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“How was school today, boys?” As the boy’s mother, she felt it was her duty to ask her sons how their day went as they ate dinner.

“It was good mom. How was your day?” AJ continued stuffing his face.

MJ rolled her eyes, then clapped her hands. “It was good and I have exciting news so listen up.”

CJ dropped his fork as his eyes scrutinized his mother. “You’re not pregnant again are you?” He had a disgusted look on his face.

JJ, their father shook his head at his son. “CJ, don’t be an ass.” he said without looking up.

MJ squinted at CJ before speaking again. “No you smartass dipshit,” she turned her attention back to the rest of the family. “Your father and I are leaving on a two week vacation beginning this Friday to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.” She said excitedly.

JJ nodded then pointed his finger at each of his boys. “So we already know that you fuckers are gonna throw a party or three so please make sure none of you assholes get arrested....”

“Or burn down the house....” MJ added.

“Or get any of your side hoes pregnant.” JJ added as well.

All the brothers hollered as they high five each other. “YASS!!!”

MJ raised her voice to get their attention. “Hey! Hey! Keep your dicks down for a few minutes. We still need to talk about the rules.”

“There’s more rules? I think those three are the only ones that count.” DJ tried to reason with his parents as his brothers nodded in approval.

“No, we will leave you emergency money to order dinner every night.” JJ sat back crossing his arms over his chest.

MJ quickly agreed with her husband JJ. “Yeah, I don’t want any of you bastards cooking in my kitchen! Understood?” She looked directly at TJ.

“I’m a good cook, mom.” TJ defended himself.

“No honey, you think you are. There’s a difference.”

“Ha, ha, ha bro you suck at cooking.” AJ laughed out loud.

“Yeah seriously.” CJ’s eyebrows went up as he pointed his fork at TJ. ’You burnt every meal that you ever cooked.”

“You guys are so ungrateful.” He looked hurt and pouted.

“It’s not that TJ,” DJ spoke softly. “It’s that you really suck.” He added backing up his brothers.

“Whatever.” TJ rolled his eyes.

“Also, no skipping school, leaving early or cutting class.” MJ’s voice was stern as she spoke.

JJ offered an idea to his sons. Basically anything to keep their parties out of his house. “Try to do your parties in that abandoned warehouse or the junkyard.

MJ nodded with her husband, then added. “If you do it here, please keep it small among friends. If I find anything missing or broken...”

“I’m gonna bust your balls.” JJ interjected.

“I will cut your dicks off and sell your instruments to replace my shit understood?” All the boys looked at their mother in horror.

JJ wanted to chuckle out loud, but he wanted to continue seeing the horror on his boys’ faces. “You guys will be known as the Dickless Chiang Boys.”

CJ palmed his covered privates with both of his hands. “Uhmmm that doesn’t sound good and I have a nice big package that I’d like to keep.”

JJ turned to his over dramatic son. “Well if you & your brothers follow the rules, you’ll get to keep your big package.”

DJ swallowed then unnecessarily squealed. “We will be mom and dad, right guys?” He gave an assuring look at his parents.

“Yes we will.” All the boys agreed in unison.

“Don’t worry. We will follow your rules.” TJ kissed his mother’s cheeks. His brother always looked at him as a kiss ass, but at this moment, they wanted him to keep kissing her ass until they walked out the door.

“What can go wrong?” AJ shrugged his shoulders in reassurance.

“Did he just really say that babe?” She stared into her husband’s eyes in disbelief.

“Yes he did hun.” He shook his head as he looked at AJ.

CJ lips pursed in anger as he looked at his idiot brother. “Shut up AJ!”


DJ locked the door of his room. “Alright guys. They’re leaving Friday so we can have a get together Friday night and a party on Saturday.”

“We should have a party at the abandoned warehouse that way we could play.” TJ said as he sat in the swivel chair tapping his thighs with his fingers.

“That sounds like a good plan.” AJ pointed his finger at AJ as he plopped on DJ’s bed.

CJ rubbed his hands together in excitement. “You know what’s even better? There’s no school on Monday. It’s a staff meeting so we can throw a party on Sunday too.”

DJ’s eyes opened wide at CJ, then smirked happily. “Oh shit that’s right!”

“We can have a weekend party! We can have a weekend party.” AJ jumped off the bed.

“You mean for our party to last two days?” TJ looked at CJ as if he was insane.

“Why not?” CJ shrugged. “It will be epic. No one has ever done that.”

AJ clapped CJ on the back. “I like how you think CJ. I can’t wait to tell everyone.”

“Why tell?” DJ took out his phone. “Just text a few friends and tell them to pass it on. It will be all over school within the hour tonight.”

“Sounds good.” CJ took out his cell phone as did his brothers and began texting about the weekend party.

“That should take care of it.” AJ placed his phone in his back pocket. “Now who are we having over Friday night as a small get together?”

“Our girls dude.” DJ looked at AJ as if that was a no brainer.

“I already texted Audrey.” TJ knew that his cheeks blushed, so he kept his head down

“Yeah I already texted Vanessa and she’s definitely coming.”

“She’s gonna be coming alright.” CJ chuckled. “Just keep it down ok. No one wants to hear the two of you go at it.”

AJ looked at CJ with a smirk. “I’ll try, but no promises.”

“Just put the music up. Problem solved.” DJ provided what he thought was the answer to the problem.

“Hey TJ,” CJ decided to tease his brother. “Maybe this will be the chance for you to bang Audrey.”

“CJ, Audrey and I aren’t ready for sex yet and if we were, I wouldn’t want to do it in a very occupied house.”

“Leave him alone man.” DJ rolled his eyes. “We have more important things to do now. We really need to plan out the party.”

AJ nodded at his brother. “Yeah ok you’re right.”


The news about the weekend party had spread all over school like a forest fire. Everyone was talking about it excitedly. As the guys walked through the halls, kids were coming up to them high fiving and letting them know that they would be there.

Tanya bit her lower lip as she swayed her hips towards CJ. “Hey CJ, so the news about your party is starting to sound wild already and it hasn’t even started.”

“Yup, are you ready to have a good time?”

“If it’s with you then yes.” Her body moved close to his.

“I’ll be busy playing my guitar & singing.”

“You have to take a break some time.” She continued flirting.

“You know where to find me.” He winked at her.

“I look forward to it.”


Shawn ran up to Dewey in the hall as they headed to class. “Hey Dewey.”

“Sup bro.”

“Are you going to Chiang’s party this Saturday?”

“I don’t know ’cause I have a date with Purple that night.”

“Really?” Shawn’s eyes opened wide. “Well good for you dude.”

“Thanks man. Maybe we can stop by for a while after the festival. I’ll ask her. I know the festival is gonna be empty cause everybody is gonna be at that party.”

“Yup, that shit is gonna be lit. You know those Chiang boys know how to throw a party.” Shawn clapped Dewey’s back. “Trust me and just come to the party.”


Everyone sat at their table eating and talking. “Babe do you want the rest of my soda?” DJ offered his can to Stacey.

“Yup, give it here.”

“Everybody keeps coming up to me about the party.” DJ mumbled with a full mouth.

Stacey shook her head. “You guys better buy a crate of condoms and hand it out at the party.”

“I can’t wait for this party. This shit is gonna be lit.” CJ high five his brother DJ.

“What time do we get together?” Stacey whispered in DJ’s ear as she kissed his earlobe.

“At 8pm. Our parents will be gone by then.” His dark browns stared into her beautiful hazels. He leaned in, tapping his lips to hers.

“I hope you’re ordering food.” Stacey smiled against his lips.

CJ did not want to continue witnessing what was unfolding before him. “We’re ordering a few pies of pizza, buffalo wings and liquor to wash it down.”

“That sounds awesome.” Stacey said happily as she wrapped her arms around DJ’s neck.

“Will you and your sister help us set up this Saturday?”

“I’ll be there, but Purple has a date with Dewey so I don’t know if she’ll even show.”

CJ’s ears peered up at the mention of Purple going on a date and with Dewey. “Oh does she now?” He clenched his teeth in anger.

Stacey’s eyebrows furrowed at CJ. “Yeah I think he’s taking her out to dinner then the festival.”

“Nobody is gonna be at the festival.” DJ said matter of factly.

Stacey nodded in agreement. “Haha I know right.”

CJ had to think of something and he needed to think of something fast. “Where’s AJ?”

“He’s getting a soda from the vending machine.” CJ left the lunchroom before Vanessa finished talking to look for his brother. AJ was hitting the machine trying to get a soda.

“Stupid machine ate my money.” He said as he kicked and slammed it a few times until his soda can dropped.

“Bro, I need your help.”

“With what?” He opened his soda and started drinking it.

“I need you to help me sabotage Purple and Dufus’s date this Saturday.”

“Dude, our party is this Saturday. We have to set up and don’t have time for that.”

“Come on AJ. Our party starts at 10pm. The date is way earlier than that.”

“Seriously dude? Just let them have fun.”

“I can’t do that. Now we can set up early Saturday. By doing that, we have time to rest afterwards, sabotage the date and party later that night.”

“You are such an asshole to ruin her date with Dewey, but you’re my brother so count me in.”


“Yo TJ gets the liquor, AJ calls for the food and CJ gets the music ready.” DJ set up the movie and got pillows and blankets for the girls.

“Well someone is in a bossy mood.” TJ laughed.

“I know right?!” AJ rolled his eyes. “What the fuck?”

“What will you be doing, pretty boy?” CJ placed his fist on his hips.

DJ smirked, shaking his head. “Looking pretty.”

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