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...Present Faces Past.

I avoided her for four years and later we moved to different University for our doctorate.

No one spoke of that incident.ever again.

Ok..let's go back to Present!!

"Hey Jack."


"Been a long time. isn't it?"

"Yeah…was it you? Who just mugged me?"

"You call this mugging? Dude, I just gave you a soft blow on your head!!"

And she fell back laughing..I haven't seen that for decades.


"don't be a jerk about it!! You are alive!! Be GRATEFUL!!"

OH one thing I missed that she sometimes gets seriously. This kind of trait didn't had it in Liz..maybe that's where we went wrong?

We never addressed our matrimonial issues solemnly.

"What are you doing here?"

" Well…jamie and I are partners.."

See said with a teasing tone.

"How did you even met Jamie?? "

"What? Can't I meet my savior and thank him?"

" He woke you from your SLEEP!! Not saved you from choking!!"

" Whatever. Once we met , he Introduced me to his majestic, heavenly innovations and I decided why not pay him back by working for him a bit?"

Is she insane??

And don't know why but I turned towards Jamie and..

"You didn't asked her to go down on you.right?"



"So you didn't??"

"No dumbass!! I asked her for assisting me on my current assignment."

"What..thank god"

And the waves of relief splashed over me.

I apologized to both of them. Jamie took it easily but it was hard to convince Maya that I don't think like that about her.

I sat on the second bean bag and asked.

"So what's this assignment??"

" It's some super serious dealin' with the gangsta of this town."

"Sounds dangerous"

"OH,it is."

"Who's the guy!?"

Asked Maya

" Nico De La Cortez"

"Slick name!!" We both said.

And for a moment we synchronised.. maybe that's where i needed all my middle school friends to tease by her name. It would've been nice.

"Yeah? Well his real name's Nicholas Delilah Cortez"

"Oh…thats.hard" she said

" Yeah..guy ordered everything I own"

"So, basically.. he's buying your business??"

I asked.

"That's what I thought.but when confronted, he said he wasn't interested in that. He just wanna buy what I have in present." He said

"Oh. I see"

And then Maya and I the room. It's really dangerous for both of us. Maybe she was thinking that she has to just convince some kid to buy the stuff. Well that's what I thought too. But the intensity of this situation is to much to take. While Maya was comprehending wether to take this job or leave, I was staring at her. Nothing's much changed..maybe she became more confiand humorous. I don't see her specs now…

"So if you both are done with each other, shall we move on?"


"Let's go!!"

But where?

" Loco yard."

And so the weed trio exited the house.

Loco Yard… is nothing like the name suggests. One would find the ground to be metically fortified with electric fences. Rusted black target points. Awesome all variety guns.goggles , ear muffs etc. With less crowded people roaming with bandanas on their heads and sleeveless shirts with rippling biceps and dangerous nonsense tattoos.


It was kids playground with plastic colourful walls.. balloons used as people..sometimes cartoons..there's only plastic three rounds fake sniper and pistol…. With parents dressed as summer vacations soiled with their kids…roaming around with their Volvo's.

"SHITZ..are ya shitzzin' me!!"


"Why are we here in this wonderland dump" I asked.

"Don't tell me Cortez's a 12 year old brat!!"

"No he isn't!!" He said

"Then why bring us here!!" She said

" Don't let your suicidal tendency get in our life ok??" I said.

"Hey!! I don't have enough money for you guys so you could fool around in some high profile doope-ass fighting arena or something!!"

"That's the best you can do??" She said.

"Guys, this is just the same...we just have to shoot at the right person with the right time!! Who cares if we don't have highly synchronised,updated,guns which would maximise our chance to live way higher??" He said

"Why didn't I just die before !!" I said while gripping my head

shit…now I am catching his tendency!!

" Jamie, if this little snoop-ass training of yours kills us or worst maim us…i don't wanna die in painful way..I would haunt you in hell!!"

"Why not having me now?" He said..with smug face

"You little!!!"

And she leapt towards Jamie with her manicured hands which was actually full grown and nearly gauged his eyeballs out if I hadn't interfered.

"Leave me..I will..kill this..-

"Hey, hey!! Calm down, ok??

I am in this shit too!! And I would have killed this guy but I won't because we don't have any other choice. You have willing debt to pay and I don't have a life. So walk it off!!"

And there she softened..

"Ok. Got it."


"Ok Shitz.teach us the best you can."

"Rodger that bro!!"

And thus began our 6 weeks training of being the drug dealers…

with all the morning sprints where I ran, Maya jogged and Jaime... walked,

With aerobics and lift training , with me pulling up wightlifts barely till my chest..Maya doing aerial and Jamie lifting a dumbell.

With computational hacking..I finished the first…Maya was good at negotiation while Jamie claimed he will be only managing us as he's our leader..

And then we were scoffing at each other for name.

"So…what are we gonna name us?" She asked one day while making pancakes.

"How about SHITZ bling!?" Jamie said.

"Nope. To lame.jack what do ya think??"

"Me?? Well I really don't care.."

"Oh come on!! Poop-ass!!"



"Look I am not much of a name person..just said at on top of my head"

"Mine's way better than that!!"

" BLANK IT IS!!" Maya said immediately.

And them the silence fell between all of us.


"Guys , it's time"


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