You're Too Much

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“Hey guys,” TJ walked into the room. “I know it’s only 5:30pm, but we should get all this shit over at the warehouse.”

“Yeah, I don’t want to worry about anything missing.” DJ agreed. “Yo AJ, you have the mics?”

“Right here!” He pulled out a bag and put the mics in it. CJ was wrapping up wires and placing it in a separate bag. “So DJ, I hope you remember the rule of what mom and dad said.”

“Which rule is that?” DJ asked as he kept busy.

“Using protection. Mom doesn’t want to be no grandma.” DJ smacked AJ upside his head. “Hey!” He rubbed his head.

“I use a condom and she’s on birth control. We’re talking about Fort Knox protection.”

CJ smirked as he shook his head. “My question is when is TJ gonna get laid?” They all laugh but TJ.

“Bruh, you’re giving the Chiang Quads a bad rep by not dipping your stick...” AJ smirked, but was cut off by TJ.

“Shut up AJ.” He smacked him upside his head.

“Hey!” He rubbed his head.

“You just love getting smacked upside your head.” CJ laughed.

“You asked him.” AJ furrowed his eyebrows.

“Yeah but you took it to the next level.” His hands were up in defense.

“Whatever.” He took the bags to the jeep.

The guys packed everything and headed to the warehouse to set up everything. Some of their friends showed up with lots of kegs, rums, vodka, tequila, sodas, juices and cups. A huge icebox that can fit an entire person was filled up with ice. They had smoke machines and laser lights of all colors on the corners throughout the warehouse occupied area. It was 6:10pm.

“Shit! AJ get your ass over here!” CJ waved him over.

“What’s up?” He came speed walking to CJ as if his ass were on fire.

“She’s on her date. We gotta go, NOW.”

They arrived at the restaurant and discreetly looked inside the window.

“There they are.” He tapped AJ a few times on the arm and pointed to Purple’s and Dewey’s direction.

“Ok, so what’s your plan?”

“AJ, go inside and talk to the Maitre D. Keep him busy.”

“Ok I could do that, but how will I know...”

“Trust me, you will know.” AJ went inside to keep the Maitre D busy when suddenly the sprinklers in the restaurant went off soaking everyone inside. The fire truck sirens started getting closer to the restaurant. AJ ran out of the restaurant and fled behind a tree across the street. He saw CJ come running from the back of the restaurant heading towards him.

“Bruh, you are fuckin crazy.” He laughed.

“Desperate times calls for desperate measures.” He laughed as well. “Look! Look! It’s Purple and Dufus running out of the restaurant.” They were soaked from head to toe.

“Happy now?” AJ looked at the disappointing look on Dewey’s face. He almost felt bad for him, but it’s whatever. CJ is his brother and it’s pretty obvious that his brother wants that girl.

“I’m ready to party. Are you?” CJ began walking towards his car with AJ trailing behind him as if this was a normal everyday thing in their lives.


Purple decided to wear a black mini skirt and a dark purple sleeveless halter top that came right above her navel. She braided her long black hair to the side. She decided to wear an open toe sandal that has a 4 inch heel.

Purple watched her sister getting ready. “Why are you getting ready so early?” She questioned Stacey.

“Cause Audrey and Vanessa are coming over to get ready here and I won’t have time to get my shit done.”

“Oh ok.” she smiled.

“Damn those sandals are fire! You gotta loan me those one day.”

“I would Stace, but my feet are smaller than yours.” She continued to put the final touches of makeup on.

“Your point being?” She finished her makeup and began dressing. She wore a very high mini strapless dress in light blue. “So do you think Dewey will make a move on you?”

“Umm I...ummm.”

“What the fuck? Do you like him or not?” She crossed her arms.

“I mean I do, but not like, like him.” She bit her lower lip awkwardly.

“So then why did you accept to go on a date with him?”

“Well he’s nice and I don’t mind hanging out with him. Besides, we’re going to the party afterwards.” She rubbed cream on her hands. Purple heard the doorbell ring. “Well there he is. See you at the party.”

“See ya.”

Purple came down the stairs and opened the door to see Dewey standing there looking handsome in his black slacks and blue shirt.

“Heyyyyy.” She came out and locked the door. “You look nice.” She sang out and he laughed softly at her compliment.

“Uhh wow you look beautiful.” He said awkwardly.

“Awww thank you.” She smiled. “Oh my you’re blushing. That is so cute.”

“Oh come on Purple, did you have to point that out?” He smiled looking down.

“Haha, so take me to the food. I’m starving.” He guided her to his car and opened the door for her. She smiled and sat in the passenger seat, putting on her seat belt.

“Your wish is my command, my lady.” Once in the car and driving towards the restaurant, Purple started thinking about the beach and CJ. She can’t believe that she actually swam in her underwear with him. They arrived at the restaurant and were seated.

“So I was thinking that we can go to Chiang’s party.” Dewey made an angry fist under the table.“Everybody is going to be there.”

“Sure whatever you like.” Their food arrived and they began eating. He shifted in his seat. “Umm Purple..I...I wanted to umm....ask...” Suddenly a loud siren went off and the sprinklers turned on soaking everyone in its path. Everyone was ushered out of the restaurant safely. “Oh fuck! Purple are you alright?” He looked at her.

“I’m fine.” she laughed. “Damn it. I was almost done with my dinner too.” She pouted.

“Seriously?” He removed his jacket. “Let me take you home so that you can get out of those wet clothes.”

“Ok.” She nodded. Before they left the Maitre D gave them gift certificates to come back and apologized for the whole mishap. Dewey thanked him then led Purple to his car, driving her home.

“I’m so sorry about tonight...” He was upset and she could see it in his eyes.

“Hey it’s not your fault. Please don’t blame yourself, ok. You have two gift certificates. We can go back and this time hopefully I will finish my dinner.” She gave him a reassured smile.

“I’ll pick you up later for the party?”

“No, I’ll be going with my sister and friends.” She smiled. “See you there ok?”

“Ok no problem.” He left and Purple went upstairs to remove her drenched outfit. She then went into the shower and began washing her hair. Stacey and the girls were in the backyard with Maggie when they heard Purple close the door and go upstairs.

Stacey:“I guess the date didn’t go well.” She took a bite of her burger.

“Go find out what happened Stacey.” Vanessa urged because she and Audrey were dying to know the gossip.

“I’ll go.“Maggie rolled her eyes with a laugh. “You girls finish up your burgers and curly fries.” She got up and headed towards the bathroom. She lightly knocked on the door. “Hey Pumpkin are you alright?”

“I’m fine mom.” She said in a cheery voice. She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She saw her mom leaning against the wall. “Why are you creeping around for?” She opened the door to her room and Maggie followed her inside.

“Did something bad happen with your date?” She sat on the corner of the bed.

“Nothing bad...well,” she tilted her head. “We were having dinner and talking then suddenly the fire alarm went off and the sprinklers went on...”

“Oh my that’s funny...I mean, that’s messed up.” She laughed a little.

“No it’s ok, you can laugh. I did.” She said on the bed next to her mother. She explained everything to her mom how everyone in the restaurant was using the menus over their heads like umbrellas, screaming like the country was under attack and running into each other, tables and chairs. They both laughed as Purple continued to describe the scene.


You know this isn’t the first time my dates have ended bad. The first time I went on a date with a guy named Caleb and we went to the fireworks show. I don’t know what happened, but someone had lit too many fireworks and well rockets were flying into the crowd. There were so many fireworks out of control that no one could see where they were running. Caleb ended up tripping over a rock and breaking his arm. Then another date I went to was with this guy named Eric. We were supposed to go out that Friday night but he never showed. Come to find out that he was accidentally locked inside the boys locker room over the weekend. Then there was this other guy named Paul and we went horseback riding. His horse got spooked over something that I don’t know till this day. Anyway, the horse threw him off and he ended up with a sprained ankle plus cuts and bruises. Now my bad luck has caught up with me again with Dewey. I’m starting to think that I’m a jinx. If this gets around school, no guy will ever ask me out on a date again. I’ll die old and alone. Only I won’t have 50 cats. I’d prefer a bunch of Shih Tzu dogs.

“Well, there’s always the party right?” Maggie smiled.

“Yup.” She went to her closet to find an outfit to wear. She smiled as she pulled out a lavender short halter top dress. (what’s with the halter tops? I’ve had so many of them) She then found silver mid heel sandals that made her smile. “Can you please make a cheeseburger and curly fries for me mom?”

“Didn’t you have dinner?” Her eyes were amused by how much her girls can eat.

“Moooom, my dinner was ruined, remember and I’m still hungry so pleeeeease mom, mommy?” She batted her eyes. Maggie laughed and nodded. She got up from Purple’s bed leaving her privacy to get ready and to make her dinner. Purple’s long black soft curls hung loosely about her and over her shoulders. Her lavender dress hugged her hourglass shape curves and exposed most of her gorgeous toned legs. Her makeup was very lightly applied. She didn’t like heavy makeup. She made her way downstairs to where the rest of the girls waited.

Audrey whistled when she saw Purple walk in. “Daaaaamn girl!” She blew a kiss. “You look so fuckin hot!”

“Holy shit Pur, I wish I had your body you lucky bitch.” Vanessa’s eyes swept Purple from head to toe.

“We’re all gonna lose our boyfriends to you tonight.” Stacey said jokingly.

“Oh my God,” Maggie said worriedly. “Please keep an eye on your sister tonight. All those horny boys are going to be stalking you.”

“Oh don’t worry. She’ll be with us all night.” Vanessa said protectively as her right fist met her left palm.

“Yeah, Pur will be in our sights at all times.” Stacey assured their mother.

“She can’t even go to the bathroom alone,” Audrey spoke up. “I will be in the stall with her.” They all laughed. Purple found her food and happily ate it as she listened to the girls soldiering up for tonight.

“Alright then, just please be careful and just so you know, if anyone or all needs to crash here after the party, you can.” Maggie got up to go to her room. She likes to watch TV in the comfort of her own bed then pass out with the TV on.

Stacey and Audrey cleaned up the mess as Vanessa and Purple did a recheck of what to bring.

“Ok we have 4 packs of traveling baby wipes,4 small bottle sanitizers, 4 packs of mint gums, tasers, 4 mini flashlights and....”

“And we have a bag with four changeable outfits in case we puke or someone else pukes on our clothes or it happens to malfunction.” Purple added to Vanessa’s list.

“Ah yes and 4 pairs of sneakers in case we have to kick ass.”

Stacey, pleased with the back up plan, grabbed a bag. “Ok cool, let’s throw our backup gear in the trunk and get going.” All four girls got into the car and headed towards the party. When they arrived there were so many cars parked from the back of the warehouse to outside on the street. The abandoned warehouse was situated 45 minutes away from town and at a dead end street. The girls got out of the car and started walking towards the party. They could hear the Chiang brothers jamming and CJ’s voice was booming. Purple heard him sing many times and he can sing really well.

They finally walked inside the warehouse and the place was lit. The four girls had to maneuver their way to the front so the guys could see them. Everyone was there. Kids were dancing, drinking, sniffing, smoking, making out, talking, taking selfies and of course there were girls at the front of the guys dancing provocatively trying to get their attention. The color girls were definitely there. From the look on Tanya’s face, she looked like she wanted to devour CJ.

Purple looked all around and saw kids on the stairs looking down watching the guys perform. DJ winked at Stacey and she winked back. AJ spotted Vanessa and sexually wiggled his tongue at her. She blushed and shyly smiled. Of course when he did that, many of the other girls watching him screamed with excitement. Vanessa scoffed and shot him a look to behave himself. AJ smirked and did it again.

“He’s such an asshole.” Vanessa shouted to Audrey.

“But you love him.” She cheered the guys on.

“Yeah, yeah I do.” AJ looked at her and she made a blowjob sign with her hand and her tongue in her mouth pushing her cheek out which made him smile. The guys sang Check Yes Juliet to honor We’re The Kings and The Chase to honor My Favorite Highway.

Dewey arrived with Shawn and Jason and were immediately being checked out by the girls. Jason found a girl really fast and disappeared with her into the crowd. Dewey and Shawn headed straight for the Keg and began drinking. After the guys finished playing, The DJ starts playing music to keep the party going. CJ placed his guitar down on the guitar holder and jumped off the stage as did his brothers. CJ started walking towards Purple who was in deep conversation with Audrey when the color girls immediately surrounded him. His eyes fell on Dewey who was making his way to Purple. CJ’s jaw clenched in frustration.

Tanya batted her fake long eyelashes as she pressed her boobs against his arm. “You were so good CJ, like really...”

“You were better than good.” Midge pushed Tanya to the side, only to receive a deadly glare from Tanya.

Lexy jumped in to get her chance with CJ. “CJ, would you like to get a drink with me?” While they all fought to get his attention, he stared straight at Purple who was now having a conversation with Dewey. He watched as Dewey put his arm around Purple’s waist and spoke into her ear.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” No one really heard his outburst because the music was too loud.



AJ noticed the frustration and anger in CJ and realized he had to act quick before his brother did something stupid. AJ whispered something into Vanessa’s ear and she nodded. He quickly walked over to CJ pulling him away from the color girls. “Sorry ladies, but I need my brother.” They walked out of sight. “Dude, you need to relax and whatever you’re thinking about doing, don’t.” CJ’s eyes were still locked on Dewey holding Purple so intimately. He was getting angrier by the second. “Hey bro! Look at me!” CJ finally looked at AJ.

“What are you planning?” He asked with a scowl on his face. DJ and TJ came up to them wanting to know what was going on.

TJ being the ever caring brother that he is. “What’s wrong?”

“CJ got into a fight?” DJ asked.

“Nah,” AJ looked at DJ. “But I’m trying to prevent one.” He motioned with his face for DJ and TJ to look towards Purple.

Both TJ and DJ eyebrows went up in realization. “Ohhhhhhh.”

“That’s easy. I tell Stacey to grab Purple and take her somewhere else.”

“Tell Stacey to bring Purple here to me.” CJ said without taking his eyes off of Purple. DJ nodded and lightly elbowed TJ to follow him. Both AJ and CJ watched as DJ spoke into Stacey’s ear, she nodded and went to her sister, breaking up the conversation Purple and Dewey were having. Purple was taken away by her sister and brought to CJ.

“Hey CJ. You guys sounded awesome up there.” She flashed him a big smile.

“Yeah, thanks. “He grabbed her hand. “Come with me.” He led her away from the noisy crowd of crazy teens to a more secluded and private area.

“CJ where are we going?” She tried to keep up with his long strides. He led her up the stairs bypassing more drunken teens. They reached a long corridor, made about two turns and finally to a door that he opened that had stairs leading up.

“Come on, try to keep up.” He smiled. He opened another door and walked in first while still holding her hand. He then led her in front of him. It was a small balcony that had one chair. CJ sat down and pulled Purple on his lap. He grabbed both of her legs and swung them over his right. “Comfy?” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Yes,” she laughed. “What are we doing here?”

“It’s confession time.” He winked at her.

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