You're Too Much

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DJ jumped in excitement when he heard the doorbell ring. “They’re here!” He opened the door and the girls walked in and went straight to the living room to sit down. “Hey babe.” He grabbed Stacey. “Are you staying over tonight?”

Stacey looked up as if in deep thought. “Only if you behave like a naughty boy that I have to spank.”

“In that case, I’ve been very, very naughty all day today and I need some discipline.”

Stacey wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed his neck. “Well then, later after everybody leaves, I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson.”

DJ wiggled his eyebrows as he kissed her forehead. “I can’t wait.” He pinched her ass getting a loud squeal from her.

“Hey Van....” Purple stopped as she saw Vanessa sitting on AJ’s lap making out with him.

“Those two won’t come up for breath until tomorrow.” Audrey whispered with a laugh.

TJ watched as AJ and Vanessa couldn’t keep their tongues in their own residential mouths. “Whatever you need to talk about, save it until tomorrow.”

Purple shrugged. “I guess so.” she sighed. “Movie?”

CJ jumped over the couch at the mention of movie. “Movie and I pick it!”

“Ohhh noooo you don’t,” Purple jumped to try to take away the remote control away from him.

CJ laughed and waved the remote control from side to side teasing her. “Ohhhhh yes I do.” As much as Purple tried, CJ knew she was no closer to reaching it than before because he was so tall and she was a wee girl.

“But I’m the guest and I get to pick the movie. Your words!”

“CJ let the girls pick a movie.” TJ chuckled as he flopped down on the couch.

“Absolutely not! They’re gonna pick some stupid chick flick.”

Audrey clapped her hands to get their attention. “Let’s just vote on a movie. Everybody picks one and we all vote.”

TJ smiled at her making Audrey blush.“Now that’s a good idea.”

“That’s reasonable,” DJ agree. “CJ, stop being a dick and lets vote.”

*2 minutes later*

Audrey wiped her eyes with her tissue. “This movie makes me cry every time I watch it.”

CJ rolled his eyes as he whispered to TJ “You voted for this cause your girl wanted to see it.”

“I will agree to anything she wanted to watch.” TJ whispered back. “It’s what a boyfriend does to make his girl happy.”

“But it’s Moulin Rouge!” CJ said with disgust.

“And you know the words to all those songs.” TJ smirked.

“You know before I hated AJ, now I just hate you.” He took a deep breath.

The girls definitely knew the words to all the songs and they even cried at the end. CJ fell asleep with his head back on the couch. Everyone took advantage of his sleep to place food on him.

“Oh I have a great idea!” DJ whispered loudly and excited. He ran out the room and came back a few seconds later with shaving cream.

Stacey’s eyebrows went up as she stared at what her boyfriend DJ had in his hands. Dangerous hands. “What are you gonna do with that?” She whispered loudly.

“I’m gonna put shaving cream on his hand, then tickle his nose so that he can smack himself with the shaving cream in the face.” He said happily.

“Really?” AJ scrunched up his face. “I thought we were gonna shave one eyebrow.” He said disappointedly.

“I like AJ’s idea better.” Purple and AJ bumped fist in agreement.

“Why not use cool whip? That way he can at least lick it off.” Audrey whispered softly.

Vanessa scoffed. “And make it easy for him? Hell no!” She whispered laugh.

“Wait bro you’re missing something.” TJ ran off and came back with a pillow.

“What is the pillow for?” Audrey asked as she neared TJ.

“After he smacks himself, I’m gonna hit him in the face with the pillow.”

“You guys are awful.” Stacey put her hands over her mouth to hold her laugh.

“Wait!” AJ whispered yell. “I’m gonna get a pillow too! You hit him in the face, I’ll hit him at the back of his head!” Everyone was ready. The girls had their phones ready. Two to video on two different angles and two to take pics from two separate angles as well. The signaled was given and DJ squeezed the shaving cream on CJ’s open hand. AJ stood behind him with his pillow ready and TJ stood on the opposite side of DJ waiting to attack. DJ then found a feather and tickled CJ’s nose. CJ’s hand with the shaving cream came straight up and smacked himself. Shaving cream splattered all over his face.

“WHAT THE FU...?!” Suddenly he got hit in the face with a pillow and as his head went back, he got hit again. Everyone burst out laughing. “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!” He laughed. “Damn you fuckers got me good!”

“And it’s all caught on video.” Purple smiled as she hit save. “I’m gonna post this....” She gasped as CJ jumped towards her to grab her phone tackling her to the ground. “CJ DON’T TOUCH MY FUCKIN PHONE!” She laughed. He sat on her to keep her from getting away.

“Delete that video right now or I’m gonna fart on you.” He threatened with a laugh.

“NO CJ PLEASE!” She pleaded. “I’LL DELETE IT!”

“But I won’t.” Audrey laughed without looking at them.

“Delete it Audrey or Purple gets it!” He wiggled his butt on her.

Purple, horrified at her current situation pleaded with Audrey. “Audrey please don’t, I beg of you.” She looked defeated.

“I’m sorry honey. You’re just gonna have to take one for the team.” She laughed hysterically. “Annnnnd...SEND!” She laughed in triumph.

“Sorry Purple...well I’m not sorry.” He let it rip and she could feel the heat on her back.

“Ughhhh CJ that’s so gross and it stinks too.” She pinched her nose. “GET OFF OF ME!”

AJ took a whiff, “Hmmm I think I could smell the buffalo wings.” He then looked at DJ for confirmation.

“Really? Hold on. “He took a whiff then agreed with AJ. “Yup you are right.”

Vanessa squinted her eyes at the brothers. “You guys are so fuckin gross.” She pinched her nose as did the other girls.

“Hey, leave me out of this.” TJ grabbed his pillow and ran up to CJ smacking him in the face again with it. He hit him so hard that he fell off of Purple who immediately got up starting airing her shirt.

“Holy shit! There’s over a thousand likes on this video and it keeps rising!” Vanessa laughed as she held her phone out for all to see.

“Haha, this is the best prank ever!” DJ hugged Stacey in triumph.

“Ok, first I want to know who’s idea was this?” CJ asked with his arms folded. Everyone pointed at DJ including Stacey.

“You all sold me out!” He gasped in disbelief.

“Sorry babe, but we all know how CJ is.” She bit her lip feeling somewhat sorry. Not entirely sorry.

“It may have been his idea, but you all played along which means, prepare for the worst.” He pointed at each one of them.

Everyone groaned of what CJ will do. “AHHH SHIIIITTTT!!!!”

It was late and all the girls decided to leave, all but Stacey who was staying with DJ. AJ, TJ and their girlfriends all jumped into the jeep. The guys drove Audrey and Vanessa home. Purple began grabbing her bag to go home as well.

“You’re not staying over?” CJ asked asked as he finished cleaning the living room.

“I’m not taking any chances of you farting on me again.” she laughed. “Besides, I need my loofa to scrub the odor off of my back. I can still smell the buffalo wings.” she joked.

“Sorry, but someone had to pay.”

“Well since I already paid, that means you won’t come after me for revenge right?” she had hope in her eyes.

“Nah, you’re good.” He smiled. “So you’re coming tomorrow night to the party right?”

“Oh umm, I can’t. I have a date.”


“UGH! She has a date with dufus. I gotta convince her to come somehow!”

“Well, the party doesn’t start till 10pm so there is plenty of time for your date or bring him with you.”



“I’ll see if we can pass by. Where are you having the party?”

“At the old warehouse on Tiller Street.” He watched her closely. “Please try to come.” He spoke softly.

“I guess I can ask Dewey for us to stop by after our dinner.”

“Oh where is he taking you for dinner?” He hoped she knew and tell him.

“He’s taking me to Sir Savon’s Italian Restaurant. I believe we have reservation for 6pm.”

“I hope you enjoy your dinner. Do me a favor, order my favorite so that you can bring me the leftovers at the party.” He smiled.

“What’s your favorite?” she asked.

“Chicken and broccoli in Alfredo sauce.” He winked.

“Noted now can you please take me home?”

“Sure, come on.” Before they reached the front door they could hear DJ and Stacey going at it roughly and the moans were very loud. “Oh God, let’s go please.” He rolled his eyes. At the driveway the only available vehicle was his motorcycle. He walked up to it and grabbed two helmets. One for him and the other he handed to her.

“Ummm you expect for me to get on that thing?” Her eyes opened wide.

“Don’t worry angel eyes. I’m a very good biker so hop on.” He padded the back seat.


IS HE OUT OF HIS DAMN MIND?! I don’t feel comfortable getting on that shit. It’s dangerous regardless on how hot he looks sitting on it. There’s no seatbelt! I would have to wrap my arms around his waist and feel his muscles....Ummm, I’m getting off track here.


“I can’t wait to feel her boobs pressed against my back.”

“Come on angel eyes I promise to go slow.” He winked. She rolled her eyes, but hopped on the bike. She put her arms around his waist. She could smell his cologne which made her inhale the aroma in and close her eyes. She put the helmet on to block CJ off. “Hold on.” He took off. Purple held on tight with a big smile on her face. The ride was so exciting. As she looked at the road, she noticed that he wasn’t driving towards her house. Instead he took a different route.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Trust me.” He rode until they reached the beach. He stopped the bike, turning it off and hopped off. He removed his helmet. Purple had already removed hers, but remained seated on the bike. “Come on.” He lifted her into his arms and gently placed her on the ground. He grabbed her hand and started running with her trying to keep up behind him.


“Come on angel eyes. Keep up.” He laughed. They finally stopped and he began removing his clothes.

“CJ what the fuck are you doing?!” Her eyes scanning his muscular body as he removed each article of clothing.

“We’re going for a swim so strip.” He was down to his underwear. She turned her red face not to look at him.

“CJ I am not taking off my clothes and I am not going into the water.” she folded her arms while still not looking at him. He walked up to her and gently grabbed her chin to have her face him. She looked into his brown eyes and swallowed.

“Please? Swim with me. I won’t look while you undress.” He said softly and innocently. She took a deep breath then nodded.

“Turn around.” He did as he was told. “And don’t you dare peak! I’m watching you.”

“I’m not turning around so you can relax.” He smiled widely. “So what are you wearing?” He smirked.

“Underwear you smartass.” she rolled her eyes.

“I know but what kind? Like is it the boring fruit of the looms or the cottony Hanes or the very sexy Victoria Secrets?”

“What difference does it make? It’s not like you’re going to see it.” She finished undressing. “I’m ready to go into the water now.” CJ couldn’t resist and turned around. His eyes opened wide and his smile reached his ears. She wore a lavender shining sexy bra and an even sexier bikini that hugged her hip. “CJ! Turn....” She squealed. “PUT ME DOWN!” He carried her bridal style and ran into the water. The water was cold and she squealed again. “OMG CJ the water is so cold!” Her teeth began to chatter. He swam up to her, pulling her close to him so that her breast was pressed against his chest. Her hands rested on the edge of his shoulders.

“I’ll keep you warm.” He whispered.


“I’m so fuckin smooth! I got to feel her boobs on my back and now my chest. Thank God the water is cold cause I need help to control a major boner about to happen.”

“You know it is said the best heat you can get is body heat.” He smirked.

“You are such a perv I swear.” she rolled her eyes. “Can we get out now?”

“Where’s your sense of adventure?” He smirked.

“It the warmth....”

“Of my body?” He laughed when she punched his arm. “It was worth a shot.” He giggled.

“I’m getting out of here before a shark comes and eats me up.” She started to head towards shore.

“I’ll eat you up.” He muttered to himself.

“What did you say?” She didn’t look back wanting to hurry and get out of the water.

“Oh I said let me catch you up.” He said awkwardly. They both got out of the water. She didn’t even care that CJ saw her in her bra and panties. She just wanted to put on her clothes and get warm.


I didn’t want to take her home just yet so I decided to take her to the beach instead. There’s no fuckin way that Dufus was gonna see her in her underwear before me. That’s a huge no no. Anyway, I need to know where he was taking her on their ”date" and now that I know, AJ and I can take action.

CJ grabbed his jeans, shaking the sand off of it. “Are you excited?”

“I guess.” she half smiled as she started dressing.

“You guess? Don’t you like him?” His eyebrow went up.He put on his pants.

“Well yeah, but...” she tied her wet hair.

“But what?” He asked trying to be concerned while pulling over his t-shirt.

“I see him more as a friend and I think...”

“He doesn’t.” He finished for her. She nodded. “Then you need to let him know that. You don’t want to lead him on.”

“Oh I will never lead anyone on.” she said without looking at him.



“That’s good to know, but on another note. Did you have fun with me?”

“Yeah I did. The cold water washed away your fart stain.” They both laughed. “But I will still loofa it to make sure.”

“Still not sorry about that. One of you had to pay and unfortunately for you, you were the closest to me.”

“So what is your counter attack plan?” She asked smiling.

“Oh angel eyes, don’t worry about that. You will know when it happens.”

“Remember to not prank me. I already took one for the team.” He laughed out loud from the look of worry on her face.

“Sure angel eyes.” He helped her on the bike giving her the helmet. She gladly took it. “Try not to soak my seat ok.”

“Really?” She put her hands in balls on her hip. CJ laughed again. He started the bike and drove her home.

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