The Monster from My Dreams

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Ever wonder what it would be like to have a dream come true? Read and find out what happens in The Monster from My Dreams.

Humor / Romance
Nichole Michael
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Chapter 1


"See you tomorrow Emma" I call out to my friend and colleague as she walks out of the library where we work. "Bye, and thanks again for closing up. I own you girl" she calls back as she steps out of the doors. Making sure the doors are locked for me.

Laughing, I head over to the media center to make sure all the computers are shut down for the night. Then head over to the return cart and start putting away the books.

I'm humming to a song that has been stuck in my head lately as I work my way through the different book sections as I return books and make sure the shelves are in order. I've been working as a librarian for 3 years now while I work on my master's for my mythology and history degree.

I'm 28 years old and a bit of an introvert. I love reading more than going out. And dating hasn't been on my radar at all. I've had one boyfriend while in high school, but let's just say that did not end well when I found him in bed with my so-called best friend. His excuse "I wasn't putting out." Last I heard they got married as soon as high school ended because he got her pregnant but their marriage wasn't all that great. Now I'm no prude, but I just didn't feel like having sex with him and to be honest, I dodged a bullet with that one.

Turning down the last book aisle, Mythology, one of my favorite areas in the whole library, I scan the shelves as I put back the books. Coming to the end I go to put back a book and see a book I have never seen before next to the empty spot.

Curious as to what this book is, I put the one in my hand down then I grab the mysterious book. Skimming through the pages, I see it's about a great powerful warrior named Maverick, who I have never heard of before.

Seeing a picture of him, I think he is the most unbelievable attractive man I have ever seen. Biting my bottom lip, I let out a soft moan as I feel my core heat up and twist just by the sight of this God-like man, something that has never happened to me before. I decide to go ahead and check the book out so I can read more about him at home.

Finished with my closing tasks, I put on my coat, grab my bag, keys, and phone along with my new book.

Turning off the lights, I unlock the doors so I can leave and make sure to lock them back up again.

Feeling the cold winter air hit me as I quickly make my way to my car. I jump in and start my car up so I can warm up fast.

Deciding to grab some food, I stop by my favorite cafe before heading home.

Pulling into my garage, I park and shut the garage door before grabbing everything and making my way into the house.

Turning the heat up, I place my things on the kitchen counter and slip off my shoes and coat. Going to the fridge I grab my bottle of wine, pouring some into a glass then go sit down at my breakfast bar.

Pulling the book out of my bag, I start reading about this Warrior God, Maverick while eating my dinner.

I don't even realize I've finished my dinner as I was so drawn into Maverick's story of his life until I went to take another bite but found nothing left.

Cleaning up my mess, I pour another glass of wine. Picking up my glass and book I head upstairs to my room, deciding on a bath tonight, I place my things down on my nightstand and walk into my bathroom to start my bath. Placing in a bath bomb I watch as the water foam up and steam rises into the air.

Turning I make my way back into my room as I being to strip my clothes off, placing them into the clothes hamper. Grabbing my phone, book, and wine I head back into the bathroom. Placing my phone on the speaker dock, I turn on some relaxing music and dim the lights down some.

Shutting off the water, I place my glass on the side of my tub then grab my bathtub book holder tray and book. Slipping into the warm water, I place the tray across the tub and open my book where I left off.

Relaxing back, I become absorbed back into the book, learning about how Maverick learned as a young boy to fight from his father and uncle alongside his cousins and younger brothers. Becoming the greatest warrior and gaining the interest of many women when he turned 18 years old.

Maverick had warmed many lucky ladies' beds at night, he became not only known for his fighting but also as an incredible lover. Many women would gush over how his tongue was like magic. Giving them multiple orgasms just by his tongue alone. Then there was his cock, long and thick.

Never marrying or fathering any kids he spent his life traveling all over, helping many kings win wars and bedding women sometimes multiple women at once. They called him a Monster, both on the battlefield and in the bedroom, or wherever he decided to fuck his next conquest.

Reading this I began to feel my core once again heat up and twist. Shaking my head, I did not understand why I felt this way all of a sudden. Sure I enjoy reading dirty books but never has I ever felt like this from reading, even more about a book on something that isn't a fantasy book.

Finishing up my bath, I wash off before getting out and wrapping a towel around me. Placing the book on the counter, I go about my nightly routine.

Seeing the cover picture of Maverick out the corner of my eye, I stop and just look at myself in the mirror. I'm short, I have long dark brown hair and brown eyes and wear glasses off and on. I have been told I have curves in all the right places and nice sized breasts. I pretty much any college guy librarian fantasy as they say.

But when I look at myself all I see are flaws. Looking back a the book, I bite my lip wondering if someone like Maverick would ever be interested in a girl like me.

Sighing I shake my head getting rid of such thoughts. No, a man like Maverick wouldn't ever be into me, he would want someone who looked like a Goddess and knew what she was doing to please a man like him.

Once done, I grab my phone, wine glass, and book. Dropping my phone and book on my bed, I take my glass back down to the kitchen, making sure all doors are locked and all lights are off down there.

Heading back up to my room. I slip off my towel and grab a pair of panties from the dresser to put on before slipping on my silk nightgown.

Turning on my lamp, I turn off my bedroom light before crawling into bed. Plugging in my phone, I check to make sure my alarm is set for the morning.

Deciding to read a little more before I fall asleep, I get cozy, then find where I left off at.


Oh wow, this dream is amazing, feels so real though but I can't see anything. I think as I feel long fingers stroking up and down my legs.

Moaning at the feeling, I arch my back and open my legs up some as I feel the fingers moving up higher and higher. I feel my pussy becoming wet as my insides heat up and twist. Feeling the figures getting closer and closer to my core but then I whine as I feel the figures move back down my legs and hear a deep sexy chuckle from my mystery man.

I hold my breath as I feel the fingers once again making their way back up, wondering if I will continue getting teased or if I will finally be touched in my most private area. I let out a lung full of air as I feel feathery light fingertips move across my now wet covered pussy making me moan out again to which I hear again the deep chuckle in response.

I feel the bed shift, as my legs are opened wider, then his tongue licking slowly up and down the center of my covered pussy. I gasp as he lets out a low groan sound.

His tongue feels long as he continues to lick me, putting more pressure against me, his nose pushing against my clit. He isn't even touching my bare pussy and I'm already close to cumming. What the fuck? My legs begin to shake, my toes curl and I moan loudly as he pushes me over the edge.

Breathing hard as I come down from my orgasm, I feel my panties being pulled down and off me before he settles back between my legs again. This time I feel his finger strokes up and down my pussy lips, his fingertip slips into my opening. Oh fuck his fingers feel thick and he only has one a few inches inside me.

Moaning I arch my back making him slip more inside, making my pussy once again wet. He slowly begins pumping in and out getting me used to the feeling before he adds a second finger making me feel full. I can hear myself moaning and saying words but I don't even comprehend as he speeds up his fingers thrusting and pushing in a third finger, placing his thumb on my clit he rubs it in circles.

I'm feeling close again to cumming but I've never been able to make myself orgasm more than once before so I am unsure and a little scared. He must see me holding back as I hear a low growl come from the back of his throat causing me to let go once again.

This time screaming out as I feel myself gush all over his fingers and down my pussy to my forbidden hole. Heart racing hard, I feel like it could burst out of my chest at any moment.

Die by orgasm overload, what a way to go right? Slowly coming back to, I try and make light of what just happened "trying to kill me?" I say giggling, to which he just chuckles again and I feel his head shake no against my legs.

I hear as he sucks his fingers clean and groans low in his throat, the vibration causes me to fidget as my core twist yet again. Oh no, I can not still feel horny, can I?

Inhaling sharply as I feel once again his long tongue now against my bare pussy, slowly licking from top to bottom, cleaning my juices up. "Oh God," I moan out as he works his magical tongue once again on my pussy.

Feeling my core tighten, I grab a handful of bedsheets as my back arches but he grips my hips pushing me back down, keeping ahold of me tightly as he keeps his slow torture licking going.

"Please, please. I don't know if I can take anymore, please" I whimper. He keeps going, lapping my juices up before pushing his tongue deep into my opening.

"Oh shit" I scream, he is deep inside my pussy with his tongue, his nose right up against my clit. How can this be, his tongue is so long, that can't be normal, but fuck if it doesn't feel good. I can't help but moan as his top teeth scrape against my clit making a hard shudder run through my body.

"Oh fuck, please I don't know how much more I can take, please I need to cum" my voice sounding hoarse from all the screaming he has caused me to do. Pulling his tongue out of my pussy he sucks my clit into his mouth, sucking hard as his fingers take over fucking my pussy again.

He hooks his fingers up, finding my G-spot. Pumping in and out of me as he sucks, nibbles and pulls on my clit then growls against me causing the vibration to move through me, and hitting me with one of the strongest orgasms to rock through my body ever.

I'm breathing hard as he licks up my juices from my sensitive raw pussy once again. "Please no more, I can't handle anymore, please" I whisper, as he laughs against my pussy.

"Fuck you're a Pussy Monster aren't you?" I moan to him as I feel my world go black.

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