You're Too Much

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“I can’t wait to spend some alone time with Monique. She’s so fuckin hot!” Jason said excitedly.

Shawn nodded in agreement. “I know what you mean. I want to lay it on Angelique so hard.”

Dewey chuckled at both of his friends. “I’m happy that you guys are into the French girls. They are gorgeous .”

Jason leaned against the wall watching Dewey closely. “What about you and Purple?”

“What about her? We’re just friends.”

“She is beautiful. You need to hook up with that beauty before we return home.”

Shawn smiled and decided to let Dewey in on his plan. “Look, Jason and I will keep Monique and Angelique busy while you kidnap Purple and do your thing.”

“Guys. We’re just friends, but I’ll keep that in mind just for you.”


Dewey, Purple, Jason and Shawn shared their art class with Monique and Angelique. They all painted beautiful landscapes of various areas of France.

“Oh my these paintings are so gorgeous. I’m truly amazed and pleased.” Ms. Monet praised as she walked by each student.

“Thank you.” She heard in unison.

“I look forward to seeing what other paintings you will do during your three months here.” Ms. Monet said happily. “Class is over. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

“Hey Monique.” Jason walked up to her. “Instead of shopping, why don’t we go somewhere else.” She could see the eagerness in his eyes of wanting to spend time with her.

“Sure, no problem.” She called out to the girls. “Angelique, Purple. I will be spending the day with Jason. I will see you later oui?”

Angelique smirked with a nod at her dearest friend. “Oui.”

Shawn cleared his throat to get Angelique’s attention. “Angelique, why don’t oui get out of here too?”

“Oui, I know just the place.” She turned and smiled at Purple. “Shawn and I are going...elsewhere. Have fun Purple and Dewey.” Shawn let Angelique lead him to wherever this place was. Monique and Jason were gone out of sight.

“I guess it’s just you and me gorgeous.”

“I guess what do you want to do?”

“Let’s go back to the Eiffel Tower so that we can talk. Then later we can go to one of those cafe’s and eat. Sounds good?”

“Yes it does.” She said excitedly.


“Awww that is soooo romantic for just two friends.” Audrey said half dreamily.

Vanessa laughed through her nose. “It sounds like Jason and Shawn were taken very care of with French vagina.”

“Oh yes most definitely....and constantly!” Purple rolled her eyes at the memory.


“Cette etait incrovable.” Angelique said while lying naked next to Shawn making invisible circles on his bare chest.

“I don’t know what that means, but I hope it’s good.”

“Oh, oui.” She said seductively. “Sont toi pour un autre rond?”

“Damn that sounded sexy as fuck, but please translate.”

“I said are you ready for another round?”

“Oui baby, oui.”


Stacey laughed as she painted her nails. “Did Angelique tell you about her humping with Shawn?”

“She told me everything...I mean, she left nothing out...and every detail.”

All the girls squealed. “Please share!”

“Well for one she said he’s has a nice package and that he...uhm...taste good.”

“Well dayum!” Stacey laughed at the the thought of that awkward conversation.

“What about Monique and Jason?” Vanessa couldn’t help what happened between the other sex crazed couple.

“Yeah those two screwed everywhere, even as far as in the same room that Angelique and I shared with her.”

Audrey scrunched up her nose. “Hold up...Are you telling us that Monique and Jason fucked while you and Angelique were in the room?”

“Yup.” Purlpe popped the P.

Stacey’s jaw dropped at the information. “Wow, that girl is kinkier than her friend.”

“Yeah well, Angelique and I didn’t really get sleep that night cause we heard them go at it.” Her face blushed. “He was banging her hard.”

Audrey bit her lower lip feeling heat between her legs. “Well shit!”

Vanessa seemed to have read Audrey’s mind. “Kind of makes you wish that you and TJ...”

“Hush Vanessa. I’m not ready for that.” Her cheeks a crimson red.

“You mean you’re scared cause you heard the rumors.” Vanessa wiggled her eyebrows at Audrey making her feel more awkward than she already was.

Purple was lost in the rumor portion and waited to be informed. “What rumors?”

Stacey giggled singing out her answer. “That all the chiang boys have huge dicks.”

Purple’s eyes opened wide in surprise. “What?! So....the rumor...true?”

Vanessa and Stacey looked at each other with big smiles on their faces. “Oh yeah.”

Audrey bent her legs wrapping her arms around her knees. “If I wasn’t scared before, I’m terrified now.”

Purple bit her lower lip. “How do you....handle it?” Her voice barely a whisper.

Vanessa eyed her. “Well looks who’s curious.“she said laughing.

Stacey rolled her eyes and blew on her wet nails. “Stop worrying Pur and just get the D.”

“I’m not ready Stace.”

Vanessa took Purple’s hand in hers smiling at her. “When you fall in love, that’s when you will know that you’re ready.”

“That’s why my experience with DJ was beautiful and he was very gentle and caring.”

“When I hear you say that, it makes me think twice.” Audrey said with hope.

Purple sat next to Audrey. “When you’re with TJ alone, do you ever feel like you want to?”

“All the time, but then I chicken out. I’m scared.”

“TJ is a sweetheart and I’m sure he will be very gentle and loving to you.” Vanessa smiled at Audrey.

“It’s not just that. What if he doesn’t want me anymore after we do it. What if he leaves me for someone else?”

“Oh my God Audrey! Is that what you think?” Stacey said exasperated. “TJ is crazy about you. It took him months to ask you out cause he was afraid that you didn’t like him or would reject him.”

Purple laughed as she agreed with Stacey. “He would be all shy around you.”

Vanessa spoke up reminiscing how TJ and Audrey are around each other. “They both were shy around each other, but the tension was there. Everyone knew that you guys would get together.”

“I don’t know. I just hope that it will be a beautiful experience.”

Vanessa clapped her hands getting all the girls attention. “Ok but I want to hear more about Paris.”



“Hey Purple....”

“Yes Dewey?”

“When we get back home, we have to hang out.”


“I have a birthday coming up next month and I’m throwing a party. You better come.”

“Don’t worry Dewey. I’ll be there with my dancing shoes on.” she laughed.

“Haha, I hope that I’ll get a dance.”

“I’ll save a few dances for you. I promise.”

“Thanks, after all, I am the birthday boy.”

“Yes you are.” They laughed.

“Race you up the Eiffel Tower.”

“Ha!” she started running leaving him behind. “Gotta be quicker than that!”

“Hey! That’s cheating!” He laughed as he tried to catch up to her.


All the girls sang in unison”Awwwwwwww.” They all said smiling and happy.

“Well, now you know what happened in Paris.”

Audrey checked her phone and received a text from TJ. “Well girls I gotta go. TJ is gonna pick me up in a couple of minutes.”

Vanessa wiggled her eyebrows teasing Audrey. “Ohhh does this mean he’s giving you the big one?”

“Oh shut up Vanessa.” She said laughing nervously. “We’re going to the movies.”

“On a Monday? Hmmm are you sure?” Stacey couldn’t help but tease along. “Are you telling us the truth?”

Audrey covered her red face with her hands. “I’m not lying my goodness!”

“Leave her alone. She’s not easy like the two of you.”

“Ha! Thanks Purple.”

Stacey smirked. “Easy you say huh?” She laughed along with Vanessa.

“If feeling that good makes me easy, then I’m easy.” She and Stacey laughed.

TJ honked the horn and Audrey rant out the room to meet him and to get away from Stacey and Vanessa’s teasing.

Audrey opened the car door and sat inside. “Hey babe.” She leaned in for a kiss.

“Hi honey.” He leaned in as well until their lips touched. “Had fun?”

Audrey shrugged her shoulders without looking at him. “It was just girl talk.”

“Sounds scary.”

“Oh shut up.” She laughed. “What movie are we going to see?”

“I think it’s some horror movie. I don’t know, CJ picked it.”

“CJ is going too?”

“Yeah he’s gonna meet up with us there after he picks up Midge.”

“Oh God Midge is coming too? TJ I can’t stand her and her friends.” She folded her arms over her chest.

“I know babe, but we don’t have to sit with them ok.”

“If that’s the case, we don’t have to watch the same movie with them either.”

TJ pouted. “But I want to watch a horror movie baby.”

“Ugh fine, but if she starts with me...” Audrey glared at him as she pointed a finger in his direction.

“She won’t baby. I already spoke to CJ and he said he will keep her under control.”

“You better be right TJ.”

“Come on baby, can we just have some fun please.”

“Oh yeah, sure.”

They arrived at the theater and saw CJ and Midge had already arrived and ordering snacks. “Hey bro and Audrey.”

The both only acknowledged CJ. “Hey.”

Midge high pitched voice decided to make her presence known. “Hi TJ.” she said flirting.

“Uh, hi Midge.” He said feeling awkward. Audrey rolled her eyes.

“Babe, I’m going to the ladies room. Remember, I want twizzlers ok.” Audrey kissed his lips and walked away before she accidentally punched her in the face.


CJ rolled his eyes at Midge. “Hey Midge, here’s your ticket. Go find a seat for us.”

“Sure babe.” She took her ticket along with some snacks to find seats for her and CJ.

CJ took this opportunity to talk to TJ alone without the girls interruption. “Hey did Audrey say anything about..well...”

TJ’s eyebrows shot up. “Purple?”

“, I don’t care about her.”

Audrey came back smiling at TJ who was very happy to see her. “I’m ready.”

“The two words TJ is dying to hear you say.” he smirked.

“Shut up.” he punched his arm.

“Oww.” CJ laughed. “Ok, ok enjoy the movie and Oh TJ there’s three words a guy don’t want to hear from his girl.”

TJ sighed as he looked at his brother. “What’s that?”

“Is it in?” CJ laughed.

TJ clenched his jaw. “Geez fuck off.”

“Yeah that too.” He laughed as he walked away.

Audrey shook her head. “You’re brother has some serious issues.”

“Yup, I know and don’t listen to the stupid things that he says.”

“I don’t babe, but do you think about it? About sex with me?”

TJ looked at Audrey as if she was speaking another language. “I’m a guy Audrey. What do you think, but I don’t want to push you into anything that you’re not ready for and I’m not ready for.”

“Thank you TJ. Now let’s go watch this horror movie.”


“Hey, what are you thinking about?”

“I was just thinking that CJ hasn’t insulted me today at school.”

“What? Do you want him to insult you?” Stacey looked at her sister questionably.

“Well no, I’m just surprised he didn’t say anything stupid to me that’s all.” She played with hem of her shirt like it was the most interesting thing in the room.

“Yeah well about that. Uhmm, have you ever thought about ending this feud with him?”

Purple looked at her like she lost her memory. “I didn’t start this feud, he did.”

“I know Pur, but don’t you think that you should be the bigger person, even tho the guy is a giant ass.”

Purple sighed as she thought about it then finally made up her mind. “Fine! But if he starts his shit again, I will attack!”

“Fair enough.” she agreed. “Good night sis.”

“Good night.”

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