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..The Mission

"Huh.. ?"

And then we were again forced to be on our feets… and dragged…

If you've ever played blindfold games, you may have known the fear of being hit by's unnatural. Even though you are perfectly think that you might get hurt.and that's what we were doing.


If we didn't. We'll get pretty bruised up.


So the creaks make me sound like we are moving up to something…

And .ahh.

That hurt..

"Watch your footsteps."


Can I ? CAN I?!!

but at this moment sarcasm might result in scattered brain.

and trust me, I've seen Final Destination (movie 4,racing track).

So later I got that we are climbing on the stairs ..all got hurt..all of us.

It was short so . Maybe we are on first floor?

We were shoved to a room and then I heard a click behind me.

And then a voice rang through the room.

"Please remove your blindfold."

It was feminine, sweet and professional maybe a hint of sympathy?

We did.

And the first thing that hit our lonely sights was a big as stark wide room.

It was like those which are used in mental asylum for suicidal patients. It was not walls but rather foams.(again, Final Destination movie 2, Kimberly meets clear.)

And in the room there was a table decorated with big black bags.three of them each.

"In front of your eyes, you have three bags on a table. Please refrain from touching the bags for now till the end of our conversation.

I would like to clear your confusion that I am sure you are harbouring for last 4 hours. So ask away."

"Where are we?" I asked

"I can't tell you that."

"Why are we here? Jamie said

"I can't tell you that either"

"Are we gonna die.." Maya asked

"Oh!! I know that..that's a..Um.. uncertain?"


There was some soft fumbling sound…maybe she was flipping something?

"Well, the answer session didn't end well I guess, so I will start with our general procedure."

And then all of a sudden the voice turned distant and expressionless.

"See, you punks made something out of our shit that we developed years ago and you shit pieces are feigning it for like what, five years??!! We got to know from our informant about this two weeks ago and that's why we booked for your shit-ass dealership...(thought of taking your order!!ha!!)

And now that our suspicions are confirmed…you are DAMNED!! HAHAH !!"


"BUTTT… we aren't gonna kill you now…

We have something for you guys..and if you are successful in doing that..we might just let you off the hook…"

"What is it??" I said

"The bags..they contain your shit …

There's only one thing to do. Drop them to OUR client."

"Well that's easy.."

" Not so fast fuckboi..yeah we know who you guys are!!"

"It's not. ..why do you think that we are hiring you deadbeats rather than our world class professionals!? We don't have time or money to spend on our resources.thats why you go."

"No way..-"

"In that bag..there's your disguise,guns,stuff and other requirements… you guys have 72 hours.. don't smoke up the shit by yourself..take care."

Ha..ha..ha I an Laughing now..the peculiarity of this situation is so amusing yet abominable right now that I. Might die!! I I am a deadbeat!!

Come on!! How much can you weigh on a Human!!!

To see your wife being screwed by your boss is painful enough let digest the fact that I am gonna die in next 72 hours??! Why didn't kill me then??

When I was attempting suicide for damn

20 times!!

Why now!!?

When I've found my best friend..and someone..I don't know!!.

"So..shall we take a peek?"Maya said.


We looked inside , and in each bag there was five packs of stuff , some clothes, guns (both long and short range) and some money..we got our phones back too.

After hours of equipping the bag..Jamie tried to break the silence…

"Guys, I am sooo sorry, really!! I never thought that this will happen!!"

"It's not your fault, James.. no one's..we just kinda got roped into a bad client..that's it."Maya consoled.

I don't know but was it her sarcasm or she was really trying to calm him down?? Women are complex.

"Yeah,Jamie..things happen..deaths happen..even though you don't register for it.they do..the only thing we got to do this now is complete this assignment.and while on the way we'll think of something…to get out"

"Thanks guys" and his eyebrows eased…he was carrying this burden for last four hours…its hell for the guilty one to be present in the atmosphere of the given situation that they are responsible for.

And in the moment, we got some pages.

They were sent through a catnip.

They were the instructions of completing the assignment. And the layouts and all..and with that a number scribbled on top.

With name Jenny.

Maybe she's that woman on the speaker.

"I see that you've got everything."

The same voice rang again..with cool calm voice.

"You have everything on those and in bags. So get out of this room through that beige door".

And like that we picked up the stuff and exited.

When we got out of that building, I tried to see if there was any name or something on wasn' was rather grimy and dark one..

With no name.

And out there , a Sudan was parked.

"Our ride?" Asked Jamie

"Look in your bags"

We scourged our bags to find the keys and it was in the Maya's bag.

" I call shotgun!!"

As she flung the keys to me.

I fumbled a bit caught it. Bewildered. We reached to the car opened the doors and sat our asses down.

"Death is inevitable."Jamie said.

"Soo?" I asked..

"So why not love the time we have?"

"We aren't gonna time pass so they'll kill us"

"No… when was the last time we ate?" He said

"6 hours ago."

"Wait. It was four..I was making pancakes. Remember?" Maya said.

"Oh .yeah. I throwed them in the money plant.. actually." Jamie said.

"You what??"

"So , no works is complete till we are full on our bellies…so why not eat the hell out???"

"Yeah ok.."


"The hell!! , Are you a kid?? We are going to Wendy's."

And we all scoffed.

"Let's just go to any cafe and eat something ok? If you guys don't like my pancakes, then dont. CAUSE 30 OTHER'S DAMN LIKED THEM!!"

Well, I would have liked to set her mind straight easily, like any other guy who's trying to get lucky but when you are starving for four hours…yu don't care what the shit other person is I kick start the engine and endured Their babbling till we reached to a cafe.

"OH , AT LAST!! " Jamie exclaimed.

I somehow staggered to get out of the door and then we all walked like wasted people sober in the morning towards the cafe..give us a a hoodie,a bag and a gun(oh, we have that!!) And practically we are robbers.

We sit at the last counter…and wait for a waitress to take our orders..

"How long is she gonna take??"

Maya was fidgeting with her hair strands and making different repulsive yet intriguing patterns of hair knots…while tapping her feat so hard that ourtqble was vibrating..

If someone unfamiliar without it situation saw us right now..they would have thought that 3 college friends came for reunion.

With Jamie being the laid back goofy guy who showed up wearing a tee and a jacket with black pants..he might be the clown of the trio...

Who knows if he ever did something in his life??

While Maya would seem like moderately mature yet sophisticated…as her 20-something(but is 30) is way overrated.. maybe she's working as a struggling artist…

The only outcast would be me.

A man of mean stature..wearing shirt and tie..maybe just took time out of his firm to meet his lovely friends. He seems the most successful of all..maybe he would have been a serious nerd guy or something..with looking out of the window..maybe he's not present in his reunion now..

The three humans sitting at the far corner of the cafe seems unnatural..but everyone is different..every reunion is different…

"What would you like to order?"

A waitress came…the thing I like about waitress is how they go with Thor uniforms..may it be pink or white or unruly yellow and red(yuck.. Williamsburg!)

This one had the typical pink and white one with checks..and to add more of the 80s persona..she had curly blonde hair tied up in a bun..while some were falling at the sides of her face.

And really I don't..wanna… say ..the obvious but.(I can't take!!)

The pencil was dangling from her mouth as she said.

Her name was Betty.

"Oh…well I would like a burger and some french fries with coke." I said

" Can you bring cheesecake and an orange juice with fresh pulp?" Jamie asked.

" Hmm…i would like a pasta , with some slices of coffee cake…and a Cappachino" Maya said with a smile.

"Ok..wait for a order's coming right up!!"

"What are you thinking, Jack?" Maya asked…


"Come on, you are totally impersonating the 'I am sad so I am looking from the window' look."

"In case you don't, know. His missus cheated on him."

"Oh my god!! I am so sorry.. I won't go further in this matter..really."

"Hey it's not like it's your fault.right? You weren't there.."

"Must have been tough"

"Yeah..well that's the reason why I took five year course for a therapist..but it didn't help me at all."

"Where did you go to?"

"Matt Stirder's."

"That dude became a therapist?!!" Jamie said!

"Yeah..kinda hard to believe..don't worry his work is as same as his breath."

"That man didnt even know if he could pass his SATs .." Maya said.

And for a minute it dawned on is that how time changes everyone. How the losers become the master of Their life and the masters…loose everything.

We were the three losers..well sure, for Jamie and me. don't know much about Maya.

The waitress arrived with the order and in one swop she laid everything on the table..

If it wasn't for money or women..the first love of a man is probably FOOD.

you just can't compare them with anyone.

It's your unlimited tryst in heaven.. I even fantasize about taking a dive in a chocolate lake..(can't..control..)

And we muched down the food as much as we could.. as large as we could take.

We were literally the Godzillas of the cafe..eating like maniacs..

"So what are we gonna do next?" I asked.

"Well I was-


A loud sound echoed the room the walls teared apart and hot blazing flame greeted us with inches from our faces..

As we all ducked under our seats… and recollected what the hell just happened ..there was a Siren ringing in my ears…so I tried to take the peek outside our booth..

And what my eyes slammed upon was preposterous.

Chairs falling back wards..papers and plasters flying around, tables overturned with one fourth of the west wall taken out.. I tried to look at my friend's they were all right but tooi somehow grabbed Jamie's hand..signalled him to grab Maya's and we rummaged out of the cafe.thwre was blood splattered and flowing all over. So much that ketchup and blood was indistinguishable. The owner was alive..while most of the waiters and waitresses were taken out..

Even our Betty.

May you rest in piece.

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