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... The outburst

I remember seeing most of the thriller action movies where the lead witnesses the bomb blast on his/her surroundings and how everything happens in slow motion with no voice but distinct indescribable voices..and I thought does that happens to real people?

Now I know.

As we got out of the doorstep of the cafe, we saw lots of police cars and officers roaming's the same as the movies..everything is in fast motion.

And in our position, mingling with a cop is way too risky for it's like that even though you have gotten out of the jail..and your bro works on still don't get the right to smoke the stuff.

( Total Overdose, that's a game just like GTA )

But what type of story this would be if we don't get in danger,right?

So here comes he cliche!!

A cop saw us and signalled us to come to him.

"Shoot!!, Pretend we didn't saw him" I said

But as we were walking towards our car another cop stopped us in front and said that someone is asking for us..

So we have no choice.

So we stood right there and waited for him to come over.

"Hey, guys you alright??"

"Oh, yes officer we are but pretty much shaken.." I said.

" I am so sorry for what you've been through " he said.

"No sir, it's Pretty much the survivor's guilt that is dangling on our heads.." Jamie said.

"Oh!! Do you guys need any counselling??"

"Oh, no!!we are fine sir!" Maya said.

"Well then if you are fine enough to recollect your last minute thoughts, would you like to answer some questions??"




On our way, we got to know that sergeant Watson is over cheerful , BPO and OCD instituted person. He is way too accustomed to check the time on his phone. And talks loud so none could miss what's he saying.…for the one hour ride we learned his lineage.

Both sides.

"Ok, so here we are, if you would , please go to the interrogation room 3. It's on the least side of the reception and down to the three blocks from main door. I need to do some paperwork. I'll see you there." And as that he winked and went over to the third building at the right of the main one.

"In what world, did we end up here??" Jamie said.

"Should we keep the stuff in the car??" Maya asked.

"Yeah, that way they won't inspect us for that"

And we went into the IR 3 , we sat down and looked at each other..

All of a sudden Maya stood up went over to the mirrir and shouted.

"Hey, punk!! What the hell are ya looking at huh? I know your damn tricks!!"

"What are you doing?'"

"Oh , yeah I always wanted to do that!!"

And then the phone rang.

"Who's it??"

The caller ID had the name of Jenny Pepinsky.

"It's the intercom woman"

"The idiot?"


"Pick up!!"

And I fumbled to press the answer button.


"Hola amigo!!"


"Hey, are we fuckin' couples or what!?? You people have galls to do that in the cafe.. did you know how toll of lives are you paying for??

33 people!!"

"We just went there to eat!! It's not like we ran away!!"

"We don't care in the world if you shoot yourself in your mouth and went over to dive in river Styx, but you know hay will happen to you do you don't do the work,sir. …. Liz is in Aruba you know"

And a cold sweat trickled from my forehead to my cheeks..or maybe it transformed into tears while meeting my eyes at the intersection?

They know about Liz??

They can't..

"Hey, there's no need to bring those who mean nothing.."

"Oh really..then why do I see you guys on the screensaver of your phone?"

"That's -"

She got me. there's no way to explain that the blond woman in the picture is my wife and her name is Liz as I sent the exact copy made to her on our first anniversary..which is now saved in my gallery too.

"Now that you have learned the lesson well..

Don't disobey or get off track with the orders..keep in touch of the pages.. we'll tell you when to eat or not.. and by now you guys would be farting your asses off in 10min.

We planted a microchip in each of your hairs..and it's ultra thin( even more than your rubber) to trace it off.

So don't ever try to stay off course..we know what to blast and what not..if you do , next time it will be your head.

"We'll take care of it..don't worry."

Sometimes promises are the best temporary excuses to escape responsibility…but when your head's on the stake.? doesn't pretty much work out.

"You will, jack-ass"

And cut.

"What did she say?" Said Maya

"They're tracking us."

"Let me guess…microchip?" Jamie says

"Yup..wait..if you did know that, why the hell didn't you tell us before!!??" I said

"Hey!! It's cliche!! I don't expect them o really use that!!" He exclaimed.

"Didn't you saw the building out there?" Maya said

"You don't know what's in the inside just by looking at it from the outside" he said in a long deep voice.

"What..are you some kind of guru or something??"

" After this, I might be. Maybe I'll be the first one to dive in styx and come back.."

Only one things is produced at this movement


"Well, we can't retrieve it from our heads as it's ultra thin…"

"Like rubber!!" Smirks Jamie.

What the..

" So we have to be careful for whatever we are gonna do next in 72 hours, Kay?"


And then the door opens, sergeant Watson enters in with a med.

"You guys, just stitch yourself up..and then we will begin our interrogation.ok?

He said as he clapped his big hands together.

"Stitch? … but we are fine, officer."

What stitches?

And all of a sudden my head exploded.

No not from the microchip…i wouldn't be able to keep you guys updated if I did right… but by something which should have come hours before.

I didn't realise that my faint blue shirt was soaked crimson. And neck was making a way for bloody river.

I was afraid to know what happened with I slowly lifted my hand Upto my neck and traced the river of blood.

And guess where does it leaves me?




As my shaking fingers traced up to my crane to the hair..I felt something wet and sticky.

And a tinge of metallic smell came..why the hell didn't I feel this before!!

And then my fingers interjected to something. Something solid. But cold. In all my hot bodily fluids..I sensed something solid. Solid and cold.

"Hey, don't pull on that!!"

The med cried.


"Oh my god… where the hell did this rammed up in your head!!" Maya cried

Now I am really scared…what the hell is it??!!

"Ok , you sit right here."

Officer Watson, grabbed me gently by my shoulders..and dragged me across the room and sat me on the chair.

"Again, may I ask what is it?"

"'s better if you don't know"

"What…its bad??"

"Kinda..not so much though!!"

I saw right through the med..he was trying to sooth me..but when you have something big lodged in your head which is quite uncertain by only you…is quite..





Said then med..with a low whistle..he landed the object on a steel tray.

"Don't move!!"

"What the hell! Don't trust me like it's my birthday!! Let me see what it is!!"

"Just clean yourself up and then see it all you want..make it a souvenir, auction it..just don't move for now."

And for 1 hour we set.

He cleaned, treated and stitched up my wounds and bandaged it.

I was given a new set of clothes from the morgue.

Wow.really?? if I didn't really die…i an still treated like a dead?

And when I entered the room, I saw that my other friends weren't hurt much as I was…all they got was a scrapped knee and few cuts in shoulders and arms.

And a bit of concussion.

So after the test of sanity.

The real interrogation begin.

"Guys, before we start. I would like you all to take a deep breath and recollect your minds..the events of recent past. And of you don't..didn't force yourself much.kay?"

"Yes, officer" we all chimed.

"Ok, so what were you guys doing in the cafe?"

"What kind of fucked up question is that? Of course to di-" Jamie blurted out.


At this movement a slight indication of cockiness will end up in imprisonment.

"Sorry officer, maybe the concussion is still there!"

"It's might seem like a senseless- sorry 'fucked up' question but it's important. So please answer it."

He said with a wide smile… it's been a decade to see officers like this.

"We were in a reunion. We were there to make a we all are very close and after eating we were gonna go to our reunion venue."

Said Maya.

"Really sorry…you guys lost such a good chance of bonding!!"

"Yeah .." as we tried to sound sympathetic.

"Ok, then, did you guys notice anything unusual? Like something which you really don't see in a diner?"

"Well, maybe assholes like you don't eat in there??"

"Shut up!! James!!"

"He's just.. really traumatized and he isn't really taking his pills.." Maya hastily said.


"Oh, yes… he's mentally's just like tourette but with cuss words and rudeness…" I said.

"Oh . really sorry."

"No . Don't be.."

"Well, we really didn't see something out of place like that..."


By now, he was just doodling on his notepad.

"Ok, do you know anyone in there?"

"Did you just hear what the girl said!!" Shouts jamie

And now he was lunging towards the table..



And I grabbed him

And to sheath us both Maya came forward.

"Um..officer we are really sorry but can we just wrap this quick?"

"Uh.ok, it's not like you are the prime suspects and clearly you guys don't seem to know much.."

"Thank you.."

And we ran from there.

And as the blow of cold air hit us, I rounded up Jamie in a isolated place(that is backyard of the police station) ..


"Are you kidding me???

He was literally asking the most dumbass questions in there!!"


And after a moment I realised who was being whom.

I spoke in low voice.

"Still. There was no need of being that jerk"

"My bad bro.. tourette"

"You know it's not tourette. Don't blame it for everything"

And then he gave a whatever wave of hand.


And as we approached the car…

"What the.."




in no way we could let this place( in all the hell world) to know what's in the trunk!!

I spend towards the car and asked.

"Is there something wrong officer?"

"Oh..well the dog ain't leaving this place..he's sensing something suspicious. Mind you open your trunk?"


No… no.. no no no no no!!

"Is there really a need?"

" Yeah..I mean he's in the drug squad , I need you to open your trunk sir."

No way!! How can I ?

And the Mario's game over sound is running all over on my head.

Tu tu tu tu tururu tururu!!

"Here you go doggie!!"

And the next thing I saw , Jamie was on his knees and was beckoning the dog with a treat.

"Is that..?" The officer inquired.

"Oh, yes, high fibre ."


And when the dog came near him he stood up. Closed his palm with the biscuit..and threw it over the next building with his all might.



And the dog ran where the biscuit landed

Unfortunately the leash was open so the officer had to run to..

"Oh my god...when the hell did you had a pet??"

"Pet!?..oh no that's just a chunk of stuff I stole from my client's house."


"Oh..I used to look after the pet dogs of my neighborhood… Mrs Waterson buys good stuff for Ronnie you know…to much for a pug"

And he snorts.

"Oh get in the car, you two!!" Maya shouts.

And we drive out.

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