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The Blow-out

As shown in all witty horror movies ,

this basement is the same as million of those. Except there's gatorade instead of blood splattered on the walls.

There's cob web in almost everywhere that it feels like lace patterns all over. In middle of the basement, there's a wooden chair where Saw 8 could have been made easily.

And all I am waiting for is a yeti or bigfoot to come and attack us.

"Come here"

And there he hands me a paper.



Wanna feel the heaven?

Wanna see the world??

Wanna trip the hell from your butt??

Then come HERE!!

SHIIIITZZZZ!!! DEALERS!!! The most amazing drug dealers in the town!!

We deal with everything…from small to large…from big to small .

We will provide you anything to make you trippin'!!

Our latest trips!!:

1. FIRE ball

2. Gonads

3. One way trip to heaven.

4. Hell package.

5. Sumner wonderland

6. Vampire ecstacy.

And more!!

So what are you waiting for!!

Slam your door , close your windows and TRIP away!!


Well the amateur advertising gives away that he designed it himself.

"Ok… why are you showing me this?"

"Well gotta tell the co-founder how we operate this baby!!"

"Co-founder…who wait dude!!

I am not gonna be part of this…i don't have the guts for this now!"

"Don't SHITZ me…ok? It's just couple of street smart tricks and you're all set!!"

"No.i didn't came here to turn my life more down and dead ..ok? I am just gonna go"

"Hey Jack?"

And as I turn towards him.. I felt a hot searing pain in my brain ...ahhh!!! I … what the ..I .. the world's roaming around me…its a fast disco floor.


(Two hours later)

Ouch!! My head!! It's throbbing so hard it might just fell out! I am sooo parched..and my breathing it's's dark.. I try to raise myself but..I am restrained!! What the…theres metallic bars in my hands , and feets and neck…amd the chair is bolted down to the floor.

"Hey shitz!! What the hell man!! "

No voice…its dead silence.. I gotta get out of his mess!!

But how!!

I can't move..I can't call anyone..there darkness pouring n this room..not a ray of do I ..

Should I shackle the chains…sheake it much as I can?

But what it's gonna do?

I..I have to force myself deduct the tightness of the bars..and UP!!



What the…but the bolts..weren't they…

Now's not the time..I have to carry the chairsothout making noise to the ground floor.

As if!!

I was making noises louder than a virgin banged for the first time!!

And somehow I reached to the living room.

And there I saw Jamie. He's talking to someone?


" are awake!!"

"What do you mean awake!! You mugged me you bastard!!"

"My bad,bro"

Said he, raising his hands in peace.

"Oh, you've met her before..right?"


And there I saw a tall , voluptuous woman..with black wavy hair and brown eyes, red highlights with blue and purple check shirt , leather pant and boots. She was like Max Black. Except with more kind personality.

How do I know that, you say?

Cause I had a crush on her.

Sophomore year, Saturday night.2010

"It's crowded."

"Crowded?? It's overcrowded!!"

"It's filled with humans"

"The most moronic race of this galaxy."

"Should we go in?"

" you wanna be popular for next four years?"

" I just wanna bang girls"

"Do I have to explain the 'BIG BANG' derivation for this??"

"Yeah…one last time."

"UGGGH!! ok..

For to bang have to be a STUD.


"I can't do all that."

"Yes you can my brother…dont wait."

And like that I went in.

We seperated because I wanted to made him independent…amd I scanned my bang eyes to look who's free here…

That's taken

That's on the pills

No pregnant ladies.please.

Virgin??hell no.

She's a Cryer.


And as I was falsely classifying everyone in my eyes moved to someone who was hung at the counter .. so I moved towards her..I had to classify her close..

"Hmm..what's the difference between Algonquin cocktail and aviation cocktail??"

"Well…they are the same genus from the infamous Martini family."



" I guess the bartender was impatient enough to get the lady's order right?"

" I don't know what to take for Jess..she's pregnant."

"Well then you don't take anything at all. Unless you are jealous enough to the newborn baby that you wanna strangle him in its mother's womb from umbilical cord.."


For first time in my life..I wasn't annoyed at this horrid expression.

" Yeah…pregnancy doesn't allow alcohol.."


And her bright face sadden once again..the Ron was right enough to illuminate her Cappachino skin.

"Hey, don't frown..just tell your friend..that she ain't allowed to drink and she better keep herself good. Instead…tou offer me that drink.its on you."


"Oh!! Well , sure!!"

And like that we chatted...for like hours…went by…i don't count hours when I am in a good company. But we didn't realise that she had a high intolerance for alcohol.

So after our 12th shot..she rose up.

Said… that we should go to her place for fun..

And as we were a cross the crowded room..


And loads of shrieks..

"Hey, you all right??"

She wasn't stirring…

"Hey!!"(oh please don't die on me!!)

I checked her pulse...she was numb..


It took long to announce it..but..



her friends reached to her and cradled their arms..

"I told you not to let her buy your drinks!!"

Said a blonde..


The Brunette said.

And meanwhile everyone gathered around her.

James came towards too..

"Shit killed her!!"



And all of a sudden his face contorted in pain...was he gonna puke or something??

And then came a loud weird noise which amplified the whole room..

"AHHHHHJH!!!!!" A Lady shrieked.

It was her… she was conscious!!

"Hey!!… you said she was dead!!"

"She was!!"

"Did you check her wrist?"

" was gone!!"

" How did you do it'?"

And I told him..

And he made a face palm to himself!!

"Dude!! That not how you check a pulse!!"

So .




And then we fled..fled from that dreary building . Left the girl and her friends and never came back.

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