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Purple sat in her art class painting and Dewey sat next to her when the teacher made an exciting announcement. Mr. York clasped his hands together. “I have exciting news kids.” Dewey raised his eyebrows. “Do share please.” Mr. York rolled his eyes then began speaking. “Well I just received approval to send four of my best students on a three month internship to Paris.” Everyone gasped in excitement. Purple squealed. “Oh My God!”

“Yes I know right?! AND I’m not going to stall and just call out the names of the lucky students.” Everyone held their breath as they waited. “The four lucky students are Dewey Saxon, Jason Doyle, Shawn Dane and last but not least, Purple Rivera.”

They all cheered with excitement while others grunted in disappointment.

Mr. York:“Here are your permission slips for your parents to sign off. Once you bring me that, I will give you your plane tickets. The flight is for this Friday at 8am.”

Dewey turned to Purple. “Holy shit Purple, we’re going to have so much fun!”

“I know! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to go home and tell my mom.”

Jason leaned back on his chair clasping his hands behind his head. “Wow three whole months without parental supervision!” He and Shawn fist bumped each other.

“Uhh no dude. You will have supervision.” Mr. York busted Jason's happy bubble.

Shawn scowled. “Well damn!”

“Alright. After class pick up your packets that has all the information from where you will be staying, who your parents can contact should they have any questions or concerns and everything about the internship program. Congratulations and make me proud.”

Purple excitedly ran to Stacey yelling out her name. “Stacey! Stacey!”

Stacey turned with a fright thinking something had happened. “What is it?” She asked worriedly.

“I was one of the lucky students in my art class to be chosen to go to Paris on an internship!”

“OH MY GOD PURPLE! THAT’S SO FUCKIN EXCITING!” She held her by the shoulders.

“I know right?! I can’t wait to tell mom!” As the sisters chatted, DJ and his brothers walked up to the girls.

“Hey ," DJ approached them. "What’s all the excitement about?”

“I was chosen for my art internship in Paris!”

DJ's eyes popped open. “Oh Wow congrats Purple.”

“You must be an incredible artist to get that internship." TJ smiled at her. "You must show me your work sometime.”

“Ahhh Paris. The city of love.” AJ held is hand over his heart as his eyes fluttered as if he was in love.

DJ slapped AJ upside his head. “How long is the internship for?”

“Three months.”

Stacey eyebrows furrowed as she gave Purple her undivided attention. “Three months in Paris?!”

“Well yeah.” She said awkwardly.

CJ jumped in excitement. “YASS! Three months without you means vacation for me.”

Purple rolled her eyes at him. “I’m too happy to be bothered with you.”

“Glad you’re going. Having you around me is embarrassing. I don’t want you near me.” CJ stood right in front of her.

“I don’t know what makes you so stupid CJ, but it really works.” She didn’t back down.

“If I promise to miss you, will you go away?”

“Are your parents siblings?” She questioned.

“If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I’d fart.” He said sarcastically.

“Your asshole must be jealous from the amount of bullshit that comes out of your mouth.”

“Alright you two, that’s enough.” DJ stood in between them pushing them apart.

“Aww come on, let them continue. I find this very entertaining.” AJ pouted.

TJ was quick to changed the subject turning to Purple. “Well I’m very happy for you Purple. When do you leave?”

That question sparked CJ's attention. “Yes, when do you leave?”

Stacey eyes squinted at CJ. “Ignore him, but when do you leave?”

“Well once mom signs the permission slip, I will be leaving this Friday.”

“I’m sure she will sign it. It’s an incredible opportunity.” DJ smiled down at her.

CJ interjected with both of his palms facing out. “If your mom don’t sign it, I will be more than happy to forge her signature.”

Purple squinted her eyes at him. “I’m still too happy to be bothered with you. Let’s go home Stace, I want to share this news with mom.”

DJ pulled out his keys. “I’ll drive you both home.” Both sisters started walking towards his car when AJ called out for Purple.

“Hey Purple, before you leave, can you draw me like one of your French girls?”

Stacey shook her head.“When you sail the Titanic AJ.” They all laughed.


“Ok It’s me CJ here again. So I was super duper excited that that pint size bigmouth leprechaun was left for a whole three months. I had peace and quiet for the first time in my life since I’ve known her. But I must admit, it was too quiet. I actually miss the little shithead. I miss how her cute little nose will crinkle when she didn’t like the smell of something or disapprove...Uhh I mean all I have been doing for the last three months is banging the Color Girls. The most fun I’ve had is walking in on AJ and DJ as they got busy with their girlfriends and I did it on purpose. At least I didn’t see DJ’s business cause he had the common sense to have a blanket over them. AJ on the other hand had his ass and balls in plain view. It was quite disgusting, but I guess that’s what I get for being a dick and walking in on him. For some reason AJ and I have made it our business to walk in on each other during sex. One time I was smashing Tanya in the backseat of my car when AJ suddenly opened the door and threw a bucket of ice cold water on us. Then when he was banging Vanessa in our garage, I let in a raccoon. They both screamed like bitches and he screams louder. We laughed about it afterwards. I actually get along with the fucktard now. We’ve been hanging out a lot lately. Oh TJ finally grew some balls and asked Audrey out. They have been oogling and smooshing everyday. It’s fucking annoying. AJ and I are waiting for them to smash so that we can play a practical joke on them. It’s gonna be epic. He may hate us, but one day he will look back and laugh along with us. So back to that little troll shitface nerd. She got back last night which means the battle will begin once we see each other at school today. I’m ready for the snot nose geek!”

The four brothers were at their usual table outside of the school waiting for their girls. Audrey arrived first and was greeted by TJ with a big kiss.

“Aww look at them. Aren’t they adorable guys?” AJ sighed dreamily. DJ couldn't resist and joined his brother. “Extremely adorable.”

CJ crossed his arms over his muscular chest. “She need to pop his cherry.” Both AJ and DJ looked at each other then at CJ nodding in agreement. DJ stood up as he saw Stacey and Vanessa approaching.

“Hey babe.” DJ wrapped Stacey in his arms as he kissed her forehead. “Hi.” she wrapped her arms around his neck.

AJ wiggled his eyebrows at Vanessa. “Hey honey, I need your help with this growth I have in my pants...” He pointed at his bulge.

Vanessa rolled her eyes as she shook her head. “Geez AJ, give it a rest won’t you?”

“I can’t baby It’s like Seymour knows you’re here. He senses you.” AJ smirked making Vanessa giggle.

Audrey scrunched her eyebrows as she whispered to Vanessa. “Seymour?”

“He named his dick Seymour.”

AJ decided to provide Audrey with what he thought was a reasonable explanation. “Yup cause when my pants come off, she gets to....”

Vanessa punched his shoulder. “AJ please shut it.” She said rubbing her temples.

CJ looked around the premises before it fell on Stacey. “Did the creature from the black lagoon stay home today?”

Stacey crossed her arms over her well endowed chest. “Will you stop being a jerk for once please?”

“Absolutely not!” CJ deadpanned as if offended by her request.

Purple casually walked up to the group getting everyone's attention.

“It appears.” OMG she’s breathtaking and why did she have to wear that shirt?


“Ok, it’s sexy me again and I know what you’re thinking. So what if I thought about throwing her on the ground and making wild passionate love to her?....Oh wait, you weren’t thinking that? But shit can you blame me? I wanted to grab her and do explainable, naughty things to her. Purple did the one thing I thought she could never do...she gave me a hard on.”

DJ's eyes opened wide in surprise. “Wow Paris did you good girl.”

“Thank you DJ.” She smiled shyly.

AJ walked around her scanning her from head to toe. “Hey Purple like seriously, you’re ass is banging material.”

Vanessa slapped him upside his head. “Put your eyes back in your head AJ before I smack you with my book.”

Audrey couldn't help put gush and hug her friend. “Oh my gosh Purple! You look amazing and you’re so beautiful!”

Stacey couldn't agree more. “I know right?!”

“I had a wonderful time in Paris.”

“Obviously.” TJ nodded.

Vanessa took Purple's hands in hers. “I’m dying to hear all about it. I want to know everything that you did over there like did you meet any handsome French men.”

“Well.......” She bit her lower lip.

This conversation was not going how CJ expected to. “Well what? What the fuck did you do over there?” He asked angrily while his jaw clenched.


“I really didn’t mean to blurt that out. It’s just the thought of some dude with his hands all over her body got my blood boiling. Not that I care, I’m just saying....”

Purple gave him a what is your problem look. “What the fuck is your problem?” she crossed her arms.

AJ turned to TJ and whispered. “Well someone’s Spiderman underoos is twisted in the ass.”

Stacey also looked at him in question. “Chill CJ. What is your problem?”

“Nothing! I don’t have a problem.” He glared at Purple.


“Ok the fact that he got angry like that kind of made me excited, but that’s besides the point. He has no right to say anything to me. If I didn’t know better, it seemed that he was somewhat jealous.God he’s so annoying! Oh, and I noticed how he was looking at my boobs. I know for a fact that he likes this shirt. Every time I wear it, he stares at my boobs. I don’t do it on purpose. I have laundry to do and this was the only clean shirt I found.”


“SHE WORE THAT DAMN SHIRT ON PURPOSE! I feel like throwing her in the water fountain like I did back when our class went camping. It was so funny. She was so pissed at me, but hey it’s whatever.


“OMG, he has that look in his eyes again. He better not throw me in any kind of water. He did that shit to me once when our class went camping. He thinks he’s funny so I got back at him by tripping him on one of our nature walks. It was a steep hill and he just kept rolling and rolling and rolling, hitting every branch on his way down. By the time he reached the bottom, he had cuts and bruises from his legs up to his face. Bonus point for clothes getting dirty and ripped.”


“I put a snake in her tent. That shit was hysterical! I laughed so hard when she and her tent mate came out screaming. Purple tripped over a rock, hurting her toe and dove face first into a pile of bear shit. It was so fuckin awesome! Hahahahahaha!


“That jackass threw a snake in my tent. I ended breaking my big toe over a rock during my panic and went face first into a pile of bear shit. So that night he met with a very pissed off skunk that I lured into his tent with some cookies. When he went in, his zipper got stuck during his panic to get out and he was blessed with the worst odor ever. Hahahahaha.”


OMG! She got me back good. She somehow lured a skunk into my tent and well lets just say that it took two weeks to get that odor off of me and during the entire trip, everybody avoided me like the plague. I must admit, that was a good prank.

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