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A guy scruffed me by my neck and lift me over…while Maya was handled by two guys and Jamie's neck was on verge of being broken…

We were stuffed in a SUV.

"Is there something wrong??" Jake cried.

Cortez didn't answer him and kept blabbering with his henchmen.

"What do you mixed in that stuff?"

" you honk I did something wrong??"

"Then why's he rounding us up in his SUV?!"

"I don't know.." he was shaking by now…in his history of dealing he has never been this involved. And in no minutes the car started screeching..

I am gonna die..

I am gonna die..

I am..gonna die!!

The thoughts were looping . Enveloping like a blanket which is hard to get over my head.

At every person's last moments..they reflect on their life.and so was I. I remembered my time with parents...they were so good…but after the three years of my marriage they died in a car accident. Liz was there for me…all the time..the only living thing that I still do care about is now Liz.

What if they've rounded her up too??

No… they don't anything about they?

And then the recently met woman. Maya . Who was calm as a swan..looking over the window.

"How can you be so calm at this time right now?" I asked.

"Well we all gotta die someday right? And I guess.. there's no cooler way to do that then die in a shootout."

"That's called encounter. " Jamie said.

"But still… don't you have anyone that you might be afraid for?"

"Well…i was disowned by my parents when I got the job while I never had a lover or friend…and there's no muse of mine to be concern of.."

So she's been alone all the time??!

That's hard to believe.

I mean, she was one of the coolest yet solemn chicks of the school and she didn't have anyone??

Literally anyone.??

But still , we aren't getting anywhere if we don't get where we are gonna die.


And a ruff grunt answered

"We are just wondering if you would tell us where we are going."

And a louder gruff.

So that's a no.

Well our question was answered after two hours when the car stopped.

And we were forced to put on blindfolds,wrist chains and masks.

And then we were escorted.

Till then no one one made a stupid move.not even Jamie.

And then we were forced to the feel, it's a sofa I guess...but not to good..maay e old..cause I can feel the fabric standing out of the covers and the it's a warehouse..maybe?

"eres el BLANK?"


And then another voice came.

"He says.. are you the BLANK?"

"OH, yes sir we are!!

Si si!!"

"has hecho un buen trabajo ... pero tenemos una cosa más para que hagas."

"He says that you guys have done a good job but we have one more thing for you to do."

"What, can't we just go…there was nothing like this on the deal!!" I heard Jamie's voice.


Is Jamie..

"habla cuando te dicen…" Cortez said in a deadly voice.

But now that I am considering this..the voice not the same anymore..does the voice modulation alter when spoken in different language ?

And then I heard a gasp…

Thank god he's not dead yet!!

"Don't speak until you are told to"

And then there was silence… the gunpowder was in the air.. and of piss.

"See..Cortez wants to deliver your consignment to one of his friends..and for that we need pigs like slaughter."


"Don't worry, your death won't be in vain!"

"Are you kidding me!!?? We are not gonna do that!!"

And a smack!!

OUCH!! That hurt a lot!!

Its like a crack opened in my left cheek.

"You said something,amigo?"

"Just that…we might need instructions…"

"We'll give you that in just a min..till seated."

And then we heard the footsteps gone.

"So this is the end?

I didn't even had sex!!"

Cried Jamie..

"Is fling is the only thing you can think of?? How are we gonna get out of here!!"

"Theres no way. We gotta do this."

"But what if we die?"

"And what if they kill us? There's no difference!!"


"YEAH!! Curse!! Curse like this will lift our bonds and fly us upto our asses to back to our homes!?"

"You rounding up on me, boy??"

"YEAH!! If it hadn't been for your SHITZ dealing and all, we would be smoking at your home all day!!?"

"Oh really, and what were you thinking to do..round up me up to do some bullshit office business??"

"Well that could have been a great mark of your life!!"

" Don't you dare!!"

Well we could have lunged and killed each other.but manhood forbid..we were tied.

But still.. formal obligations.

"Guys!! Don't you dare fight!!"

" that we are all in this shit together we have to clean up…"

"Even if it means to get ourselves dirty."


And so we waited..

15 min later…

We heard the footsteps again.

"Are ya ready?"

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