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… The Deal

So let's recap what happened. Because I am sure by now you guys have been certainly thinking's

' what the hell I am reading here??'

'its sooo booring!!'

'what's this shit!!?'



So those of you wanna come aboard!!??

Let's go!!

And those who don't, die in hell…i am not born to please ya..(oh this attitude!! I must be high!!..wait. I am!!)

So you saw a hell broke guy with cheated wife and no job..he then also quit his therapist and moved to Seattle to his friend… there he found his friend dead who wasn't actually dead bit playing or of his death games. And then we guys smole pot and suddenly after hours and when he realises that he wanna recruits him to be a weed dealer .. he breaks a rib but gets smacked by his CRUSH!!!

(round of pity and applause, people!!)

So let's move on!!

So we got in the 'weed' van. Well it's Volvo but anyone who has luxury car would only thing that someone has just booked some stuff.(to you think which one.)

Some 30 min before, Jaime got a message that the client is ready to take his stuff.

So here we are. Sitting in the volvo. Jamie's the one who's driving. While I am sitting in the passenger seat and Maya in back.

"So…. where are we going?"

"Madame Titiana's, it's a casino… deals with shady guys only. It's where our guy is.

"Casino.… it's to obvious,isn't it?" Said Maya.

"You'll see."

"In case, we are in shit…how do you expect us to get out."

" that "

"You kidding me?? We'll be dead in no minutes."

"Then remember your savior. You were dead anyway jack."

Right through the heart.!! His jab pierced my heart !! And the agony is the same of as a vampire shown the light....

And that got me.

"Let's park here."

"Wait, why at the back? Not the front"

He faced me then.

"No one's gonna deal with ya in open air he??"

" Sorry, my bad."

"Come on, guys . It's time!!"


And like that we were packing towards the back entrance of Madame Titiana's.

"Keep in mind, that you are here to deal!! If you succeed,we celebrate. If not…then we'll put flowers on your grave"

"That's... convincing."

And we entered..

And lo behold!!

Madame Tatiana's was a strip club at the back side.

Oh shit… Jamie can't handle this!! He would be shrieking his head off before we meet our guy!!

But he's doing good. He's actually doing good!!


And then I see…he really wasn't interacting with anyone…he was just passing them like a stealthy cat…and unseen and unfelt.

"..excuse me..

Excuse. ..




And.Thought he had grown over now.

And soon he signalled us to come over.

And there was our guy.

Nico De La Cortez


Nicholas Delilah Cortez??

Cause all I see is a midget guy with mooose stringy hair , with wide brown eyes and caramel skin, he's scent was definitely of cinnamon.

Maybe Guatemalan??

( I have weird sense of guessing ethnicity.)

"Are you.. Cortez?"

" Yeah."

And at this second I looked at Jamie and he was looking at me and Maya was looking at both of us.

"Um..sorry sir..but are you Nico De La Cortez??" Jamie asked.


" can we just hand you over the stuff and go?"

" What's the hurry? Got anything else…"

"Not like we know of…"


Jamie made a sudden expression..shit..I said something that we both were gonna dread now.

"Well then, let's drink!!"

" Ok.."

We sat around the strip bar where ladies would come and dance theor bodies out at every 15 min.

I was never the strip club kind of guy..I mean..ya I was confident and charming enough..but strip club is kinda the red light of insecurity indicating that doubts are gonna crash up on you now..

So all the time I wouldn't look at the stripper above the platform in the eye...(even if she flashed her boobs off)

While Jamie was quite enjoying himself…becuse it was the first time someone was near him despite his little vocal problem.

And Maya was uninterested. Slurping her vodka and gin mix.

"Hand me the stuff boy"

I gave him the bag containing of stuff..he looked it over..grabbed a packet and examined it… with such a curiosity like giving it a prostrate exam.

"Hmm….seems good to me"

And suddenly he took the packet out..then from his own pockets he took out the paper..and the lighter..

And smoked it!!

"Sir…um is it ok? To do that? Would it be cut from the. Deal?"

"Shut up..lemme think"


Don't wanna say anything like that now.

"This stuff..well it's highly unusual. But.."

And suddenly his eyes narrowed with a shock…amd he stood up suddenly..



Something's wrong..I don't know why.. but in seconds you'll guys will do.

And out of sudden dozens of leather jacket bruisers filled in..

"Tómalos" he said with a sneer.



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