked up to meet his gaze upon her. “I really do.”

“I love you too Audrey.” He smiled, then rolled on top of her again. “And I’m gonna show you how much I love you again...and again...and again.” Audrey giggled as their lovemaking became round two of five.


Stacey and Vanessa approached Maggie and Purple who were engrossed in their conversation to notice them walking towards their table.

“Hey!” Vanessa cheerfully greeted as she took a seat.” Stacey gave her mother a kiss on the head before taking the empty chair beside her.

“Where’s Audrey?” She asked concerned as she looked around.

Vanessa took a hot slice of bread from the basket, smothering it with butter. “She’s back in our room sleeping...”

“She ate some spicy food and let’s just say it didn’t agree with her.”

“Awww poor sweet Audrey. I’ll stop by later to check in on her.”

“Maybe you should check on her tomorrow mom,” Purple interjected. “She should be feeling better by then.”

“Yeah, I left her a few bottled waters to help her out.” Stacey and Purple nodded in agreement.

“Very well then.” The waitress brought the menus as Maggie asked her to hold off their order due to that they were expecting three more people that turned out to be two. Vanessa and Stacey ordered and waited anxiously for their food to arrive. After the waitress returned with all of their orders, all four ladies enjoyed their dinners and chatted among themselves.


When AJ and DJ walked into their room, CJ was sitting at the table stuffing his face. To their delight he ordered twelve burgers, four orders of large fries, two six packs of sodas, eight large bags of different chips and candies. CJ was already on his second bag of chips and third can of soda when AJ and DJ started digging in. About twenty minutes later, TJ walked in with the biggest smile he ever had.

AJ had his mouth full when he spoke. “Look at him...he’s glowing!”

“That’s the face of sexual satisfaction.” DJ gave TJ the thumbs up. “I could see the hearts in his eyes.” TJ walked into the room, his eyes quickly fixating on the food. He quickly ran to a seat and shoving a burger in his mouth. “Ah yes. He need to restore his energy.”

CJ popped a few chips in his mouth as he looked at TJ. “Look how he’s shoving those fries in his mouth!”

“Hahaha damn he’s hungry.” AJ quickly took a seat next to TJ. Both CJ and DJ looked at each other then ran to take the other two seats. TJ finally moved his gaze to his three brothers who were smirking at him with their arms crossed over their chests.

“What?” He said with his mouth full then downing a can of soda to wash his food down.

DJ smirked. “Sooo how did it go?”

“Guys really? I’m not telling you jerks anything.” He grabbed a few more fries eating it.

AJ threw his head back in annoyance. “Oh come on TJ. We’ve been waiting for this moment...”

CJ nodded in agreement. “Yeah, the moment you’re cherry finally popped....”

“And you finally know what pussy feels like.” DJ teased making TJ roll his eyes. He stood up removing his shirt then grabbed a towel and headed toward the shower.

“Nice scratches on your back TJ. I hope it doesn’t scar for life.” CJ pointed out as TJ entered the bathroom, but before he closed the door he wiggled his eyebrows and smirked. The guys laughed and high fived each other.

“Our brother has finally joined the sex world.” AJ pretended to wipe tears from his eyes.

“I’m so proud of him.” CJ said with a sad voice as he pretended to wipe away tears as well.

DJ grabbed another burger, taking a huge bite. “I think that we should celebrate TJ’s long lost cherry.”

“Yeah, when he gets out, let’s beat the shit out of him with our pillows.” AJ suggested excitedly.

Both DJ and CJ screamed out, “Yeah!”


Purple brought food for Audrey for when she arrives any time soon. Vanessa and Stacey waited excitedly on the beds dying to know how it went down. As soon as Audrey walked in, the girls squealed with excitement as they clapped.

“Did you do it?!” Vanessa whispered yelled excitedly. “Well?” Audrey blushed profusely as a smile spread across her swollen lips. Looking down to the floor with her hands clasped behind her back, she slowly nodded. All three girls squealed in excitement again. Stacey jumped up and down on the bed as Vanessa grabbed Audrey sitting her on the other bed waiting for her to tell them something, anything that happened. “So how was it? I mean, did you guys quickly removed your clothes, or did it happen slowly?”

“Were you kissing the whole time?” Stacey jumped in with her own question.

“Did you grab his dick?”

“Oh my God Vanessa, she did not grab his dick. This is Audrey we’re talking about here.” Stacey turned to Audrey who was still blushing and biting her lip at the memory. “I bet it was nice and slow.”

“It was nice and slow. He was so gentle. The perfect gentleman.” She smiled at the memory as she still felt the throb between her legs.

Purple bit her lower lip as she sat next to Audrey. “Did...did it...hurt?”

“At first it did, but once I relaxed and let him continue, it felt really good.”

“Oh yeah, it feels real good.” Vanessa smirked.

Stacey rolled her eyes at Vanessa, then turned her attention back at Audrey. “We’re you scared?”

“Oh yes!” Her eyes went big. “He...he’s...huge.” She couldn’t stop blushing. “All I kept thinking was, how was he going to get that thing inside of me without ripping me in half.” They all laughed. “So enough about me cause I’m not sharing anything more.” She turned to Purple. “How about you? Have you decided that CJ is the one?”

“I want to believe me I do, but something always happens to stop us from going all the way.”

Vanessa furrowed her eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

Stacey too looked at Purple. “Yeah, what do you mean?”

“Well after you guys left the waterfalls, CJ and I stood behind and our kissing became hot and heavy and I decided that it was time. So as we headed back to the hotel, CJ spotted mom and we had to go our separate ways.”

“I know that feeling.” Stacey rolled her eyes. “Mom could be such a cock blocker.”

“Tell me about it.” The girls laughed. Audrey stood up grabbing her pajamas then a towel. She headed to the bathroom as the girls chatted among themselves.


I really thought that today was going to be the day that CJ and I finally make love, but like Stacey said, mom is a cock blocker. But at least CJ respects me enough to wait when I’m truly ready.

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