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… Sometimes Love Ain't Blind

Uh...cold!! What the hell's wrong with new York's winter ??

Gotta double up on coats.

So presently the lunatic is scrapped off from my life. I am no longer seeing a therapist. Who thought a familiar shrink would be this hard to deal with?

So why was I acting like a useless raging bull in there?

Let's time travel to the past.shall we?

24 DEC 2015

"Jack, boss wants to meet ya. ASAP."

"What? Yeah..ok"

I guess I am getting something big!!

The kid seems to call me a lot now a days.

Chris Strike is Enrique Iglesias of wall street. Just the looks. Not the brains.or voice. He's got that sweet ruff voice but when he sings he kinda gets choked up. The Christmas party was amazing actually. His singing on Christmas bells was like santa was riding on an empty bottle of cough syrup. He's tall. Broad.muscular handsome. Everything that all girls want to have wet dreams for.

" hey, Chris"

"Oh. Good evening, Mr Logan!!"

The only thing I like about my boss is that he's the maple syrup of toxicity. But I don't buy that much.

" I . Have. A. great .news .to .tell .you!!"

"Why. do .you. keep .talking. like .that.?!?"

And we both first out laughing.

Best way to gulp down and barf an insult?


" The board's talking about raising everyone's life in here due to our last year's stunt...and in there I hear that they are considering of promoting you to the marketing head!!"


My heart was saying cry like a five year old kid who's getting showered with the fullfiled promises of santa Claus while my mind is saying act like Harvey specter from suits.

"Well, u knew that would happen. I worked my ass off for five years...well, thank you Chris. I am grateful for being the messanger for this sweet news"

And I exit from the room like a calm,put solemn man. But who knows?


"Hey, Mr Logan?"

"Yeah?!, ..I. Mean. Yeah?"

" It's overtime today."

" Oh.ok!!

For the first time in my life. I didn't cursed overtime.


Hoo. It's done !! Now let's get home!!

Today's so crowded huh? Well we all are busy people...HAPPY PEOPLE!!

Hey punks, kick a little harder!!! That homeless guy ain't weak!!

Oh !! Keep up with the good work doggie!! Wanna pee with a full lethal range over the flower!!??! FULL THRUST!!

And there goes that stride!!

I love this world!!

Uh..ho!!! The good home!! Sweet home!!

You know, there's a photo of Liza and me. When we first met.

It's unlike those . Its unique.

Cause we took it on the roller coaster. She crying with horror and gripping hard on the bar, like she's gonna go the same way as people did in Final Destination 3.

Me, literally laughing my head off. And below that her revenge. Riding the my little ponie on the big Carousel. Me bawling my head off and she laughing. And then the last one. Both on a Ferris wheel. But this time kissing. Kissing like the meeting of first love on this earth.

We both are pretty same person. So we only have pictures of ourselves. No parents.or relatives.or friends.just us. It's our world.

We are perfect. We used to have arguments but petty which movie is better. Die hard or James Bond.

Final destination or saw. Or B99 or the office.

I just love her. And it's not just the human love. It's the cosmos love. You can't be without just can't. It's like we are made for each other. Two perfect creations to complete a set. One set.

So let's put the food in the kitchen.

And let's go!!

Our bedroom is pretty much like the same.omly on the outside. But you won't believe on the inside.( I am not gonna tell ya)

"Liz!! I am home!!, Chinese or Italian, well I have both!!"



What's happening? Why's the door closed? It's never closed.and then I hear something.

"Do you like it, Mrs Logan?"


"How about this?"

"Yeah..that's much better"

Two voices. Both familiar, panting.


You can't...


"HEY LIZ!!?"

I heard a simple thud. I open the door. And the site that I never imagined let cross my mind was in front of me.

Two.naked bodies.on top of each other.sweaty, withering . With ecstacy and wife underneath.above he. The kid. The stupid kid.the hot damn kid!!


"Jack !! It's not what it looks like!"

Said my wife. Crossing over the bed to catch her robe..

"Jack listen.."



And a tear drops out of her blue eyes. I loved to drown in that. And I was so down when I saw one drop of water coming out of it. Hated myself if the reason was me. But now. There was storm in the grey eyes of mine. a hurricane. Which would blow off all of us apart!!

" can you??"

And now I was crying. And whenever I did she would used to call me a masterpiece. In terms of the state of modern art.

"It' would come home so late! For like four years and I would never be able to see you. You would be gone in the morning and come at midnight. I never wanted to disturb you as you were trying so hard.for both of us. But in the middle of this. It was you who was moving and not me. I would just wait for the day when you will come home and we would be together. Even for a minute.just for a min. But you didn't. It soon became all you.your was all about your damn work!! And then I met him. I didn't know he was working with you...not even that he's your boss!! I am sorry...jack..I ..sorry...

"I am sorry too.liz.but you see. I was working for five years for the future that you dreamed of. And I was so close to achieving that...but"

And I didn't know but was it my own reflex?

That I suddenly caught hold of her face and cupped it.

Was I going to smack her? Was I??





Like I never did.i swear. Like she was the last thing I wanted to glue myself to..before I was torned apart.

" Liza will have this house for the settlement. I will send you the papers first thing tomorrow."


(Door shuts)

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