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Let's Catch Up!!

"I guess we have a lot to catch on.huh?"

Even though no one wanna say this question when meeting someone for a long time lest burdening the intense betrayal from a loved one is way too weighing.

"Do you wanna?"

Respect Jamie.


And I felt as the heavy ton burden shifted over me with ease. That's what are best friends for. They don't wanna make you feel shit all the time.

Jamie's living on his own for like..4 years. Before that he's been living with his mom and her boyfriend in Their basement. And when things got out of controls(meaning, loud bangs and thumps at night which made him more miserable and lonely) he decided to move out.

Well he's only working at a cafe. So he doesn't have much of his savings. Thus this shit hole.

With posters of his favourite movies( mostly chick flicks) and his mom's. He didn't decorated the walls much . There are bean bags instead of armchair and a foldable bed cum sofa for the main luxury. He doesn't own TV. As he loves his I phone more.

So how did we meet?

Well, losers befriend losers and become legends.


Tourette+ sadist= weed legends.

His extraordinary ability to make weird sounds at most weird period of time tends other homo sapiens (especially female genus) to be distant to him. Thus he never had the chance to have a girlfriend. I ain't gonna describe his sounds at every interval of our journey. It's uncalled and derogatory. To him. And to me.

While me?

I am pure sadist. ( Hey, I am not the neighbour's pet burning type, nor I ever killed anyone.not intentionally.) Soft-core.

I simply pleasured myself with life's pains. Greatly afflicted by my own. While intrigued by those of others.

I don't know why but when someone confessed something to me. I would burst out laughing.

The reason why Penny Solace didn't go out with me for prom night?

She couldn't find her solace in me.

So after harbouring 5 jumbo bags of nachos and 4 diet belly was just as full as my mind.

"So Jamie, what road are you on?"

"Well, I tried small business for waffles and ice creams but it didn't work much , cause I ate then all. later I volunteered at pets rescue shelter bit got kicked out as I was rescuing myself. Cause I ate most of the biscuit supply. Then I became a salesman. But couldn't give them the progress report I as I was hogging down all of it."

"So now?"

" I am on the ultimate path of salvation. I am the giver now."

"The what?!"

"I am a drug dealer"

"With a tourette."

" So what??"

" Wonder how don't you give away your clients while dealin'.."

"Laugh all you want, bro..but it's frickin' heaven out there."

" Don't you's a bit..."

"Risky?? Yeah. I am not stupid , jack-ass. I took all the consideration needed to be on this field...I have more skills than you think."

"Show me your stuff"


And while he went into his room to get his stuff I got up and took a tour of the house. He keeps his secret stack in the he won't know that I am gone.

Wanna know how the nearest human next to you lives?

Check the bathroom first.

Cause that's the most vulnerable yet the most ecstatic environment of humans.

The kind of product will tell you want kind of human you are.

This dude, had a toothbrush,paste and soap.

That's all.

( You are requested to judge by yourself)

Next thing to check is the bedroom.

Cause that's where the humans spend their personal time.

He has, porno posters and lamp.

Kitchen's not much of a satisfactory factor..bit humans eat. So we know what stays inside of them.

Expired products.vitamins and apple.

Exactly all the things that I account on this basis have three things. Exactly three things. So don't think I am unjust.

Oh. He's coming.

"Here you go!!"

" And a big stash of black bags were laid on the table. "



" You made this all by yourself?"

"Are you shitzzing me?? YOU created this bro!! "


" Well you only thought this in your mind. I Shaped it's reality. And modified it"

"Well it's amazing.."

"Wanna go for a ride??"


and after one hour of our smokin' session, and touring the darkest places of heaven we finally came back on earth...


"Is abomination."

"Well for the 'clean' world, it is."

"While the weed world..will be blessed."


"Well, you know I never thanked you enough. Partly because you left all of a sudden without lookin' back with Liz.

Oh , how's Liz?!"

"Well Liz and I..."

Why is it so rough to bring it to my mouth??

"Well, we are no more."


"NO!! well ...she cheated on me."

" You are jokin' right? It's not shitzzing time."

"With my boss.."

"What the fuck…dude!!, She should've done me rather than some lame bald goofball!!"

"Well..he's not old… he's quite young and attractive."

"Oh..can I give him a competition??"

"You won't be in the runner ups."

And a deep sigh forms in reality from both of our minds.

"Well , I ought to do something for ya. I owe you a lot , boy! "


"Come and see for yourself ! ! "

And like that we went to his basement.

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