You're Too Much

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Hey my favorite readers. How are you? I’m doing awesome being in Jamaica with my girl and all. Our vacation is almost over which really sucks ass cause I’m having such a great time. I mean, I get to see Purple in her bikini and dare I say, I have jerked off a few times each day. Also, I’m so proud that my brother TJ finally got his pickle tickled. Now AJ and I can play pranks on him when he has sex. This is gonna be fun! Anywho, my brother’s have a fun day planned with the girls tomorrow so talk to you soon.

“Hey girls?” Maggie knocked on their door. Purple dragged her feet to open the door. “Good morning sweety. Sorry for waking you up so early, but I just wanted to leave you and the girls this credit card for food and to pay for whatever adventure you may have planned.” Purple took the card as she yawned. “The limit is $4,000 so have fun.” She smiled then left. Purple closed the door and tossed the credit card on the small nightstand table by her bed. She then went under the covers and went back to sleep.

Knock, Knock

Purple groaned unhappily as she threw the cover off of her. She turned to look at Vanessa who was knocked out. As she passed the conjoined doors left opened that lead into Stacey’s room, they too were knocked out. Purple groaned again and went to her door. She just opened the door thinking it was her mother again.

“Ugh mom what is it now?” She asked while her eyes were closed.

“I prefer if you call me daddy.” She peeked with one eye, then turned around and went back to bed with CJ following close behind her. The rest of the guys came in heading for their girls. AJ quickly spooned Vanessa who moaned when he pulled her against him. He nuzzled his nose into the croak of her neck making her giggle. TJ and Audrey were cuddling in bed whispering to each other while DJ tickled Stacey who was out of breath from laughing so much. CJ laid right on top of Purple hearing her groaning. “Angel eyesss.” He sang out.

“Mmmm, what?” She whined. “CJ get off me.” She tried to turn, but couldn’t as he was too heavy to move.

“I love it when you moan.”

“It’s too early to be perverted.” CJ got up only to lay on top of her again, but this time under the cover. Their skins touching made her feel tingles as his hand glided up her sides to finally rest under her arms. He began kissing her neck as his hand grabbed one of her boobs. “CJ!” She whispered yell with her eyes wide open staring at him.

“These babies are mine.” His voice muffled from kissing her neck as he gently squeezed and caressed her breast.



“What?” We’re under the covers.” She hit him with the pillow across the head. “Heyyyy!”

“We’re not alone you stupid ass!” Vanessa got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom to wash up. “You’re an asshole.”

“But babe, I wanted to be in your asshole.” She gave him a stern look of disgust then slammed the door of the bathroom shut.

“Only you AJ.” TJ laughed as he sat on the bed next to AJ.

“What? I was just trying to be spontaneous.” He laughed as he scratched the back of his neck.

“She should have slapped you instead of going soft with the pillow.”

AJ rolled his eyes at TJ. “Where’s Audrey?”

“In the shower.” She jumped into the other shower.

AJ clapped his brothers back. “You should join her dude.” TJ just rolled his eyes and shook his head. His eyes then fell on CJ who was already underneath the covers that Purple held in place to keep him hidden.

“Would you like to be left alone?” TJ asked when CJ popped out from underneath the blanket with a smirk on his face nodding his head. Vanessa came out of the bathroom dressed and followed TJ and AJ out to the adjoining room. She winked at CJ and closed the door. CJ quickly got up and locked it then ran back into bed with Purple.

“Oh no you don’t CJ.”

“What?” He sang out innocently.

“Don’t what me.” She pushed him off of her and stood up heading towards the bathroom. “I’m going to shower. You go unlock the door and stop being perverted.”

“Fine!” He grunted. Then blew her a kiss and winked. She giggled and went to shower. CJ opened the conjoined door to see that all the girls were dressed and ready to leave for breakfast.

AJ shook his head in disappointment, “Well that was quick.” He mocked.

“Says the guy who had his dick out and shut down.” CJ pointed out.

“At least I got my dick out. When was the last time yours was out besides pissing and showering?” He challenged.

“It was out when I jerked off.”

“Touche!” All the guys laughed while the girls said their ewws. Purple was done and dressed in fifteen minutes. They all went down to have breakfast together. They all laughed as they stuffed their faces talking about their upcoming adventure ahead.

DJ looked through the list of adventures. “So the first thing that we’re doing is the zip lining...”

TJ added “Then the obstacle course on the treetops....”

“Then scuba diving in the caves....” AJ said excitedly.

“Then watch the fire dance show at dinner time.” CJ drank his juice.

Stacey held a forkful of pancake close to her mouth, “You guys have it all planned out huh?” They all nodded in unison.

It was an amazing and adventurous day. They all ziplined by the mountains screaming, then it took four hours to complete the treetops obstacle, then lunch, then scuba diving in the caves, then they all went to their respective hotel rooms, showered and dressed up for the fire dance show. It was late in the evening when the guys walked the girls back to their room and chilled with them for another hour.

Audrey swung her and TJ’s intertwined hand as they made it to their hotel door. “It’s so sad that we’re leaving back home tomorrow.”

“I know, but we can always plan a trip all together, or....” DJ grabbed Stacey by the waist. “Just you and me.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

Stacey wrapped her hands around DJ’s neck. “Now that sounds really good.”

“What? You don’t want us there?” AJ gasped as if insulted.

Vanessa rolled her eyes. “Geez AJ, give your brother a little breathing space.”

“Hey!” AJ pointed at her. “I know a better way for you to keep your mouth busy.” She gave him a cold glare that made him drop his finger and furrow his eyebrows. He walked up to her resting both his hands on top of her shoulders. “Babe what’s wrong?” He whispered. Her eyes were watery when she looked up at him. “Hold on.” He said gently. “Hey, can you guys give us some privacy please?” His concern was showing on his face which made no one question or joke about it. They all left for Audrey and Stacey’s room. Once alone, AJ took Vanessa by the hand and guided her to the bed. He gently stroked her face. “What’s wrong baby?”

“AJ...I..” She took in a shaky breath and cleared her throat. “I think I’m pregnant.” He didn’t say anything for a few seconds, a few seconds that took very long that made her worry.

“AJ say something....please.”

“Are you...umm...sure?” He held her hand..

“I said I think AJ.” Her voice was a little more harsh than she intended. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s ok.” He cleared his throat. “What makes you think that we’re pregnant?” She smiled then kissed his cheek when he mentioned we’re. She knew that he wouldn’t abandon her. He will stand beside her.

“I haven’t gotten my period for a month and my breasts are slightly bigger. My nipples are also darker. That happened to my mom when she was pregnant with my little brother Jace.”

“Please don’t get mad or think I’m just trying to cop a field, but can I see? Please?” She nodded and picked up her shirt as he unclipped her bra. She hissed as her heavy breast had no support. AJ examined her breast and gently touched it. Her nipples were darker. He then helped her adjust her bra and closed it. “Don’t tell anyone. When we get back home, you and I will do a pregnancy test ok.” Vanessa nodded, but then started crying. AJ quickly kneeled in front of her. “Heyyyy.” He said gently as his thumbs wiped away her tears. “I’m not gonna leave you...ever. If you’re pregnant with my child, I will be the best dad in the world. I will even wear the shirt that says best dad in the world or number one dad and I will get you the baby t-shirt that says mommy’s little monster.” When he saw her smile, he gently kissed her lips.

“You’re not mad?” Her eyes were full of hope.

“Mad? Me? Are you kidding? I will be proud to be your baby daddy.”

“I love you AJ.” She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. When they separated, AJ rested his forehead against hers.

“I love you too babe.” He then placed his hand on her belly, then kissed it. “If you’re really in there, I love you too.”

“You do realize that we didn’t even discuss other options right?”

“There is no other option babe. If you’re pregnant, we’re keeping our baby. No adoption, no abortion.”

“I agree with you.” She finally smiled again. “You do know that I will be like six months pregnant during prom right? Are you sure you want to be seen with a fat pregnant lady?”

“One you won’t be fat. And two, If anyone asks, we’re taking our kid out dancing.” Shortly after, they heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Purple peeked in before walking slowly into the room.

“Is everything alright?” Her question is full of concern.

“Yeah..yeah everything is good.” She answered as she and AJ looked at each other.

“Get some sleep. It’s late. ” AJ stood up kissing her forehead then her lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She whispered.

“Come on guys it’s late and the girls gotta be up early tomorrow to catch their flight.” AJ practically pushed his brothers out of the room. After the guys left, the girls changed into their pajamas, brushed their teeth and went to bed. Vanessa slept worried free.

Maggie knocked on the door pulling her suitcase behind her. Vanessa and Purple came out to walk behind her and Audrey and Stacey followed behind. They had a quick breakfast then headed to the airport. Once on the plane, everyone grabbed their seats. As Purple was about to sit down, she saw all four brothers wearing shades and hats sitting at the back row. She smiled, shaking her head. CJ pulled down his glasses just to wink at her. Purple smirked and grabbed her seat putting her headphones into her ears to hear music. Once in the air, she took out her phone to read the story Traded on Wattpad. Stacey enjoyed watching Sims series as did Audrey. Vanessa took her book out and began writing. The guys were passed out through the whole flight back home. Maggie looked really relaxed and finally gave in to sleep.


Maggie dropped off Audrey and Vanessa at their houses before heading to her own home. The three ladies left their luggage in the foyer and just went up to their rooms. Purple plopped on her bed hugging her soft pillow that she missed so much falling asleep. Stacey cuddled under her blanket and passed out immediately as did Maggie.

AJ grabbed the keys to the car and left back outside. Once in the driver’s seat, CJ jumped in the passenger seat.

“Where to?”

“Get the fuck out CJ. I have to get something personal.”

“Personal? Now I’m really going with you. Better hurry before TJ and DJ jump in.” AJ rolled his eyes and drove off. Once at the pharmacy, AJ headed towards the pharmacist to ask for two pregnancy tests. CJ’s eyes opened wide in question. “What the fuck?”

“You can’t tell anyone CJ. I’m trusting you with this. Don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t say anything bro. I got your back.”

“I’m going to her house later tonight so that she can take the test. I need to know if I’m going to be a father.”

“If you guys are pregnant, you’re keeping it?”

“Fuck yeah. That’s my kid and I won’t abandon Vanessa. Ever.”

“Are you sure you’re ready to be a dad?”

“If Vanessa is pregnant, I have to get ready cause my child will arrive whether I’m ready or not.”

“Whatever the outcome, will you please let me know?”

“If she’s pregnant, she and I will have to tell our parents and to tell you the truth. Mom scares the shit out of me.”

“Well duh.” He rolled his eyes. “You’re making her a grandmother before she’s ready.”

“I suppose.” He paid for the pregnancy test and they both headed back. AJ dropped CJ off at the house then proceeded to Vanessa’s. He texted her that he was in the car. Vanessa texted him to come in through the kitchen door. AJ did as he was told and followed Vanessa to her room. He gave her the pregnancy test and she went into her bathroom. Once done, she came out to sit on the bed with him. “So are you pregnant?”

“We have to wait five minutes, AJ.” They held hands until the timer on her phone went off. She swallowed, then went into the bathroom and came out with the results. She looked at AJ.


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