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in midst of recovering through his failed matrimonial life and job, Jack Logan starts out a new life with his college best bud, friend James Shitz and his former crush Maya but little do they know that they are going to be part of big scandal they can ever think of?

Humor / Thriller
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...The journey begins with an end

( A soft hymn of a happy song)

Gosh...I hate this place.. but when you get a therapy from your college friend with huge discount..

It ain't that bad.

Why do they always put these cheery songs?

Hell no one gonna be feeling ok with that. Most people come with their worst problems still in there minds and this gives them false hope.

You aren't gonna get fixed in one day.

And what's with this all white decor?

Great marketing strategy?!!

Make your customer feel much worse and oblivious to get five star rating on Yelp afterwards!

So... this is what I am reduced to now. A loose pathetic man with no wife, no job.

So basically I am Will Farrel of one of his comedic movies.

Except I am still at my prime. Which is unused.

So what went wrong. Will?

( Why do you think I am here, douche bag??)

And by the way, sorry for being rude. I am Jack. Jack Logan...kinda sexy name right?

A mix of Caprio and Jackman. I thought that too..but you see you don't get everything. This sexy name comes with a package of a supreme jerky personality and not to forget the idiotic look.

( Don't waste your precious mind. Visualise Chandler bing, got there? Great!! Now just make him like someone who's washed up by hundreds of girls )

I think it's customary to introduce myself to you guys you can then anonymously interfere in my life and then laugh,cry,frown and do whatever the hell you want with me judge me like the judges of every goddamn reality show!!

"Mr Logan, come in"

And the intercom rings, quite the most connecting device between a shrink and a client.

"Hey dude!"

"Hi jack, but I might prefer you to call me maintains the professionalism between us."

"Already using the big words, guess you are kinda getting serious now huh? What happened Matt? When the hell did you became so serious?"

"Let's ignore this. It's not about me.its about you. So how's the progress from the last session?"

"Well , it has been great!! You see, I see birds chirping a damn lot louder, babies of neighborhood crying like their true horrors have been visualised ( fluffy being torn ..that's kinda satisfying to watch. The cute little face in disbelief!! Watch yours when hearing bad things about yourself) lovey dovey screwing in parks like no tomorrow..(wanna see free live porn? Turn to Gulberg park!!)

And ...."

"No!!! , I mean what's your progress??"

"Me?? Oh I am dead you see? Long dead."

"Logan, don't.."

"No well ... I was revived for a year but then again someone knocked me cold, stripped me off, burnt me Alive and then left me in their back yard..."

"Logan, what was the first rule of our session?"

"Hmm..sit your cocky ass down and listen??"

"Well, that was immodesty accurate, but yes. Shut your damn hole up.

Logan it ain't that have to get up!!"

It ain't that hard??

Whoa!! Where's this 'that' bar set up at?! Does 'that' even exist. You might here a load of crappy 'advice' of people suffer so you ain't special. So stop hovering like a pedophile and be happy and all the shit.

But 'that'

What is that? Exactly?

I'll tell ya what's that. It's the goddamn imaginary level of how low you can stoop and fall in the deepest darkest and fucked up pits of your life. Which is never ends. But it's still there. Cause some people believe that life can't get much fucked up.

But this....I heard this thousands of times. And thousand and a one will only bring one thing.

Stay aside people , hot lava of anger coming up!!


Whoa...quote not the monologue I expected to deliver...but maybe I exerted much pressure on the tone rather than the words. My mouth's parched...and only one thing can flood it..

"Here, drink this"

At this moment a dilemma comes over me, should I knock this glass of water from this shrink's hand and punch him?or should I just accept it??

Well I know you guys are cheering


But that's not gonna happen!! It's not a telenovela.


"You have to accept that she ain't gonna come back to you.."

" I am leaving this town.Matt.i am.

I am quitting my job, so I have to unsubscribe you too. It's been good having pointless yet intriguing session with you. Don't worry. We'll still watch Baywatch together.(not the new one.yuck!)"

" I can't stop you now. Can I ?"

" No. You ain't stronger than me"

"So if you will, can you have my last advice? As a client?"


" It ain't that hard son"

" You know Matt, if this shortly piece of advice was a club lest be a poop?

I would smack it on your face."

" So that's a no then?"



(Door shuts)

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