You're Too Much

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CJ was playing around with his brothers when Purple and Stacey walked up to them. Audrey and Vanessa were already there and greeted them. “Hey everybody and hello handsome.” DJ swooped her up into his arms and went in for a kiss.

Purple swallowed then squared her shoulders as she approached CJ. “Hey everyone. Uhm CJ can I have a word with you, please?”

CJ turned to her. “Sure.” They walked a few feet away from earshot.

“Listen, I don’t know why you hate me so much, but I wanted to make peace with you. I’m tired of fighting with you. Aren’t you tired of fighting with me?”

“You don’t remember why we don’t get along? You broke my nose!” He pointed a finger at her with accusation.

“CJ that happened in Kindergarten for crying out loud!”

“It still hurt as fuck!”

“Well, YOU pulled my hair!” Now her hands were on her hips.

“I went to apologize to you, but then you broke my nose!”

Purple’s eyebrows rose up high in surprise. “ were going to apologize to me?”

“Yeah, I felt bad and shit, so when I went up to you...”

“I’m so sorry CJ. I truly am but CJ, I thought you were going to hurt me again. My natural instincts was to protect myself and hit you before you hit me.”

“Yeah you’re right. I didn’t think of it like that.”

Purple smirked as she gazed down to her high top converse. “So we’ve been fighting all these years over a misunderstanding?”

“I guess so...Uhm, I’m sorry too Purple. Can we start over and be friends?”

“I’d like that CJ and I’d like to put all that ugliness behind us ok.”

“Ok...So, hi my name is CJ. What’s yours?” He shook her hand.

“Hi, CJ my name is Purple and yes it’s strange, but my mom named me after the color of my eyes.”

“Wow your eyes are so beautiful.” He bent his head down and stared into them.

Purple stepped back a little. His closeness was well too close. “Uhmmm thanks.” she smiled.

“Anybody else in your family with purple color eyes?”

“No.” She laughed. “I’m the only person in this entire planet with purple color eyes.”

“I think they’re beautiful.” He continued to stare at her.

“Thank you CJ.” she shyly smiled.

“You’re welcome angel eyes.”

“So we’re at the nickname stage huh?”

“I guess so.” He smiled.

At the table AJ watched CJ and Purple start their friendship fresh, which in his opinion was an unhappy moment. “You know what guys? I think they finally let bygones be bygones.”

Vanessa stopped looking into her phone to look towards the new friends direction. “Really?! Finally!”

Stacey proudly tapped her back mentally. “I spoke to Purple last night and asked her to talk to CJ and stop this war between them.”

“That was a fucking great idea babe.” DJ kissed her cheek.

TJ sighed with relief as he sat next to Audrey. “Finally, some peace and quiet from those two.”

AJ could only pout again. This part of the CJ/Purple drama was now over. “I’m gonna miss those fights.” He said sadly.

Audrey clapped her hands excitedly. “Now we can all hang out and have fun without hearing them attack each other.”

Dewey watched from a distance very angry. He walked up to Purple in the hall as she placed books into her locker. “Hi. I saw you talking to CJ earlier. I thought you guys hated each other?”

“We did, but it was all a misunderstanding and now we’re friends.”

“I hope to hear how this war between you and CJ started.”

“I’ll tell you one day.” she laughed.

“Alright, well we better get to class.”

“Oh yes! I can’t wait to hear Mr. York’s feedback on our internship.”

*Purple’s House*

Maggie placed her keys in the bow by the door as she removed her shoes.“Hey hi Stace.” Her voice tired.

“Hey mom. Are you cooking dinner?”

“No. I’m too tired to cook so order a pizza for you and your sister. I have to go back to work at the hospital tonight so you girls will be alone.”

“Ok mom.”

Maggie headed up the stairs without looking back. “I have to catch up on sleep.”

“Take a hot bubble bath first.” she said. “Just don’t fall asleep in the tub ok.”

“Haha, thanks.” Good night.

It has been an hour since Maggie left back to work at the hospital. Purple stood in her room shaking her head as she crossed her arms. “Uh no...”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

“Don’t play innocent Stace. Every time mom works overnight, so does your vagina.”

Stacey rolled her eyes playfully. “Haha, you know me so well little sis.”

“So what time is DJ coming over?”

“I’m texting him right now.” she had her phone in her hand.

“That means I will putting my headphones on.”

“I’ll tell him to come with CJ to keep you company.”

“How will he keep me company Stacey? It’s a school night and he’s gonna hear you and DJ banging .”

“I’ll tell DJ to tell CJ to bring his headphones.”

“You are ridiculous. Besides, CJ isn’t going to agree to this.”

“Oh yeah?.” She read DJ’s text. “CJ is coming with him and bringing his headphones.”

Purple rubbed her temples in disbelief.


Stacey ran to open the door and jumped on DJ, wrapping her legs around his waist kissing him. He gladly returned her affection.

“Are you ready for me tonight?” He asked pulling her closer to him.

“Oh yes daddy.” Her arms around his neck.

Purple shook her head at what Stacey just called DJ. “Daddy?” she smiled. “I don’t even want to know what that means.”

CJ placed his arm around Purple’s shoulders. “Awww angel eyes, don’t worry. If you like, we can do it and you can call me daddy too.”

Purple pushed his arm off her then stepped away. “CJ, we just became friends. Don’t fuck it up.” she rubbed her neck.

“You see, you mentioned the word fuck....”

“Shut up CJ.” DJ laughed as he wiggled his eyebrows at his brother.

Stacey clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention. “We ordered pizza and BBQ wings for dinner.”

“That sounds good and after we eat,” he grabbed Stacey, “I want desert.”

Both CJ and Purple scrunched up their noses at the same time. “Ewwww, gross!”

After the food arrived, they all ate and talked at the table. DJ and Stacey went to her room and left Purple and CJ downstairs.

“Come on CJ. Let’s go watch a movie on Netflix.”

“Alright, but I’m picking the movie.”

“Nothing too scary or gross CJ.”

“Purple, I’m NOT watching no chick flick. Besides, I’m the guest so I chose what we see.”

“Ugh, you know what? You can watch whatever you want in the living room. I have a TV in my room and I could watch what I want.”

“Oh hellll nahhh, you’re not gonna leave me alone. Get your ass over here.”

“CJ you are being....” *Squeals* He threw her over his shoulder and headed back into the living room. “Put me down!”

“You are staying here with me and stop kicking or I swear I’ll sit and fart on you. The silent one.”

Purple’s eyes opened wide. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Are you testing me right now?”

“Ok! Ok! You win.” He put her down and looked at her.

“Thought you’d see it my way.” He laughed. “Now sit your ass down.” He sat and picked to watch Chainsaw Massacre which he knew scared Purple. While she was distracted by the gruesome killings, CJ looked at her. (wow, she’s so beautiful. She’s breathtaking)

“CJ I’m scared.” she jumped next to him.

“Awww don’t worry angel eyes. I’ll protect you.” he said laughing. (I picked the right movie haha) It started to rain and thunderstorm. Purple cuddled closer to CJ not only for comfort from the movie, but from the thunderstorm.

“Oh! It’s thundering!” She gasped with eyes wide.

“What’s the matter angel eyes? Are you afraid of the thunder?”

“Yes I am.” she said awkwardly. “You must think of me to be childish and stupid.”

“No I don’t.” He stopped the movie. “Come here.” He took her on his lap and felt her entire body shivering. “My goodness, you’re shaking all over.”

“Thank you CJ.” She clinged onto him.

“It’s ok. Listen it’s 11pm already. You need to go to bed. I’ll make myself comfy on the couch.”

“Oh no CJ, please sleep with me.”

CJ mentally rubbed his face and fixed his crotch. “Pur....”

“If you don’t, I’ll end up sleeping in the closet.”

“Alright angel eyes.” He carried her to her room and put her in her bed. He slid right beside her and held her close to him. She finally fell asleep and stopped shaking. (why is she so scared of the thunder? Damn she feels so good in my arms? Her hair smells so good and her skin is so soft. Just the way I thought it would. I love the sound of every breath she takes. Oh my God, I need to stop. Sleep. I need sleep.)

DJ looked at Stacey when he heard the thunder. “Is Purple ok?” His back was resting on Stacey headboard with his arms resting behind his head.

“Yeah, I just checked her room and CJ is sleeping with her.” She slid onto her bed snuggling up next to him.

“Go CJ.” he laughed.

“Not like that babe. It looks like he’s comforting her from the storm.”

“You know he’s gonna try to hit that right?” He smirked.

“Yeah I know, after all, this is CJ we’re talking about.” she laughed.

“He won’t admit it, but he likes her.”

“Hard to think about that cause they hated each other for so long.”

“They may have ”hated" each other, but down the line of all those fights, they did get attracted to each other.”

Stacey looked up into DJ’s eyes. “How do you know?”

“I’ve caught CJ staring at her and even get a little jealous when other guys talked to her.”

“Are you serious?” She was in deep thought. “Well I did see him get jealous at the schoolyard when she went to hug Dewey.

“Yup that’s why he would argue with her and seeing her hug Dewey pissed him off.”

“Oh my God so all this time he was picking fights with her, it’s cause he was jealous that she was talking to other guys.” She laughed softly.

“Yeah well, now that they made up and became friends, It’s gonna be hard for him to keep his jealousy in check.”

“Now that is gonna be very interesting.”

“Do you know what’s also interesting?”

“What babe?”

“If you look down, you can see it rising.”

Stacey’s eyes followed his pointed finger. “Oh my God DJ!” She hit his shoulder. “You’re such a perv.” They both laughed.

“Come on Stace. You know what I like and you do it so good.” She rolled her eyes and went down on him. DJ closed his eyes and enjoyed his blowjob.

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