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You're Too Much

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So let me catch you up to speed as I get dressed. Purple and I hated each other for many years due to a misunderstanding on my part. Yes I just admitted that I was wrong. She was right, I was wrong. Then we talked it out, we became friends, I comforted her during lightning storms and I farted on her. And may I remind all you readers, she took one for the team and I admire her for that. Hmmm, oh yeah, I purposely ruined all of her dates. I’m not sure If I want to confess to her about that though. So yeah, Dufus tried to make my angel eyes his and of course I had to intervene. Called him a worm dick cause he is one. My brother AJ knocked up Vanessa and we all went to prom regardless of her protruding belly. That dipshit also was valedictorian which surprised everybody, including our parents. After graduation, AJ and Vanessa got married and they moved into their own house. Three months later, she gave birth to twin girls. TJ and Audrey left to a University and are visiting here today along with DJ and Stacey to celebrate today’s big day. Oh by the way. Stacey is pregnant. She has a cute baby bump. As soon as DJ found out that she was pregnant, they went to City Hall the next day and got married. DJ and Stacey live across the street from AJ and Vanessa. It’s always hard to get the top button on and I hate messing with ties that’s why I have this clip on. Anywho, I made Purple my girl, gave her multiple orgasms, and we made love for the first time, every time. With her, it’s always like the first time. Yeah, yeah I’ve had girls that I banged, but I never made love to them. Purple is the first girl, no woman that I have made love to. Shit! I’m in fucking love with her. My enemy became my best friend, then my girlfriend, then my lover and in an hour...my wife. So I best stop talking to you guys and finish getting ready. I have a purple eye vixen to make an honest woman of.


“Turn around Purple so that I can zip you up.” Purple turned around as Stacey instructed, facing the head to toe mirror and just loved how her wedding dress looked. She recalled when she and the girls went dress shopping. Vanessa kept calling AJ to find out if her precious babies were doing well in their father’s care. Stacey rolled her eyes, but she knew deep down that she will be doing the same when she leaves her bundle or bundles of joy with DJ.

“You look so beautiful Purple.” Audrey said excitedly.

“Thank you Audrey. I’m just happy that you and TJ were able to make it.”

“There was no way TJ and I would’ve missed the gorgeous Purple marry the sneaky CJ.”

“It’s so crazy to believe that you’re marrying CJ after how much you guys hated each other for so many years.” Vanessa said laughing. Maggie walked in and as soon as her eyes landed on Purple, her eyes became teary. Soon she was balling tears.

“Mom!” Stacey yelled. “Stop crying. You’re going to make us all cry.”

“Oh shut up Stacey.” She walked up to her pregnant daughter and rubbed her baby bump. “Are you ready sweetheart?” Purple turned, took a deep breath and smiled.

“Let’s get me married.” All the ladies left the room and headed downstairs towards the limo that awaited them to take them to the beach. CJ and Purple wanted a beach wedding during sunset. When they all arrived, the ceremony began. Purple put her arm within Maggie’s arm and let her lead her down the sandy walkway. Her bright eyes landed on a waiting CJ who sported a grin that reached his ears. His eyes were glassy as he started shifting from one foot to the other. When Purple finally reached him, CJ quickly took her dainty hands in his much bigger ones, kissing the palm of her hands before turning her hands over and kissed each one of her knuckles. The minister began speaking and they finally exchanged rings, then kissing as the finality. The minister introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Chiang. Everyone cheered and congratulated them on their new lives together.

At the reception, everyone danced, took pictures and reminisced on how fast time has passed. AJ was feeding one of his daughters, Lucy while Vanessa fed Lana. MJ and JJ, the giddy grandparents finally took over the little girls which allowed AJ and Vanessa to share a dance together. DJ got Stacey a plate of food and even started feeding her, which she didn’t mind him spoiling her. Audrey and TJ danced most of the night together, but every once in a while, they would steal AJ and Vanessa’s babies to play with them.

“You look so beautiful tonight my gorgeous wife.” CJ kissed her cheek as they swayed to the slow song.

“Thank you. And you look extremely handsome, my husband.”

“I can’t wait for our honeymoon. I’m going balls deep.” She laughed at his bluntness and kissed his grinning lips.

“Try not to knock me up ok.”

“No promises babe. No promises.”


CJ shook his head with disappointment as he looked at his sons. “Honey? What the fuck do you have my sons wearing?”

“What? What’s wrong?” Purple asked as she wiped her hands with a kitchen hand towel.

“They’re wearing teddy bear shirts and a jumper.”

“So? What’s your point?”

“The point is that MY boys don’t wear teddy bear baby shit. I don’t want them to be the laughing stock on the playground.”

“Laughing stock? CJ, they’re three years old! They’re babies and don’t have a clue about fashion.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no.” He shook his head as he picked up Dominic and headed towards the nursery to change his clothes. He brought him back wearing blue jeans, a black t-shirt with a skull and converse on. He then picked up Jaxon and changed him as well to blue jeans, guns and roses t-shirt and Nike’s. “Now that’s better. Ready to go?” Purple just chuckled as she shook her head. At the park, they met up with AJ and Vanessa with their girls and Stacey and DJ with their four year old twins. Everyone greeted each other and cooed over each other’s children.

Purple watched her nieces in awe. “Wow, Lucy and Lana are so big!”

“Six years old already,” AJ said proudly. “My girls are total badasses.”

“Please, don’t remind me.” Vanessa rubbed her temples. “We were called to meet with their principal yesterday because they got into a fight with some other kids.”

“What?” DJ looked at his nieces. “My sweet nieces were...fighting?”

“Sweet my ass!” Vanessa said annoyed. “And AJ is no help.”

“Fuck that! No one messes with my girls.” AJ defended his daughters.

“Babe, we were supposed to have a discussion with them, but instead you took them to get ice cream as a reward.” AJ laughed and gave Vanessa a quick kiss on the cheek.

Lucy called her father as she sat on the still swing, “Daaaaddddyyyy.”

“Yes sweetheart?”

Lana spoke up, “Can you please push us?”

“Daaaaaddddyyyyy is coming to the rescue.” He ran over to his girls and pushed each one.

“He spoils them so much. Those girls get away with so much because they have their father wrapped around their little fingers and they know it.” She shook her head. Everyone laughed at her frustration.

Stacey looked at her nephews, “Ummm Purple?” Purple looked at her with an eyebrow up in question. “What happened to the cute teddy bear shirts and jumper you bought the other day?”

Purple shook her head then sighed, “Ugh...CJ...”

"MY boys aren’t wearing no teddy bear baby shit. They’re boys! They wear cool clothes.”

“You see Stacey? I told you that CJ won’t go for that shit.” DJ turned to CJ. “I refuse to allow my son Grayson to wear that baby cutesy stuff too. Harley is a girl, so it’s ok for her to wear cute things. Not my boy.”

All the women rolled their eyes. Just then Grayson came up to DJ, grabbing his hand and pulling him to the sandbox. DJ obliged his son and got dirty as they built bucket castles. Soon CJ and his boys sat in the sandbox with DJ and Grayson having a full out war.

Purple leaned her elbows against the picnic table, “When does Audrey and TJ return from their honeymoon?”

Vanessa looked at Purple, “I think in two days.”

“I gotta get home. My two boys need a bath.” Stacey pointed at Grayson and his dad DJ. “Mommy’s little Princess always manages to stay clean, right Harley?”

“Right mommy.” She gave her a little thumbs up. Stacey picked her up and hugged her baby girl. “DJ! Grayson! We have to go.”


Purple hung up the phone angrily and went in search of her sons, “Dominic and Jaxon Chiang!”

Dominic’s eyes opened wide, “Ah shit! Mom just called us by our first and last names.”

“We’re in big trouble.” Just then Purple barged in on them in the basement where CJ had set up a game room for them complete with pool table, 70 inch screen TV, Xbox, PlayStation 5, air hockey table plus a fridge with soft drinks and a cabinet full of snacks for them and their guests.

“You fuckers better start explaining to me why Principal Jones just called me and informed me that you two flooded the library!”

“What?” Jaxon painted the most innocent look on his face that he could muster.

Dominic started speaking, “Mom, we weren’t anywhere near.....”

“Save it dipshit! You both were caught on surveillance cameras.” She rubbed her neck. “You know what?” She put her hands up in surrender. “I’m going to let your father handle this. I have to take your sister to her dance class.”

Both Dominic and Jaxon, “Ohhhh fuuuuucccckkkkk.”


“AJ what the hell are you doing? And where are you going dressed like that?”

“I’m going to follow Lucy on her date.”

“AJ please don’t embarrass our daughter.”

“I’ll be out of sight.”

“You’ll be out of sight alright cause you’re not going to spy on her like you did to Lana.”

“But baaaaabe.” He pouted. “I just want to make sure that her date keeps his hands to himself and don’t touch anything that he shouldn’t.”

“AJ! You will NOT. You need to trust our daughter’s judgment and trust that she will make the right decisions.”

“I do trust our daughter’s judgment and her decisions. It’s his that I don’t!”

“Ugh!” Vanessa already knew that there was no stopping her idiot husband.


“I love when we paint each other’s nails, mommy.”

“Me too Harley and you have such great taste in colors.”

“Can I paint a design? Like a flower?”

“Of course darling. Paint away. I love your art.”

“Do you really love my art?”

“Of course baby girl.” She smiled as she gently brushed her knuckles on her daughter’s cheek. “Do you want me to do your hair after our nails dry?”

“Yes!” She squealed with excitement.

DJ walked into the garage looking for his son, “Grayson.”

“Yeah dad?”

“Play that piece you were talking about that you wrote.”

“Alright dad.” He grabbed his guitar and began playing. When he was done he looked at his father for his approval.

“Very good son. Very good.”


“How did Eli’s checkup go?” TJ asked as he took a seat on his side of the bed.

“Very well. The doctor said he’s as healthy as an ox.” She laughed softly as she spread lotion along her arms.

“Where is he?”

“He’s sleeping.” She placed her lotion on the side table drawer.

“I can’t believe our boy is six years old already.”

“Me either.” She smiled at him then kissed his cheek. As she pulled away, TJ grabbed her, pushing her back down against the mattress.

“We always talked about having another baby.” He placed feather kisses on her jawline as he positioned himself on top of her. “We can try and make another baby. It will be fun and satisfying. I promise.”

“You really want to try for another baby?” She searched his eyes for an affirmation.

“Oh yes.” He removed her t-shirt exposing her breast to his view. “I hope we make a little girl this time.”

“Even if we have another boy, we will still love him.”

“Of course my love. Of course.”


Everyone waited at the hospital waiting area patiently as TJ assisted Audrey during the birth of their child. All the kids were home since they were old enough to stay by themselves and watch the younger ones like Eli and Bethany. CJ ordered five boxes of pizza and five buckets of chicken for them to eat. He knew his boys could eat a lot. He just hoped that they didn’t forget to feed their sister Bethany. But what was he worried about? His baby girl can handle herself. She’s no pushover, but he’ll call her to make sure that she ate. Since AJ’s girls were the oldest, they were left in charge.

“Hey Eli.” Lucy served him a slice and some chicken as Lana poured him a cup of juice. “Are you excited about your new baby brother or sister?”

“I am. I promised mommy and daddy that I will help them.”

Bethany sighed at Eli, “You are so lucky that you’re the big brother. My brother’s are horrible.”

Dominic looked at her offended, “Hey! That’s not nice.”

“We treat you like the princess that you are.” Jaxon mussed her hair as she swatted his hands away. Dominic kept giving her kisses on the head. Bethany did her best to fight off both of her brother’s, but they kept torturing her with sibling affection.

Grayson grabbed a paper plate and handed it over to Lucy, “I want three slices and four chickens.”

Harley shook her head at her brother, “You’re such a glutton Gray. Mom can’t believe that you’re so skinny with all the food that you eat.”

“It’s called a fast metabolism Harley.” He stuck out his tongue at her.

Eli rubbed his eyes, “Lana, Lucy. I’m tired. Can I go to bed already?”

Lana smiled down at her little cousin, “Of course sweety. Come on. Let’s go wash your hands and face then change into your pajamas ok.”

“Ok.” He took her hand and let her lead the way.

Lucy, Grayson, Harley, Dominic cleaned up the kitchen and table as Jaxon made sure that Bethany was all cleaned up and put her to bed. Afterwards, the remaining older kids all watched a funny movie on Netflix until they all passed out.


TJ came out wearing scrubs from head to toe as happy tears streamed down his face. As he found his family, they all jumped up from their seats waiting to hear the news.

“Well? Do we have a niece or nephew?” DJ asked excitedly.

“You have a niece.” TJ cried. “You have three nieces. Audrey just gave birth to triplets!”

Everyone shouted in unison, “OH SHIT!!!”

“What the actual fuck?! I swear the sperm count in our family genes are ridiculous” JJ said and MJ shook her head.

CJ hugged his brother, “Did you guys know you were having triplets?” ′

“No. We knew about twins. The third one was a surprise.”

“Do you have names for them?” AJ asked.

“Yeah. Gemma, Miriam and Diana.”

“Hey, don’t worry about Eli,” Purple spoke softly to TJ. “He can stay over at our house.”

CJ nodded as he circled his arms around her waist, “Yeah, we’ll bring him home when Audrey is released.”

“We will come over and help out with the girls when Audrey is discharged.” JJ smiled happily.

“I will cook dinner and make sure that Eli is taken care of.” MJ hugged TJ.

“Actually, Audrey and I would like to know if you and dad can move in with us for the first few months to help us out. Audrey and I already set up a guest room.”

MJ and JJ smiled excitedly. “Of course we will.”

Stacey folded her arms over her chest, “Poor Audrey. She must be so exhausted.”

“Yeah, we will be over a lot to take care of the girls while you and Audrey catch up on sleep ok.” Vanessa offered help.

“Yeah, we’re here to help.” DJ stated.

“I’ll take Eli to school. He and Bethany can chat along the way.” CJ said since Eli was already sleeping over at his house.

“Thanks guys. Audrey and I really appreciate your help.”

“Can we see the babies and Audrey?” Vanessa asked.

“Yeah of course.” He motioned for them to follow him. As they entered the room, they saw the triplets in their bassinets and a very exhausted Audrey.

“Hey sweety.” Stacey leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“Heyyyy.” Audrey’s greeting was heavy and tiring. She could barely keep her eyes open.

“Guys, come tomorrow to visit. She’s really tired.”

DJ nodded in understanding, “Yeah, sure no problem.”

“Of course TJ.” Purple stretched. “It’s time to go home. It’s very late.”

“Yeah, I gotta take the kids to school in the morning.” They all hugged TJ, giving him hugs and saying their congratulations.

It was one exciting night with three new additions to the family.


So there you have it readers. My wife and I thank you for riding this journey with us.

I hope that you were being honest, CJ.

Of course I was babe. I told them how madly you have been in love with me since kindergarten and I couldn’t be bothered...Ouch!

Don’t listen to his nonsense readers. CJ has always been full of himself.

I could fill you up right now if you like. We can try for another baby.

Are you crazy CJ? Our boys are big and Bethany is still a baby. No thank you.

I’m only kidding Angel Eyes. Give me a kiss. Ok so this is it readers. I hope that you enjoyed our crazy story. Thanks for reading.


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