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"Open the map"

I said back to Maya as we were driving in the freeway lane on 30A.

" Our next stop is Lorena concert hall."

Concert hall?

Who the deuce would go there.

"Jamie, check if there's any show for today in there"

"Yeah, it's the Frankish boys.

Huh? What a bekng-ass name"

"Well it's not the 80s anymore. Linkin park days are over.buddy."

And silence fell all over us. We never realised how much the world has changed. Once you cross 30 you pass the sea of milenialls. And end up at a shunned shore of boredom, despair and commitment.

All these kids cool and funky songs of doing cocaine, banging each other or overusing EDM is nothing compared to what we used to have in our times.

"Play Heavy."said Maya.

"Yes, mam!!"

We got off to eat something but we later chose to go through driveway , because we don't wanna blow up KFC now.

They are blowing enough.

The sun was burning on the horizon. Horizon of our car roof.

"Guys , we are almost there."

I looked back and the dumbass were snoring aloud.

"What the.." I smirk.

There faces are so peaceful. It really doesn't look like the convicts who blew up a cafe and are highly involved in drug dealing.

I stopped the car. And quickly I went for a Gatorade and came back in the car again.

I bought some ham and cheese burgers for them too and some veggie Mcpuffs.

It's almost night now.

And they are awoke.

"If you really wanted us to die, you could have just shoot us in head bro." Said Jamie.

"Shut up dumbass."

And I handed over him the foodbag.

"Hey, ham and cheese."

" Oh, Mcpuffs…you really are kinda family man huh?" Maya said.

Mcpuffs were Liz's favourite. I didn't realise till now they I bought them for no one.

"From what angle does Mcpuffs defines bring a family man? Besides. Family was always a f-word to me."

"Yeah?" She said cheesily and after driving some few blocks we came to drive through a big gate.

"Is that.?" Jamie said.

"Uh huh.."

And then we got off.

"What do we do next?"

" It says. To look for a Shaggy man in brown overcoat and purchase the item covered in a brown shoe box."

"Shaggy man? Ok. Well let's go then."

The Frankish boys concert was overflowing with teenagers. Dumb teenagers.

I didn't know but Jamie got seperated from us.

"Shitz. Where did the hell he went off to?"

" I don't know.." said Maya and soon we were pushed in front line.

" from two."

The man in the counter booth who was grudgingly edging in his seat. He was wearing the concert bands t-shirt. said.


And then he looked at us.

" Aren't you two too old for this?"

" Oh give us the paper man!!" Maya shouted.

"Here you go!! "

And soon he fumbled the tickets to us.

While looking for choosing a spot a guy bumped into us. He was wearing a red cap and a blue check shirt.

"Oh, sorry dude" I said.

" No it's my..I didn't know dad's come here to watch the concerts?

Baseball's still alive right?"

" Fuck off!!"

As I waved my finger on him.

"Oh come on!!" I said

As Maya was hilariously laughing.

"Where do we sit?"

I said.

"Sit? Jack, have you ever been in a concert?"


"What do you mean..o thought you would probably have!!"

" I wasn't much of a concert guy ok!! Standing in middle of countless heads bobbing everywhere with glistening sweats raining horizontally on you only to see a minuscule band…who are better with their autotune.."


And then she smirked. Follow me.

And she led me to a faraway place.

At the back of one of the concert entrances, there was a small room.

Janitorial room.

There she opened the Mcpuffs and gave one to me.

"We don't have to be in the concery if you don't want to."

"And what about the Shaggy man ?"

"Jamie knows it's no good searching for us now, so he'll try to find himself. Besides this isn't take long. First song is for like 5 min. Then there will be a break. Where there will be a place to stand in and look for."


"What happened between you to?"

"Well, as I said before she slept with my good looking brainless boss because I couldn't give time to her.

I was making time for her!!! I made her a luxurious time for past 5 years!!"

"Relax.its not your fault."

You don't wanna think much but when someone forces you to spill the beans. You spill more than beans.

And I started sobbing.

What to do?

I loved her!! I freaking loved that woman!!

"Hey don't you cry.igs not your fault."

"What if it was!!??"

" But it's not !! Listen, her impatience is not worth you ok? Starting years of Marriage work are all lovely. But then all goes to shit!!"

You guys had a tough time and she withdrew before you.thats it!! ITS NOT YOUR DAMN FAULT!!"

And as I looked above her face was an inch close to mine. Our eyes didn't move.

But her hearts were racing fast. Every beat was syncing with both of us and increasing together.

The adreline was flowing in us both and sense of life throbbing in head and down there .

She came more close to me.

Her wavy silk hair falling in my shoulders. Draped like a curtain.

It was like being in the best protection of someone unknown.

I was such a fool to leave her in that moment. But right now. None of us are drunk. Well not in alcohol sure.

And I grabbed her shoulders gently and as her nose nudged against mine.

There was a feeling of happiness. The happiness that I had with Liz.

But it's different. It's exciting, it's exotic. It's adventurous.

And as she touched her lips softly against mine-



and we both stood afront!!

"Do you think?"


And we both rushed out of the room. We both forget what happened few minutes ago. I looked at the's been four minutes.

And then we came in front of the stands..

People were rushing out of the concerts , sailing and flailing their arms around!?

"Mass shooting??"

"We have to find Jamie!!"


I said as I thrust one of the cellphone in her hand.

"Take care of yourself. Call me when you find him."

And for a second we both looked. But both didn't wanted to paint the few minutes past picture again.

She rushed somewhere else.

And I went to the left stands.

Jamie… wasn't here.

And soon I saw two guys brawling at each other.

One with a blushirt and other one with white.

It's he same dude I bumped into!?

And Jamie was fighting with him!?

"JAMIE!!" I shouted

And as he looked at me, the other guy have him the butt of a wood. And he fell backwards.


"Sorry.." as I squinted.

But he came back up and his nose was broken .

The guy came again but Jamie grabbed his cap from his head and throwed it on his face and while he was distracted he snatched the weapon from which he was butted with.

It was a gun.

So this guy , was a mass murderer.

And he knocked him unconscious with his punch.


He yelled..

"That's my line you bastard!!"

And I rang Maya..while we were sprinting from there…and soon she joined us.

"Where the hell dodo you went to?!!" She cried.

"Yeah???.you idiots were the one who got seperated from me. And I looked for you guys around but you weren't there and then there was this guy who raised his gin towards a lady in front of me and I studied to snatched it Andi n the snuffle he shot it in the air. Thus all the people ran from the stadium.

Where the hell did you two went off to?!"


And I looked at Maya.

"We were searching for you silly!!"

And she takes a laugh and I know that laugh. That what I used to do to make freaking time for Liz for past 5 years!!

"What about the Shaggy man??"

"We'll see if later. Now let's get the hell out of here!!"

"Good point. "

And somehow we went back in the car.

" I searched everywhere. There isn't any Shaggy man ".

"Really, did you read out wrong?"

"Yeah? Blame it on the lady!!"


Jamie shouted. Gotta give it to him. The most eligible to clear his head off

" you fight like old couples!!"


We both said.

" I am going out again."

"Wait for us!!"

We went to the deserted stands. And there we saw a man.

Who was not SHAGGY at all.

He was sure wearing a brown overcoat. But he wasn't Shaggy.

Rather.he was bald.

He was sitting in the stand F5 and slurping on diet. coke.

Maybe they wrote must be shaddy man."

"I guess."

"Excuse me sir…but do you have any brown package to deliver to??"


"Do you have-"

" I ain't deaf, you shit-ass!! "

"So you don't.lets go guys" Jamie said as he turned back.

"Hey wait!!

You are the pigs!!?"


" Are ya deaf!!?? ARE. YOU.THE.PIGS??!"

Pigs.. subtle. Jenny.really subtle.


"Here you go then."

And he raised a brown shoe box.

" Don't open it yet. Show it to your boss."


"Thanks" Maya said.

"Wait..I have one more question. Did you know about the shootout here?"

" Know? …i did the shootout you son!!"

And he cackled.


"Ah you see my nephew, he was supposed to do that..but I don't see him anywhere. Where did that dumbo went off to."

And I looked at Jamie.

While he was looking at the stand C4.

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