My 5 Overprotective Brothers

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Meet Amanda Jones is your typical 16 year old girl, with strawberry blonde hair and capturing baby blue eyes. She is the only girl in her family and luckily enough inherit the blue eyes from her grandmother on her mother's side. There is also something about her, she has five older brothers and they all live together under the same roof. Their parents are always busy leaving their oldest son, Max in charge. That's one of the reason why Amelia can't even go on one single date because of her highly protective and scary brothers. Two of them are seniors at her school and sadly twins. That's all about to change. __________________ Meet Sebastian Grey, he's new in town and so call 'golden boy'. Every girls want to date him and every guy envy him with his silky chestnut hair and light brown eyes. One thing about him is, he doesn't mess with is his grades and can be quite a party king. What happens when he befriends Amanda? How will her brothers react to her getting a new guy friend? Not to mention also having a secret admirer. ____________ Read to find out.

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“What the hell Max?!” I hear Jason shouts from upstairs as I eat my breakfast.

“Get your lazy behind up, its almost 8:30”, Max replies.

“And its Saturday, I always sleep in”, Jason argues.

“Not today, we got guest coming over later. This house needs to be clean before mom and dad gets home.”

“But it’s not like these guest are coming in my room”, Jason states.

“True though”, Kayden mumbles next to me.

“Yeah, but you know mom, she always want everything so perfect and fine like if its the President coming to din”, Nathaniel rolls his eyes.

“You can never know bro, dad has lots of connections”, Daniel his twin shrugs.

They are both identical with brunette hair and hazel eyes, while Kayden has strawberry blonde hair like me with hazel- green eyes; a combination of dad’s green eyes and mom’s hazel’s.

“For the last bloody time, get up Jason! Our parents will be here in less than five hours and this big damn house isn’t even half way done clean yet!” Max yells and then I hear a big thump.

“We have maids to do that”, Jason whines as he comes down the stairs.

“Dad give them the weekend off so we can learn to do chores and help ourselves so we wouldn’t become lazy and depend too much on other people”, Max states following him behind.

Max has brunette hair and green eyes, a duplicate of dad and Jason has strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes and looks similar to mom.

“So why is our cook still here then?”

“No one else can cook”, I laugh with a shrug.

“Well you should make yourself useful and learn to”, Jason smirks and I send him a dead glare.

“Say that again and I’ll dig your eyes out”, I hiss and point my fork at him.

“Whoa tiger, calm down”, Daniel takes the fork from me.

“I was using that to eat.”

“Yeah invisible food”, Max chuckles looking at my empty plate.

“Hey, my food”, I snap my head towards Jason who shove my last pancake in his mouth.

“What? I was hungry”, he says with his mouth full.

“Run”, Nathaniel whispers to him as I get off my chair, glaring at him.

I run after him as he shouts for help, but our loving brothers just laugh.


3 hours later

After I finally caught up to Jason and tackle him into the pool, we started to finish clean the house. Everyone cleaned their own rooms and I was given the dining room and hallway to vacuum.

“I’ll be back later”, Jason states as he walks down the stairs.

“Where are you going? Mom and dad will be here soon”, Kayden states.

“Unlike you, I got a girlfriend to take on a lunch date”, he says.

“Ouch”, I laugh.

“Whatever, its not like you guys are gonna last for the next six months anyway”, he rolls his eyes.

“Like if yours did”, he retorts.

“Hey stop teasing KJ about his non existence love life”, Nathaniel emerges from the gaming room with a bag of chips.

Kayden glares at him,“whatever, I’m going and take a swim”, he walks down the hall to the side of the house.

“Tell Tiffany I say hey”, I turn to Jason.

“Will do, can’t wait to get back at the university next week”, he sighs.

“Summer is almost over”, I groan.

“Yeah”, Nathaniel pouts,“I really enjoyed sleeping in.”

We live in Seattle and I attend Roosevelt High School with the twins and my friend Lily.

Max is a senior at Stanford Law School, he will be graduating next spring and then moving on to do his Masters. Jason is a sophomore at Colombia University and Kayden is just a year behind him at New York University, they both are sharing a flat together along with two other friends.

Tiffany, Jason’s girlfriend of three years live here in Seattle as well and attends New York Film Academy, she stays at Jason’s flat during the weekend and sometimes some days in the week as well since she lives with two of her classmates at a flat near the campus.


“Mom”, I run and hug my mother who enters the double front door first.

“Amanda darling, I missed you so much”, she hugs me back.

“Mom!” All the boys yell running down the stairs.

“Go help your father boys, we are having guest soon”, mom orders and they all groan.

“Who is our guest?” I ask.

“A co worker of your fathers’ with their children, luckily there is a girl around your age”, mom smiles, her strawberry blonde hair in a bun.

She is in casual clothes which is surprising.

“What’s her name?”

“Felicia and she attends a private school, which you were suppose to go, bu-”

“Mom we discuss this, just because dad has money doesn’t mean I have to go to a private school like Max and Jason did”, I cut her off.

“If you want to get into a good university, it would of look good on your application.”

“Roosevelt is a good school, Kayden went there and he turned out good, I can get into Berkeley with the kind of grades I have and extra activities I do. Don’t forget I am the vice president of student body, the president of the drama club and the president of the book club.”

“I know honey and I am very proud you can hold a lot of post with a 3.8- 4.0 GPA”, she kisses my forehead,“also I brought you a dress for the dinner we are having with the guest”, she hands me a bag.

I groan, there is one thing I dislike besides heels, and that’s dresses. Mom used to dress me up and carry me on play-dates when since I was 2 years old since she finally got a daughter. Lily and I met in 4th grade when I get to switch class, I didn’t ever had a guy friend since my brothers always telling them to stay away from me.

In middle school girls used to try to befriend me so they can get to talk to Daniel and Nathaniel, they used to pick on Lily because she was sort of a nerd back then and still is. I was a nerd too just didn’t wore glasses or braces like Lily did.

She was the only person who didn’t befriend me just to get closer to my brothers and she has a guy best friend, his name is Brandon and he goes to our school as well. He is friends with the twins since they are all on the same football team and he only hangs out with us during lunch and the only guy that can talk to me since my brothers don’t see him as a threat.


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